Poland vs Russia

which do you want to be reborn in?

+a member of the EU
+a bit richer
+the most growing cunt in the EU

+relevant af
+abundance of natural resources

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for all i hate Poland i would rather suck dick than be a russian and live for 50$ a month

Poland obviously, no contest.

poland, then emigrate to us

lies poland stronk

No argument.

Russian >>>>>>> Poland

>richer than russia.


russia is just a third world shithole

>russia relevant af

italy has a bigger gdp than russia lol

so does australia lol

Slavs are subhuman.


We don't have to pay 2000$ for rent and 100$ for internet though.

Specify Russia please. It's kinda big.

We don't earn them either.

Lol Internet cost around 30 in Poland

>+the most growing cunt in the EU

what does this mean

i'd rather pay $4000 to rent a flat in sydney than live in moscow for free

you can wipe your ass with your (not even your) strength and relevance



120 mln people PPP is shit per capita is ok

i guess PPP is relevant in russia because of all the sanctions

Russia because of their cool language, hot women and nice drinking culture

Russia is a giant on clay legs

even we in our irrelevance and memery are a better country

fyi the more common expression in english is paper tiger

I'd reborn to be mummy's good boy

Russia, I hate Poles.

PPP is more accurate than nominal if you want to compare different countries. If you pay $2000 for rent instead of $200, sure your nominal gdp will be higher, but that also means you can't afford, for instance, such military as Russia even with bigger nominal gdp, simply because it would cost your much more since you have higher prices for everything.
It's just one aspect, but I guess you understand. It's just delusional to say that country A is more relevant than country B because of bigger nominal GDP (while GDP PPP is several times smaller)

Are you under French proxy now?

no proxy, it's just a Frenchman's honest opinion.

PPP is relevant for measuring quality of life/development, but in the context of international influence nominal is the only thing that matters

for example 500,000 rubles may buy you a lot of influence with the average russian but very little with the average westerner

EU seems attractive to me

I thought yours will be significantly higher, especially after Obama said that our economy is destroyed by sanctions.

So you seriously think Australia has more international influence?

>EU seems attractive to me
EU is shit.

>+a bit richer
>+a member of the EU
Enjoy your rapefuges.

economically yes

obviously in a shooting war you would win because of nukes and population, but there will never be another major war so who cares

>live for 50$ a month

russians are massive cunts, i'll go for poland

Russia. Once the EU falls apart, Poland will stop getting money and probably get invaded again.

Today war is going on, and it is killing Europe with immigration, and killing middle east with terrorism and climate change. Modern wars are about black ops and revolutions just look on news.

To much people on Earth.

meme phrase

Poland won't save you from rapefuges. But Russia can.

They're doing pretty well considering their lack of oil desu

economically no

and for war it won't be even about numbers, you don't have technology capabilities to compare without allies

black ops and revolutions are won with money

It's hard to measure Australia's influence on such things because everything we do in this area is inextricably tied to the US and 5 eyes

but take away Russia's nukes and we are both middle powers


>but take away Russia's nukes and we are both middle powers
Russia has a modern weapon and (ninja) robots.

>literally lower than poland

good dubs though :^)

EU funds are a joke lol

Look at the size of the budget

>there will never be another major war
Yes, I think the same, but that's exectly what people were saing after ww1.

Enjoy your churkohachi.

Can't enjoy, FSB removing them with light of speed.

Russia > Poland because the flag has more colours

>"a bit" richer


isnt your minimal wage like 10k rubles?

It's only useful for tax evading. You can't measure a country's wealth by minimum wage.

Well our is twice yours... so it kinda says something about the country

russia has a shitton of mudslimes

and no, they aren't any better because they are "native", caucasian muslims are as bad and violent as the sandniggers

it kinda says about country size

PPP isn't accurate and is widely criticized for inflating poor economies GDP

nominal GDP is actually accurate, of course it's really volatile and all still it reflects reality much better, reality where Russia literally doesn't produce anything and it's entire economy is reliant on it's resources

Good frog

I would rather to live in Ukraine than in any EU country

Strong, relevant and natural resources. That would surely influence my daily life massively.

