Let me explain why the danes are retarded autists on a level you thought not possible:

Let me explain why the danes are retarded autists on a level you thought not possible:

The danish number system:

The numbers from 1-49 are pretty much the same in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish besides the order of words in numbers past 20, e.g. 25 is tjugo-fem/tjue-fem (twenty-five) in Swedish/norwegian while in Danish it is fem-og-tyve (five-and-twenty).

Now here's 50-90 in Danish and this is where we disembark m/s Logic and sanity and enter the batshit crazy train

50: Halvtreds (half third)
60: Treds (third)
70: Halvfjerds (half fourth)
80: Firs (fourth)
90: Halvfems (half fifth)

now.. as your brain struggle to comprehend levels of autism and insanity you have never before experienced and you shake and weep and cry out "Dear god why!!?" it is time to remind you that we norwegians and swedes have warned you of the dane multiple times.

Also. lets summon a dane and make him explain this retarded shit

If Röde Orm ever becomes a movie, I'm gonna be a very content man.

A Norwegian complaining about Danes, basically like an abo complaining about the white man

Whoever wrote that article needs to learn English

it's a fucking google translation holy shit Amerifat genetics


Danish sounds very fecal compared to the other Scandinavian languages. It probably had Dutch influence.

Swedish is the most conservative of the mainland Scandinavian languages. It's closer to how Danish originally sounded so it's no big deal if modern Danish devolves further into a Dutch anal dialect.

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> Danish it is fem-og-tyve (five-and-twenty).

Same in Czech, pretty retarded way desu

Same in German.
twenty five is "funf und zwanzig"


retarded numbering system or not, Danes are by far the most based of all the Nordic countries when it comes to being anti-"refugee" and anti-feminism.

Norwegians and Swedes are just jealous

>no non-Whites
>women stay in the kitchen
>pot and other hard drugs banned

Why is Denmark so based?

>Danes are by far the most based of all the Nordic countries when it comes to being anti-"refugee"

nigga please

OP took tjue-fem somali dicks.

shouldn't you be paying tribute to your King Cuck?

Denmark is still where all of the cool pre roman iron age/proto germanic shit is and copenhagen appears to be cooler than oslo so i'm still going to be retaining my preference for danish and denmark, sweden being completely left for obvious reasons

Also an observation I haven't made until now is that norway is basically denmark's canada; less population and settlements due to being higher up and having more of their territory being essentially inhospital except for the mongol samis who are the norwegian equivalent to canada's inuit

What would danes bicker to themselves behind my back about if I brought my helly hansen jacket with a big norway patch on it over there in the winter?

nice blog


Is Denmarks monarchy the bogans of the monactic world?

t. Tasmanian


we use both tho


I love Danes

>tfw the international community prefers Denmark over Norway and Sweden

Disregarding Sweden, I can see Norway being a favorite due to oil money and blonde Voe-tier girls memes, but that's about all the cards they have in their hands, if you dont count in King Cuck himself that is.

>mfw Somalians are getting kicked out now because it's considered a "safe country"
Just need Switzerland/Guernsey -tier gun laws now.

seriously though. Could you explain the number system? i read somewhere that it is based upon 20 as a basepair rather than 10's. i still don't understand shit.

It's mostly a short version of the original meanings, which is only applied to the tens.
>50 (halvtreds (halvtredsindstyve af halvtredje (2½, kan sammenlignes med halvanden, der jo betyder 1½) sinde (gange) tyve, altså egentlig 2½ gange tyve))

Just like how 60 is "Tredsindstyvende" aka "3 sinde 20" or 3 times 20.
So in reality it's just some excessive mental gymnastics.

I think Danish has more German influence than Swedish and Norwegian, hence "arbejde" instead of "jobb".


we also have "arbete"

We use both arbete and Jobb tho.

I guess it could.

Faroese has unofficially adopted the same numbering system. My grandfather in the Faroe Islands has anomic aphasia and can only use archaic numbers such as "sjeyti" (seven 10s) instead of hálvfjerðs.

He has a point though, especially since our number systems are fairly similar. There's no denying that we're heavily influenced from both Scandinavian, German, and Anglo culture.

Damn. Hopefully there that doesn't spawn that many problems.

It seems that the English language must have gotten "job" from the Scandinavian languages, maybe due to the Danish conquests of England.

I read the other day that the Danes were actually persecuted by the Nazis during WW2, true or false?

Not at all. Those policies only applied really in Eastern Europe.

Are you Danish? oh ok then stfu

No, only if you did something against the Germans, like commies

In Sweden the German soldiers gave children candy

The Danes surrounded in less than one day so the Germans was just content with letting them keep their government as long as they didn't cause a fuzz about it.




You don't even understand this man. If being trans is no longer an illness then the state doesn't have to foot the bill for it, its because they are """sick""" that they get any support at all.

The Germans refered to Denmark as "the whipped cream front", since it was basically just a holiday to be stationed here. My great grandfather was in a labour camp though for distributing leaflets

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>>mfw Somalians are getting kicked out now because it's considered a "safe country"
holy shit, for real?

Not him, but It's a big maybe. We maybe have a new election coming and other stuff.

what redneck morava dialect is this

this. I've been to Norway as well as Denmark many times and I can confirm that Norwegians are retards.

>Nordische rasse

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yeah but not those that take effort to go to uni

>that pic
I get that sometimes our language comes off as too manly for you, but in your pic it's literally hond and zwart for dutch

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The scandinavian languages have become so simplified I cannot understand them

why do you have to bully danes

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You do realize they will butcher it right? The entire book is pretty much rated M for Manly, only strong guys with beards fighting, eating and making poetry.

They are going to play up the "Orm is a hypchondriac and ruled by mother and wife" up to 11. Also probably going to turn Ylva into a muslim shieldmaiden or some shit.

Also which Swedish actors have the testosterone levels needed to play characters such as Orm, Toke and Rapp?

It's the greatest novel ever written in this country, let it stay like that.

>mfw Somalians are getting kicked out now because it's considered a "safe country"
>holy shit, for real?

The Danish counting system is fucking retarded for sure, but it's pretty logical once you get used to it based on 20 instead of 10 (and their dumb way or writing fractions). Just like French.

So halvtreds could be read as half minus three, i.e. 2.5. Which makes no sense at all, why not make it tooghalvtreds? Because due to the way the Danes retarded counting system works, that would mean 52. Anyway, the point is that: 2.5 * 20 = 50.