Andrej Varhola edition

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>2 /v4/ threads created 5 minutes apart
>Slovaks in charge of anything



Andrzej Warchoł*

Łemkowie to Polacy




>it's another episode of autistic retard spamming random unrelated shit


but janosik was a criminal and a-h was right to execute him

your just jelly because you dont have anybody as based as janosik
delete this

i make law that breatihg is criminal offense, now you are criminal and im right to execute you


attacking people killing them stealing their shit and probably raping random women because they were hillbilly bandits

>trusting magyar lies

delete this
no rape
he stole from the rich fat lazy gays and gave to the poor

janosik's bullshit affected southern poland as well

>assbudy of hungary
>to be trusted

>Robin Hood mountain nigger knock-off
>military mastermind that managed to fend off several crusades

>gave to the poor

himself and his gay friends you mean
Pyzdra was obviously a fag

Normies left V4 now all we have are virgin autists

Hussite trilogy by Sapkowski was nice

was it any accurate though

all retards left except for dumbledore and tswift poster. what gives?

zizka = gay without eye

>could write


no idea
might read it tho

give it a shot

arguably better than his witcher autism and more of a historical novel than usual

jobbik sucks lol

say it when the tanks are shooting bratislava lol

all 4 of them?

I think they gonna hold up against your 2 tanks so yes

of course islam loving gypsies would attack a country without a single mosque lol

>islam loving gypsies
that's why they were the main supporters of the fence right? And that's why the jobbik guards march and keep order in the gypsy infested villages

yeah they hate islam
jobbik is against islam
thats why the leader says its the best thing ever

yeah they hate gypsies
thats why the leaders is a literal cigan

>"hehe you no country"
>t. inferior country

>thats why the leaders is a literal cigan
Vona is not a cigány you retarded fuck, and he only said good things about islam to oppose the jews and that was like 10 years ago, and its pretty sad that a noncountry is doing better than us

>said good things about islam to oppose the jews
sure thing he did
thats why he said its the last hope for humanity
to show those ebil jews, all four of them who live in hungary
and he is definatly not a gypsy he is just tan
only literal autists vote for jobbik

>to show those ebil jews, all four of them who live in hungary
shut up you literal retard you don't know shit, there is a huge jewish in hungary and the one of the biggest synagoge is in budapest. And guess what nationality Soros has. Fucking slovaks are literally subhuman monkeys with like 60 IQ you don't even deserve to live not like your own country

jewish community*

yeah muh ebil jews
and of course we are subhuman thats why your greatest heroes were slovak

>and of course we are subhuman thats why your greatest heroes were slovak
who? A literal peasant poet who didn't want to be a slovak or a minor noble who again didn't want to be slovak

both heroes to most hungarians

>commie era money
kek you proved my point

how fag

that he was a peasant and only praised by the commies, only Kossuth did something but he fled right after the things went wrong like a proper faggot

well there must be a lot of commies in hungary

Why do people like this even exist?

bratislava was a mistake

gib it back then

literal womanchild



>72% match

user, I...



your greatest scientists were pretty much all Jews, you retard

yes and?, just like almost every famous polish and german scirentist

jews have positive influence on country, way more than dumb jobbik voters like (You)

Nowadays the jews are asshurt about the yolocaust especially in ex-axis countries so they want to take revenge in every way they can

>his country has jews

admire Poland

Poland is admirable

pooland = a shit :DDD

>he doesn't live in a real country

but we have jew too m8, in these threads even, no offense to said jew

we do
stop bullying

>jobbik sucks lol
dunno who started it desu

jobbik is objectivly shit and only muh trianon retards vote for it

magyar cigany

>tfw i dont know that feel

We have virtually no jews, there is like 10k of them

jobbik sucks like every nazi larping party

2600 jews
we have more muslims

How does it feel knowing that I am not more intelligent than you, not more charismatic than you, not more attractive than you, but just by virtue of being born in a first-world country I could move to /v4/ and live the sort of life you could only dream of and attract top-tier /v4/ women?


I wish I was pepik instead when someone says ''Czech Republic'' everyone is like ''oh that almost first world Slav country?'' and Prague was even featured in Deus Ex for some reason as well as in plenty of movies.

When someone says ''Poland'' he imagines commie blocks which also exist in Germany and getting rekt by said Germans.

>top tier /v4/ women

what a fucking achievement to get the top tier from the lowest type of women to exist

I don't really like them, but they are the only major opposition. Vona realized that, and started to de-radicalise the party this year.

how does it feel knowing that your home country is basically lost to migrants

shit I'm dumb


/v4/ women are probably the most attractive in the world, although I have no idea what they are like personally.

Sad desu, but that's the price that we have chosen to pay to be one of the strongest countries in the world. I'd rather we were a comfy second-world country with low levels of migration and a lower GDP, but that's just me.