It says something about your social politics, that's it.
That too.

yeah suddenly Russia's and India's economy 3x larger

such an accurate measure you have there, PPP is total bullshit

anyway Poland is really poor to if using GDP nominal, we still can't reach $0.5 trillion and more than $13k per capita of course our currency is currently severely undervalued(though that can be said about every "developing country) but still it shows the extreme gap between us and the West so I don't know what Poles in this thread are really boasting about

of course our economy is definitely better than Russia's, we are marginally richer and all also our economy is really diversified(which means is less vulnerable) but compared to the West our income is just laughable

we are both fucking shitholes, Russia is worse though

well the standard of living is going up every year while yours well is kinda going down

It would if you work in defense or oil industry.

what did he mean by this?

but it does influence Russian's lives

they are so proud when they see some rocket's launch or their sperging manlet in TV

driknikg culture destroyed us btw

pretty much this

I agree with your post
>I don't know what Poles in this thread are really boasting about
It's obvious, they are ready to deny common sense if it's about Russia and Poland.
>kinda going down
The last year it is.

meant to

Poland has a higher standard of living, you make more money and live in better conditions, there is less crime and less corruption.
Russia is poorer, but more interesting than Poland imo, it's a very diverse country with hundreds of native peoples and god tier nature.

russia is really not that bad

problem is that you will have now several years of very weak growth 0-2%

you have really fucked up with all that ukraine and shit and lost cca 20% of growth between 2013-2023

which capital has the best skyline?



been there last year and looks really sureal, in good way

hmm.. relatives living in russia, russian language, a union with russia, russian empire, soviet union, russian gf, russian job partners , joint air defence with russia

ok should not be hard to select one but i dont have anything bad to say about poland but one thing for sure, i will always prefer russia in this matter as myself from kazakhstan

Judging by photos, I'd say Warsaw, but I've never been there, in reality it could look different.
Moscow has a lot of other highrises apart from Moscow City (not so tall though, but still), not sure about Warsaw.

op question is about reborn

so your gf would be polish, your native lannguage polish et.

Also daily reminder your muh purchasing power parity bullshit means nothing(or almost nothing) when it comes to electronics.

iPhone 6s costs $549 in the US - monthly wage there is around $4.893 meanwhile it costs RUB 45,767 in Russia with average wage of RUB 36,000 - 40,000

it seems you can't even afford iPhone with Russian monthly average wage

Moscow obviously

its good Warsaw has any skyline at all though

>RUB 45,767 in Russia with average wage of RUB 36,000 - 40,000
how about polan?

Can I live with my host family? If yes, Russia.

>monthly wage there is around $4.893

I didn't realize how poor we are compared to Americans

ok. if i could choose where to be reborn between these two i would say russia

30 what? :D
for $30 you will have internet, phone and tv

maybe in your shithole in Katowice you'll get only internet + tv for that

nope, in warsaw, i am paying $35 for 50mb internet, phone, and two tv

but user

>not a shithole
nice joke m8

id rather stay polish
russians suck, they are asians and they have mentality of child with autism hurr muh relevance and great army

300% of Polish GDP per capita

you live in a shithole if anyhing

Brakuje tutaj papieża

Why u hate Poland?

Russia suck

We want to make a Polexit :3

>meanwhile it costs RUB 45,767
It costs less, but you're right, it's still higher than our average wage.
38990 rub = 535 euros. How much does it cost in Poland?

>reborn in
kek, you all are dumb as fucking retard here.

>monthly wage there is around $4.893
I beg to differ. Average is about $2-3k without taxes. In russia very often you receive 40k rub and don't pay any taxes. Anyway being american is better, but you exaggerated a bit.

We also have a joke that sinners will reborn in Russia again in the next life.


>1 region sponsored by all Poland rest of the region is shit
>Katowice super developed and the whole region is above average in GDP per capita

choise one

Why do Polacs hate Warsaw so much? It seems like a good city desu.

