How can non-white women ever compete ?

How can non-white women ever compete ?

t. Mexican woman

> compete
There's no competition to be had.
The game is over.
White """"""""womyn""""""""" lost.


This is a blank in the France.

Wtf, she's not even white??


shes not even good looking lol


whatever makes you sleep at night

how can white "women" ever compete?

it's a shame the white race is going to die out within the next few generations, my surrender-monkey comrade

that's not a full nigger though, she's only attractive because she has white blood

no it's not

no one cares

white woman spotted

>tfw no black gf

how the fuck is it going to "die out" you retard?


>fridge body
>shit tits

Most asian women look like rats, most nigger women look like men, most arab women look like fat roaches but some Indian women are divine :3

>white race is going to die out within the next few generations
8 years. and i am being generous.

When I get married I hope my wife looks like this

>I'm a white male, hazel eyes, blonde curly hair, decent jaw, 180cm btw

you must be living under a rock

yeah its 2016 like hello?????

Done with white women tbqh

Unless they know their place, amirite bros?

you're the one making the current year memes, not me

white women can't compete

yeah because its 2016 man fucking jewniggerspics

The only ones who are going to die within 8 years are you islamist roaches.

I think people here are just accepting the fact that white women hate white men and many of them even refuse to be women anymore. That's why so many white men especially in my country and marrying outside of their race.

>and marrying
are marrying*

also trips of truth

they're literally gypsies

>white """"women""""
>ever being able to compete

Problem is white women can't pull off that exotic beauty. White women are good as beautiful milfs that know how to please a man.

It's hard being exotic in a land that's full with women just like you...

Her name ?

Victoria Justice



fuck off weeb



no source :(

looks like a tranny in this one but why no source on the first?

saved it from another thread

crap thanks anyways

if anyone reading this has the source on this pic please give I will give you many (you)

y u racis

she's mediterranean, so not european, so no white

grown in a white country, uses white beauty standards


sick of seeing this coon


*hits a sick bump to give it a shot at seeing if anyone has the source to*

wtf i love colombia now


nevermind I think they're trannys

by being non white

> fuckable black chicks are like 0.00000000001% of all black chick
top kek