How hard was it for you to learn English? How long did it take, and when did you start...

How hard was it for you to learn English? How long did it take, and when did you start? Do you find that the process was fun, and are you glad that you did it?

Spanish is pretty fun to learn

My English is shit and i don't give a fuck.

B-but that sentence was perfect..

Started learning it when I was 12, learned it myself cuz every class mate I had was a retarded who didn't want to learn it, and because of that nobody teach us English in school. Lmao

What languages do they teach in Russian schools?

I can't speak it because i never speak English to anyone. I only read and hear it. I speak German more than English.

English, German
Problem is nobody gives a rats ass and doesn't study it

I heard from a Russian on Cred Forums that a lot of the younger generation speaks English, is that wrong? I'll be going there next summer and I've been studying Russian intensively for a few months to get ready

>a lot of the younger generation speaks English

Haha good think I am learning Russian then

In Moscow or St. Petrrburg lots of people know English, but I live far from this cities, and here nobody speaks English

Waste of time, better find a friend in Russia who speak English

Is the Russian across the whole country the same? Or are there different dialects?

Im from india, grew up there till I was almost 10. We had english in school from kindergarten but honestly its like learning spanish here, outside of class you rarely ever use it, we used to watch cartoons also. GI Joe, voltron, simpsons, tmnt, ducktales, talespin, dennis the menace, bunch of other stuff. We didnt really understand it that much other than basic stuff but just kinda enjoyed it, same with wrestling.

Came to america in the late 90s, watched a ton of shows especially nickelodeon and the price is right, lot of pax tv.

To me it wasnt that hard at all, it just came naturally. I didnt have to struggle with it in terms of being able to speak it but id be more stuck with trying to understand words like adjectives pronoun adverb. These things just dont have a direct translation so its kinda hard to compare it to words in my language to have a better understanding quickly, so grasping that stuff took a little while.

Same lmao
We are not Asians

>Muh Eurasian pride

Don't know. I just watched cartoons in English with Dutch subtitles and used it online while playing games. And one day I was fluent.
I had it in school for 8 years, from 10 to 18, but those were just fill in assignments I never learned for.

I can't really remember not being able to speak it.

Cool. Why did you move here?

Dad was offered a job in georgia in the mid-late 80s but he was just married and had a kid, he didnt want to leave my mom alone so he rejected it. 9 years pass, he realizes that he cant go higher in the company in india due personal connections other people had.

Came to america at age 41, makes shit ton of money which allows me to live a neet life.

Another Russian here.
I'm studying this goddamn language for about 7 years and still sucking at it. Cannot understand what some Americans say (particularly niggers), it's like there are several phonetic systems only in US alone, not to tell about other anglocountries. Sometimes I can understand 100% of some film's content and sometimes I can recognize only several words from a youtube video or news channel. Fucking idioms, I hate them. Many words have absolutely different meaning in different contexts which causes me to use improper words frequently and I guess people do not understand me because of that sometimes. The word mapping between Russian and English is fucking terrible. Those who say that English is simple are probably trolling or something. Ukrainian is WAY TOO fucking simpler.

>Do you find that the process was fun
No it was terrible. It was a torture. You are reading a text and constantly stumbling on unknown words in every sentence. Some authors use the same vocabulary that I have so I can read their texts fast without using a translator. I even start to think "thanks god, I finally made it, now I know English". Then I just start reading another article from the same site and suddenly I see this flow of unknown words again as if that author intentionally uses them to make it harder to read. And he is writing about the same subject but he uses synonyms which I don't know. For literally every word English has a shitton of synonyms.

>are you glad that you did it?
Yes. Russian language sucks, almost all information in it is irrelevant or bullshit or outright propagandistic lie. There is much more valuable scientific information in English than in Russian. The quality of explanations in Russian is very bad, Russians have a tendency to explain things very confusing so it's hard to understand those. I can also read English forums and research foreign people which gave me understanding that Russians aren't the same as other peoples.

>Or are there different dialects?
Slightly different accents I would say. But other aspects are the same.

I also had German in school for 6 years. And once you know the basics you can just wing it with Dutch knowledge and minimal immersion. It's a bit cheating when you speak Dutch.

And I had French in school for 6 years. And just like German and English I never studied for it. But as I had nothing to work with (no immersion and English can only be used as a reference to a limited extend) I never became fluent. I can just somewhat guess what someone is saying and that's it. I might pick it up in the future though.

I had english in lowschool, but it was garbage, I've learned almos none there.
Since I went to a technic school after that, I just had "technic english", which is basically translate technical text and such, just worth the vocabulary..
I learned most of my english from vidya and Bob Marley's music and partially aquired auditive understanding watching videos. Never tested my spoken english

>We are not Asians

Living the good life off your hard-working immigrant father's money...

You sound like a true American.

I am learning english since 2007. B2 level

> I have been learning English since 2007.

Du bist ein verdammt guter Holländer, JUNGE

My English's suck and I don't care.