>which do you want to be reborn in?

ok, you fucking russiaslovers, i am rocket engineer, here in moscow, i am earn about 40k rub. Its almost a top teir work here.

because warsaw, cracow and silesian people hate each other
such hating circle

Things are worse than you thought. Average wage in russia(not in moscow) is about 30k rub. Top iPhone 7 costs 86k rub. You need to save ALL money you earned for 3 months to buy fucking phone, what a country!

i gave the price for 64 gb

anyway in Poland the current monthly wage is some over PLN 4000 and according to the site I was using to get the Russian price iPhone 6S 64GB here costs PLN 2,570 but I honestly doubt it desu

I'm a programmer and I've been paid 50k rub at my first work when I was a student.

but actually we are sponsoring poor regions


2300zl = 540 euros

are programmers being paid so ridiculously good everywhere?

I regret I didn't become a one

Przykład Polski z 1989 roku dowodzi, że demokracja wcale nie wymaga najwyższych standardów. Nie wymaga tego, by każda partia miała równy dostęp do mediów i równe zasilanie z budżetu. Wymaga po prostu wolnych wyborów, czyli by sobie obywatel mógł iść, oddać głos na daną partię i by tego głosu za mocno nie fałszowano a co najwyżej troszeczkę tu czy tam.
I takie warunki Rosja spełnia - chyba jednak dużo bardziej niż Polska w 1989, bo dziś opozycja wszelkiej maści w Rosji, mając internet czy choćby takie drukarki (marzenie ściętej głowy opozycjonistów z Solidarności) może spokojnie docierać do milionów Rosjan.
Więc o co chodzi w tym krzyku, jakoby w Rosji demokracji nie było? Ano o to wyłącznie, że Rosjanie nie chcą tak wybierać, jak by tego chcieli ludzie Zachodu. Bo dla Zachodu dobry demokratyczny wybór Rosji to poddanie się samobiczowaniu, wsadzenie do więzienia połowy narodu oraz rozwiązanie państwa rosyjskiego, którego tereny , te lepsze, powinny się dostać w ręce Zachodu właśnie. Tylko taka Rosja (była) zostanie przez Zachód łaskawie uznana za kraj demokratyczny. Natomiast Rosja, która wybiera osobników pokroju Putina, którzy zamiast lizać zachodnie buty czasem własnym butem w tyłek Zachód kopną, zawsze, czego by nie zrobiła, określana będzie jako kraj władany przez despotów, koniec, kropka, bez dyskusji.

putin to kopac sobie moze swoich poddanych co najwyzej

Yeah, in silicon valley it even causes troubles, cuz programmers earn several times more than locals and prices are totally fucked up.

Post typical polish family.

Russia won.

yes, its just because IT works for foreign market, and fucking dirty ruske hands from government dont control IT, till now. My work it for russi market.

Yeah, it's bad. Do you consider moving somewhere? Engineers are demanded in many countries.

We're far from weak.

Russia has a stronger military and nukes but that dosn't mean we're weak. We got one of the best militaries in the world, just no nukes.

Rent is 250-350 euro and 120mb internet + cable TV is 20 euro.

because Warsaw looks like shit thanks to germans and russians

because it's our capital, and there is an unwritten rule in every country that people from other cities hate their capital

no, nowhere to go.

Out monthly government child support for people who have 2 kids or more is half of a what most russians earn per month, and we get it each month as well.

>get rebuild by demolishing other Polish cities
>by leeching from them for 30-40 years
>brag about being a bit richer now
shitsovians are pathetic af

here goes your growth, kek

Every country that dosn't have pear Mirinda is 3rd world and irrelevant.

Sorry Russia.

or this

>PLN 4000 per month
kurwa błagam cie przestań xD realnie jest 2200 na miesiac (jak nie mniej)

Does Russia have Prince Polo?

or this(strictly the limited ed because other monsters taste like rectum fluids)

Russia has Baikal though.

Lol we have this

Or this.

best ally :3

or this

Polish dr pepper is shit. How dare you spoiled this godlike beverage? You are worse than 3rd world.

ohh you :3

Omg we have all of this

>realnie jest 2200 na miesiac (jak nie mniej)
realne chyba dla ciebie, ~4200 to mediana zarobkow w polsce
to, ze ty i twoi znajomi sa biedni nie oznacza ze wszyscy tak zyja

well they are being paid so good because IT is the most lucrative sector excepts for maybe energetics

Not pear one 3rd worlder.

