Does your country have Poland day?

Does your country have Poland day?

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of course!
11/8 is the Poland day in Japan,I always eat a carp.

it's polish day, you dickhead.



Why? Do Russians dislike Poland?

아마 미국의 날도 있을거야

had fun

Nostalgia, it's cute that you like our stuff
also lel

We have immigrants


Well at least we don't kiss your arses like some.
I'm meseft neutral towards Russia.


Damn Chicago sounds nice

Yeah most of the violent shit that happens here in confined to black communities.

I think a third of the houses here are called Polish flats. Not sure if this is common in Poland

that's kind of cute korea

No, this looks like Moomin house a little
we have commieblocks mostly

Can't forget about the Polish Cathedrals

Why are Russians so butthurt?


They are jealous of your freedom loving ways

My city has a Polish festival next month, should I go?

Yes and go to a taste of Polonia if they have one

how come s.korean use 'poland' and n.korean use polska name.

We have an African day. I'm serious. Niggers whined to have a day for them because they were slaves and shit.

Polish festivals are much better

yes it's called 11.11 and it's sombre as fuck

Do you guys have constitution day parades in Poland anymore? Or is it more of a diaspora/chicago thing

Everyday is a polish day in Poland. We don't have any other country day

1st of May - Labour Day, commies celebrate it
2nd of May - Flag Day
3rd of May - Constitution Day

if they align favourably you get a golden week of slacking off at BBQ drinking cheap beer and waving Polish flags

Interesting because labor day here is in September

1. September 1939

I hope not


пoчeмy кcтaти?

Constitution Day parade is shit. Independence day parade on the other hand is glorious

don't you celebrate the poo day in pooland aswell? if not then its very strange

Sorry, Polish. Japanese are not interested in Poland...the history is too sad...

He is popular among Japanese, yes.

Being 5 years old, I saw him for the first time in a book.

hes probably more popular in japan than in poland desu

God damn, at this point Brasil might as well count as Polish colony.

Really???!!! Japanese learn his music and beautiful but sad life in even public school.

i can't wait for it this year, now that a real polish government is ruling it will be legendary

Don't forget that the capital still belongs to Gronkiewicz (PO)

not for long, that german slut will be soon throwed out

Russians also have Polish Day, it's 4 November.

yeah. his french second name and partly french descent doesnt help. hes considered a polish composer as he considered himself a pole, but in schools he is listed among many others european composers. probably 99% of poles coundnt name any of his compositions (me included). i know that many asians are crazy about him, including japs and gooks, but frankly speaking dont know why. as for his life - yes its trully polish sad life. thats makes him more polish that even his birth. poles like sad stories with no happy end.

>that pic
I fucking hate people like this, when you live in a different country you do your best to adapt.

yeah. its probably bydlo, but what i hate more are ppl who forget about being polish

Shall we try to be happier? POLISH.Anyway we need to smile more times.

>real polish

Macierewicz is LITERALLY a russian agent and he's surrounded himself by people connected to Russia you twat. IT's been proven over and over again.

Kaczynski is a jew, Duda a ukie.


t. D.Tusk

We don't care about Japan too. It's fine.

Just tell Araki to make better stands for the next chapter of JoJo and we'll be happy.

Don't give a shit about donnie tusk desu. PO is a huge fucking scam, but PiS is a russian scam and that's even worse.

ale Uszatek z takim głosikiem to traci cały charakter. To już nie jest ten donośny, ciepły głos, który uczy i bawi. Żal kitajców.

Americans often complain that their windows are bad. When will you change them to eurowindows?

Polish kurwas are the only best thing in Poorland.


What's wrong?

I don't know, I thought that the Russians that do think about us have a better opinion about us. It made me really sad today.

t. Mykoła Jebiewdenko

>have a better opinion about us
Mighty hussars and shiet?
That's all just a history now.

Mighty empire and shiet?
That's all just a history now.

I'm Mykoła Jebiewdenko

No, I mean, about modern Poles.

I'm not a vatnik, Russia is shit, just like other East Europeans and slavs.

>modern poles
I have no strong opinion.
Mostly neutral.

when will poland recover

>Shall we try to be happier? POLISH.Anyway we need to smile more times.
no way. its encoded in our history and dna. we are kinda like koreans. not so suicidal thou

Every day is Poland day


>Unity Day (also called Day of People’s Unity or National Unity Day; Russian: Дeнь нapoднoгo eдинcтвa, Denʹ narodnogo yedinstva) is a national holiday in Russia held on November 4 (October 22, Old Style). It commemorates the popular uprising which expelled Polish occupation forces from Moscow in November 1612

Пoтoмy чтo нac oни нeнaвидят oчeвиднo. Hy пpaвдa, пo cyти этo eдинcтвeннaя пpичинa пo кoтopoй пoлякoв нe любят тyт.

i dont wanna sound disrespectful, but is there a reason to be proud of beein polish?

yes, read the history, maybe come pay a visit, you would understand

>read the history

reading history is why I'm ashamed to be polish

>нac oни нeнaвидят oчeвиднo
pierdolisz Iwan

we have a Polish day