>most attractive in the world

maybe when compared to english sea mutants but that's not saying much

You can attract top tier golddigers lul, enjoy those hoes

>tfw we didn't put them in trucks and transported them to Bratislava while they think they're in Berlin just like in Eurotrip

Not only the English, but also other European girls and North American girls. Girls in /v4/ have been the most attractive out of any area I've travelled, but I've not been to Scandinavia yet so maybe they're slightly better.

Better than only attracting overweight promiscuous girls with no personality (my current status in the UK).

The thing is, this is still eastern europe, but there is bigger difference between real estern europe and V4 than between west and v4, the golddiggers dig DEEP

if you are a loser there
you'll be a loser here too user


*Andrej Vrhovc

Lemki so Slovenci

this is now a Rózsa Sándor thread

We all pay for it one way or another.

True, but having money makes you more attractive than not having money. People treat you differently, new opportunities arise, you develop confidence, etc. Obviously a complete sperg will always be a complete sperg, but I think for those of us who are on the edge of being a normie (most of us on Cred Forums I think) a few subtle changes in our lives could make a big difference.

Id rather be alone than to be with those vapid whores

I think this is an oversimplification of gold-diggers. Some girls will only go for guys with money and would drop you instantly if you didn't have it, but as long as you have the money they'll be the sweetest, most loving, loyal girls in the world. You can fool yourself into believing that they love you and not your money, and live a comfy illusion.

>shitty rip off budget janosik

>Rózsa Sándor
>not Sisa Pista

if you have money you can obtain a lot of things.
Too bad you'll be a BEADY ANGLO even with money.

When I watch a cooking show with Jamie oliver I realize how turbocucked your whole island is.
Its even more pathetic that he thinks that raping their own cuisine is completely necessary.

You're all gay.

Don't forget being wrecked by Russia.

Wasn't he of Ruthenian ancestory?

>most loyal girls in the world

Vak Ruthenian

Yeah Czechia "first world", go to Northern Bohemia or Moravia. I know a Czech family of 3 who live from 13000 Czk (or 481 euro) a month. Even if you look at stats, Czechia is only marginally better in GDP per capita, wages, HDI etc. and our minimum wage is actually higher. I like Czech people really much, but in real life, they complain about their living standars just like us. Czechia is pretty much a bigger Slovakia, only true difference is higher self esteem, much lower unemployment and lower cost of living due to koruna.

fuck czech republic



I adore Poland, is that good enough?

Do you wanna be my boyfriend? I'm a girl btw.

just found out Brodka's singing in Lublin today senpaitachi
gonna go there

>giving a shit about what uneducated foreigners who never visited this place think about Poland
off yourself lad
our bad reputation is pretty useful to us at the moment

why is she singing only in english?
why cant there be a local singer who sing in local lang?

You're retarded.

Only her last album was in English, because she wanted to gain some recognition abroad.
And the fact that you assumed that kinda proves her right tbqh
>sing in local lang?

well I went on YT to find some songs and all I heard was english

If I'm retarded then how did I fuck your mum last night? Checkmate, fuccboi.

>3rd vid
what a qt3.14

Because they are the most popular. Go figure.
>CDPR is working on Cyberpunk atm
>Brodka's recent music video had her looking like some sort of android
>tfw there's a chance they'll hire her to do the OST for Cyberpunk
I want to beliv

Poland is a miserable fucking shithole and Poles are retards.

agreed sir



somehow this hit the feels

Jak duble to v4 to jebane kurwa gówno.

If dubs then pepiks are subhuman.

if singles pepiks are subhuman

Dead thread because our countries have nothing in common aside from Slovakia which is basically Czech Republic.


If dubs you will have to return all the kabel

>wanting to ruin their economy

anyone going to death grips in prague next month?

Is Brno literally a third world? Hepatitis epidemic, can't drink tap water...

literally third world

The water is already normal again, I think its awesome how quickly can we clean water, for like 500k people.

>Mark Harding suffers from a type of autism formerly known as Aspergers Syndrome

>As a result he has obsessive tendencies and struggles to understand other's emotions

>He pleaded guilty to two counts of collecting terrorist material

>He posted 5,000 comments, some supporting the so-called Islamic State, on the internet forum Cred Forums - an English-language imageboard website containing hundreds of threads about a variety of subjects

>Police found 'a large number' of images and audio material stored in two folders named 'Islam' and 'Nasheed' on Harding's computer

>They included beheadings carried out by the so-called Islamic State and a song about IS

>He spent one month living with an Iranian family between 2013 and 2014

>This was first terror-related case Jersey has ever had

9th page


check em


wew lads
ded as fuck

v4 is very ded
the only time it is alive is when magyaro-slovak shitposting starts

all the fun posters are gone

meanwhile the apple thread is in it's prime

enjoy sunshine brothers

who this

wtf i hate slovakia now



Nemý žaba plagát




i see nothing wrong with this


sup lads
I've been on Brodka's concert and she sang some tracks from her new album which weren't released anywhere yet
She's going for more rock'n'roll-ish/punk-ish vibe this time, I love it
also protip: /V4/ wouldn't be so ded if instead of dumb frogposting you actually shared some interesting content

no matter what many Czechs will die there