Proper sodas are a sign of 1st world.

See the review:

Our sodas are less sweet than american or british ones because we don't like the levels of sweetnes they like.

>Our sodas are less sweet than american or british ones because we don't like the levels of sweetnes they like.
less sweet? less fucking sweet? it seems that you use sewerage water instead of clean as other countries.

chyba ty na tej twojej wsi w podlaskim tyle zarabiasz jebany kretynie

>4200 PLN to jest mediana w Polsce

co ty pierdolisz?

Yes, we have this but it's expensive.
1$ for import soda 0.33l
0.50$ for soda made in russia (pepsico)

4200 to srednia, mediana jakis 1k mniej

Our tap water is better than, for example, nestle aquarel when it comes to minerals in it :^)

We just like less sweet soadas 3rd worlder.

w dupie mam twoją medianę. grom polaczków zarabia zdecydowanie mnie. a to, że jest duże rozwarstwieni społeczne ( i ciagle sie powieksza) to potem wychodza takie zjebane statystyki na które taki zjeb jak ty będzie sie powoływał i walił do nich konia

what are you doing jap
go back to drawing hentai mangas, never enough of them

1,25 eur = 2l of pear mirinda because we make it :^)

we also got peach one.

pls stop

>poor family
>middle class family
>rich family

If I could choose, I would choose russian far east anyway

i'd like have both russian and polish koreaboo gfs

>middle class family

Your dr pepper isn't less sweet, it tastes litteraly like sewerage water with some shitty syrup. I bet you've never been aboard.

>he will never taste superior sodas while munching on superior pierogi while living in city full with history
you can be jello

I've been to over 30 countries including 4 months in you not-so-saint petersburg :^)

I nearly vomited when I tried some of your beers and settled for drinking belgian one from a pub near my hotel

>you will never live an honest live as a dockyard worked in Władywostok with your faithful wife Natasza

>Chai cola

wtf I've never heard of this and you're saying it's not a shithole?

That`s fucking easy. Come to Russia, find a random anime girl, promise marriage and later citizenship, get her to your country and do whatever you want.

Oil industry=high wages

>I nearly vomited when I tried some of your beers
Our beer is disgusting, it's a mistake. Right like your dr pepper.


This is the best one.

It's one of the top10 sodas ever made :^)

>If I could choose, I would choose russian far east anyway
Enjoy your flood, komrade,

gimme proof please that she will not run away west to hunt for some chocolate dick like our women do

>Russians don't have castles
Shuch is the life of a nation without culture or history.

high wages =/= good living standarts. city is still shitty, people are still bydlo.

How`s she gona do it in Korea?


take a ship to US of A

Heard about Kremlin?



o n e



five hundred xDDD

That will be east, silly you.

>one kremlin

do you know that they didn't had any post-crusade knights on their land?
teutons were building a lot of castles because crusades taught them to do so and we were building ours to match their power

Do you have these?

Ohh luk at me we praise religion and fucked up science budd we have 500 useless casdles :DD

I wanted to include that in that post but I thought that will look dumb
Also on map US lays west of Europe so I took Europe as my point of origin, silly me

>mfw live in a comfy city
>lakes, marinas
>can travel everywhere
>can buy anime figures, have hobbies like diving
>tens of castles around my city
>a castle and palaces in it
>aglomeration has only 300-350k inhabitants so it's cosy
>sweet airport
>superior soads
>superior food
>superior culture
>immigrant russian/ukie/belarusian qts everywhere
>3,5g drive to Wilno, 2h drive to Gdańsk
>Richer Kaliningradians come here to spend weekends or new year/christmas etc. because of superior culture
>hundreds of old churches
>Warmian heritage
I feel sooooo good. I don't even know how one can live in Russia with only St. Petersburg being the normal city.

Just become part of Poland, Russia. We will save you.

sounds like a paradise

>mountain dew is a luxury soda in russia

probaby only in internet shop

>slavs are subhuman
>according to a nation which got BTFO by Slavs

Poland obviously
Polish women are qt

Kek, as long as national-cucktolics hand-in-hand with libtards dominate political and public space we WON'T exit, they would rather sucks blue cocks for all eternity that start doing some fucking real job in repairing this country. tfu...

chyba na twojej wsi kurwa ludzie zarabiaja 2200

chain her to the radiator m8
and watch out for the ships

True liberals hate the EU

remind me why poland and russia hate each other

Warsaw is actually richer by GDP per capita than Moscow.

>~4200 to mediana zarobkow w polsce
Mediana jest niżej, to jest srednia, której 60% społeczeństwa nie zarabia.

Where did you get my family photo?!

I don't hate russian people. I like you if anything and I like to banter you.

Russia as a country is a different matter.

Cuz poland have been under russian control for some time.

Cucks caring about history and what our ancestors did to each other as opposed to what would be the best for both countries and peoples now

Serious question:

WHY is Russia's government so corrupt? What is the point?

i don't think russia hates poland
poland hates russia because of partitions and communism

i like russia though, i think we should forget our past gripes and engage in a jolly cooperation

because some people can't stand that Katyń and Smolensk were only friengly gesture towards us, renessaince period and licking usa boots


Neither, I'd choose the UK again

I forgot to add. The air port is in a Forest so if someone decides to go in he can get eaten by wolves that live there.

How cool is that?

I po chuj ci te zamki pedale

Because Russians are uneducated bydlos.

>tfw 3/4 russian living in poland
whoeven loses i win

Shit people, boring, 1/3rd is a non-declared no-go zone unless you know the locals, expensive as fuck. Oh and it managed to create a subculture of people who, I shit you not, are proud because their family lived in Warsaw before the war as in they didn't move there in post-war years when it was repopulated so elitism also plays a role in it.

I think Poland need to take his revenge. Justice must be served and evil must be punished is the only true answer. Stop rapefuges too.

are you a girl ? :)

I dunno maybe because you've invaded your neighbors recently?
Or because you're an authoritarian shithole where Putin and his comrades have been doing whatever they want for decades already and your nation is ok with being used like a common whore?

Literally the government is like
>hacks or leaks private information
>"you can't prove it was Russia"
>bombs the shit out of some civilians
>"can't prove it was Russia, we were targetting terrorists"
>annex Crimea
>"it was always Russian it ours now"

what does this all prove lol

Meanwhile, a communist party is the second in Duma.

you forgot that 99.9% of their city looks like a communist shithole

>I dunno maybe because you've invaded your neighbors recently?
They are invaded and genocide Russia first it was only defence.

>1/3rd is a non-declared no-go zone
lol what
like where?

>it was always Russian
but das is true (:

>caring for your country's self interest is now bad
Well, it's not like Poland would know since it became a NATO whore

>i like russia though, i think we should forget our past gripes and engage in a jolly cooperation
i like you

Sure sure, Ivan ;^)
1939 was also defence!
And those damn Georgians, how could they invade Russia with all their 5 tanks!?

russian and polish girls look the same you imbecile
we are both slav


I guess Serbs look the same as us too XD

In Poland liberals are different than on west, in political spectrum those are people from some kind of think-thank in Gdańsk witch used to be in power in 90' and they are remembered as most corrupted government in our history and latter some of them create PO that used to be in charge for last 8 years and PO used-to-be director and polish prime minister is Donald Tusk.
tl;dr When poles says liberal in polish context he means something different.

No difference, just please not in any cucked country as Germsland

Jag älskar Sverige. Best country!

Offence is the best defence lol

Praga Północ kolego.


1939 was anti axis action to create buffer nothing personal :^)

Really, how do you prove that it`s not your aviation that bombs civillians? And that not Anonymous is hacking Hillary`s letters? Just because somebody on TV said so?

How is being a servitor to the ruling party which blatantly lies to you and is corrupt as fuck caring for self interest? Russia could have been so much more had their mindset become more western after the collapse of USSR,

What the fuck does that even mean? Being in NATO is clearly the best thing for Poland. Being a whore =/= doing things that make you butthurt.

t. Putin

and vice versa :^)

>nothing personal :^)

>raping children
>killing elites

>on dalej wierzy w memy z lat 90-tych

It was jews in the goverment.

>Raping children

>Being in NATO is clearly the best thing for Poland
yeah doing air patrolls for the baltkuks sure is fun :^)

russian subhumans fucked everything that had a pulse.

>implying that caring for your country's own interest is important
>don't understand why are we afraid of our neighbour invading other neighbours

Shut up idiot, government cant change army behavior

we grab it from Turkey by wars
Khrushchev gifted it to Ukraine (which non existent up to 1991) "just"

You're subhuman if you actually believe this. Kys.

can poles and russians be friends?

o kurwa user olsztyniak

Jews dindu nuffing, Tsar was a weak Russia was starved lets do a revolution goys.

>tfw two most based slav cunts will never cooperate
remove niemiec, slavia now

We are MUCH closer with east slavs than with south slavs. Also I think that he means ethnic group or something like this.

Don't event want to refute that bullshit.

>Do things that harm Poland and Polish economy to appease the Amerifat big daddy

I'm sure invasion is even better.


i love this


Oh you.

No. No one can be friends with Russia. Only shitholes like Norh Korea and Venezuela. I've been living in this country my whole pathetic life and I know Russians well.

because you can't
they will teach you about it in 8th grade

sure as long as you dont get into politics

>>Do things that harm Poland and Polish economy
What, like having a military and not being a useless sack of shit like most western European states?

What is it about Cred Forums that attracts these idiotic Russiaboos to every discussion?

>because you can't
No. Because I am not going to spend my useless time arguing with proofster.

You better hide this sacred meme, catholic. You know nothing about it.


one does not exclude the other. our gov has been doing stupid shit that harms our economy and trade with russia for ... what ? a pat on the back ?

Sure, Georgians and Ukrainians were planning on overtaking Russia, those damned fascists!


you can't

>You know nothing about it.



>didn't know that 97,6% of poles are pagans
We just can't say it loud because bishop can sentence us to death.

More like
>making Poland dismantling national industry only for foreign firms to rebuild it and reap profits
>embargo one of Poland biggest trade partners because muh buugeymane
>become a buffer zone for NATO
>soon to become a disposable missile Base for NATO
Yeah it's so fantastic feels amazing to be relevant I bet

the only whore is you, paying for Polish highways and getting trash immigrants from here, thanks for taking in these people btw


Be Polish. Move to UK. Move back when economy is good.

>"In addition to the thousands who fell in battle, 128 men were hanged personally by Mikhail Muravyov ('Muravyov the Hangman'), and 9423 people were exiled to Siberia (2500 according to low Russian data estimates, Norman Davies gives the number of 80,000 noting it was the single largest deportation in Russian history).[5] Whole villages and towns were burned down; all activities were suspended and the szlachta was ruined by confiscation and exorbitant taxes. Such was the brutality of the Russian troops that their actions were condemned throughout Europe, and even in Russia itself Muravyov became ostracized.[6] Count Fyodor Berg, the newly appointed Namestnik of Poland, followed in Muravyov's footsteps, employing inhumanly harsh measures against the country."

>"After the collapse of the uprising, harsh reprisals followed. According to Russian official information, 396 persons were executed and 18,672 were exiled to Siberia. Large numbers of men and women were sent to the interior of Russia and to Caucasus, Urals and other sections. Altogether about 70,000 persons were imprisoned and subsequently taken out of Poland and stationed in remote regions of Russia."


ty pszonek ?

>"The government confiscated 1,660 estates in Poland and 1,794 in Lithuania. A 10% income tax was imposed on all estates as a war indemnity. Only in 1869 was this tax reduced to 5% on all incomes. Serfdom was abolished in Russian Poland on 19 February 1864. It was deliberately enacted in a way that would ruin the szlachta. It was the only area where peasants paid the market price in redemption for the land (the average for the empire was 34% above the market price). All land taken from Polish peasants since 1846 was to be returned without redemption payments. The ex-serfs could only sell land to other peasants, not szlachta. 90% of the ex-serfs in the empire who actually gained land after 1861 were in the eight western provinces. Along with Romania, Polish landless or domestic serfs were the only ones to be given land after serfdom was abolished."

>"All this was to punish the szlachta's role in the uprisings of 1830 and 1863. Besides the land granted to the peasants, the Russian Government gave them additional forest, pasture and other privileges (known under the name of servitutes) which proved to be a source of incessant irritation between the landowners and peasants in the following decades, and an impediment to economic development.[citation needed] The government took over all the church estates and funds, and abolished monasteries and convents. With the exception of religious instruction, all other studies in the schools were ordered to be in the Russian. Russian also became the official language of the country, used exclusively in all offices of the general and local government. All traces of former Polish autonomy were removed and the kingdom was divided into ten provinces, each with an appointed Russian military governor and all under complete control of the Governor General in Warsaw. All former Polish government functionaries were deprived of their positions and replaced by Russian officials."

>R-Russia is a boogeyman!!! There is no reason to be fearful :^)
I feel embarrassed that people as retarded as you exist.

To be fair senpai, if Piłsudski in 1920 had enough international support and bigger professional army he would.

Yeah, people in 5 years from now will start writing greentext stories about American soldiers dicking all the women because they have the money. This nation is cuck my shit up good thing I'm going out of there soon.



>"A rule of terror was started by the NKVD and other Soviet agencies. The first victims were the approximately 230,000 Polish prisoners of war.[17] The Soviet Union had not signed any international convention on rules of war and they were denied the status of prisoners of war. When the Soviets conducted recruitment activities among the Polish military, an overwhelming majority of the captured officers refused to cooperate; they were considered enemies of the Soviet Union and a decision was made by the Soviet Politburo (5 March 1940) to secretly execute them (22,000 officers and others).[84] The officers and a large number of ordinary soldiers[85] were then murdered (see Katyn massacre) or sent to Gulag.[86] Of the 10,000-12,000 Poles sent to Kolyma in 1940–41, most POWs, only 583 men survived, released in 1941–42 to join the Polish Armed Forces in the East.[87]"

>"Terror policies were also applied to the civilian population. The Soviet authorities regarded service for the prewar Polish state as a "crime against revolution"[89] and "counter-revolutionary activity",[90] and subsequently started arresting large numbers of Polish intelligentsia, politicians, civil servants and scientists, but also ordinary people suspected of posing a threat to Soviet rule. Schoolchildren as young as 10 or 12 years old who laughed at Soviet propaganda presented in schools were sent into prisons, sometimes for as long as 10 years.[65]

a lot of people here are pathetic right winged neets the same people who shill for Trump so hard and believe in muh Jews ruling the world the same people are russiaboos because they think live in Russia is any decent so bad they never experienced poverty and opression in their live as they live in the West

>The prisons soon became severely overcrowded with detainees suspected of anti-Soviet activities and the NKVD had to open dozens of ad hoc prison sites in almost all towns of the region.[69][82] The wave of arrests led to forced resettlement of large categories of people (kulaks, Polish civil servants, forest workers, university professors or osadniks, for instance) to the Gulag labor camps.[68] The Polish and formerly Polish citizens, a large proportion of whom were ethnic minorities, were deported mostly in 1940, typically to northern Russia, Kazakhstan and Siberia.[41][91]

>Following the Operation Barbarossa and the Sikorski–Mayski agreement, in the summer of 1941 the exiled Poles were released under the declared amnesty. Many thousands trekked south to join the newly formed Polish Army, but thousands were too weak to complete the journey or perished soon afterwards.[92]

>According to a 2009 estimate by IPN, around 150,000 Polish citizens died as a result of the Soviet occupation.[44][45] The number of deportees was estimated at around 320,000.[44][45]"

C'mon, at least we are going back, your friendly neighbourhood Ahmed will stay forever.

tylko nie mów że studencik
już mi z dołu mieszkania wjebali studentów ale mieszkanie poszło dla ukraińców czy innego scierwa
Non stop tylko brrrt bo kurwa remontują chuj wie co
A i przypominam że tramwaje są chujowe

That was Soviet aggression that provoked that war and in all honesty, the world could only gain from such an outcome.

>PPP is more accurate than nominal if you want to compare different countries.

PPP is irrelevent when comparing different countries, you are merely comparing the prices and the population

Nah mate, we started the war. Of course we did it to deal with commies rather sooner than later but still. BTW it was on of the westerner's arguments against supporting Warsaw.

>Poland won't save you from rapefuges
lol exdeee

You guys sounds so funny.

you have the same sounds, you tard

you will never change



>skr skr skr

we have less -she

Ahh, so cute. You just like a little cute snakes :3.

It doesn't sound exactly like that, maybe softer than Russian, but not psche-psche.
Also this
We have lots of ш, щ, ж, тcя in words

But it does.

>making Poland dismantling national industry only for foreign firms to rebuild it and reap profits
We sold them out ouerselves partly because they really did mostly produce useless crap, and partly due to our own retardation
>embargo one of Poland biggest trade partners because muh buugeymane
We pushed for those sanctions ourselves.
>become a buffer zone for NATO
We would still be one even if we didn't become a part of NATO
>soon to become a disposable missile Base for NATO
Lmao, sure mate, literally any moment now. 10 years and I'm still waiting.

Tonguetwister thread go.

Polish national industry was in fact worthless and oversized.


>which do you want to be reborn in?

Germany desu

If most Poles are the same slavshits as Russians here then neither.

Yes goy, it was. Banks = prosperity, remember.

>Shla Sasha po shosse is sosala huiushky
Lots of pshe-pshe sounds too.

>my benis

Daily reminder than the only reason Poland is slightly richer than Russia is Germany that gives them money.

we're not, we're complitely different, we can't live together, either pole has to become full russian or russian full pole

blya ty eblan? Eto skorogovorka specialno na -pshe

You don't get it. Industry is a vital sector of economy, but it the countries of the former Eastern Bloc were forcibly industrialized even if there was no real demand for their products and they were largely inefficient.


So? It's in Russian, our language has the same sounds, it's just you don't used to Polish pshe-pshe, so it's sound funny. Polish is also softer, I can agree.


The only reason Russia isn't India-tier poor is oil and other natural resources.

The only reason ANY country isn't India-tier poor is oil and other natural resources.

>we're not, we're complitely different
Kek, you wish.
Out of all Slavs (except maybe for Urkainians and Belorussians), you're the closest one to Russians in mentality. We share together all that butthurt, imperial complex, wild mix of inferiority complex and self-loathing with strong patriotism and proud for their Motherland. How can you say we're completely different?

tell me where netherlands get their natural resources?
just get good, kick out tajiks, invest in people more, grab oligarchs by the balls, go fascist

Like Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, United States, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, Iceland, Korea, South, Israel, Japan, Belgium, France, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, etc.
Are all of them major exporters of natural resources?

>imperial complex
ya blew it

>where netherlands get their natural resources
They buy it from us and Norway. They are the biggest reseller of gas in Europe, if I'm not mistaken.

>lwow nasz
>wilno nasze

i want to hug all russian in this thread


A dead meme

poles have no "imperial complex", poles never had an empire

You always brag about how Poland was great back in the days, how mighty it was and you want it to be relevant again like Rzeczpospolita.
Not exactly the same rhetoric all the time, but I guess you got the point.
I'm pretty sure in reality most Poles keep such thoughts to themselves, but IRL I don't hear Russians talking about Russian Empire as well, so it's mostly here, where people are free to express their inner thoughts more openly.
How are Poles and Russians so different?
This too

rushka give su-35 плc

Give your delicious apples first.

Sentiment to territories/cities formerly ethnically Polish isn't imperialism. Międzymorze was supposed to be a defensive alliance.

Why would you want something like that? That just a waste of money.


>You always brag about how Poland was great back in the days
Just like the Brits are proud about the British Empire, the Spaniards are bragging about the Age of Discovery and the Muslims about the Golden Age of Islam. It's only natural for a nation to refer to the former glory, everyone does that.

Sending jets in 3..2..1..


Brits still have sore feelings over their Empire, but I wouldn't said the same about Spaniards, Muslims are just too diverse in this case to speak about them as one group.
What about other things we have in common?
Like blaming the others in our problems, Russia and Germany for you, Commies and America for us.

They looks like wasp with that dildo

cлaвa pocии, нaтo cocи

> 100$ for internet
We will pay, soon enough.
photo yarovay.jpg

average russians are brothers

What are non-average Russians like?

like Poles