Why dont you have a fit boyfriend yet Cred Forums?

Why dont you have a fit boyfriend yet Cred Forums?

Because I'm an ugu


I only attract numales and Asian guys that think I'm a weeab at uni

Because I want a skinny bf who'll fit into my arms perfectly :3

I dont know why

go to the gym more desu

I'm not gay and only asian "males" message me

Skinny built with medium size fits best into tall guy's arms

bump 2bh


be my finnish bf pls

I'm not gay but many westerner gay guys put moves on me in night streets while i enjoy europe traveling

Are you looking very feminime and go to the rainbowbars?
Avoid those.

do you remotely look like this

GAAAAYs should die out


Doesnt your country have an ungodly amount of virgins?

Because i have gf

Soft girl and cute girl is much nicer

oh yes :3

a fit gf for me, ty

because allah will bite more of my foreskin if i do


atleast i can accept that i'm a faggot, what about you, sissy finn?

>1 chance at life
>not born gay

I'm a sad hetero. Sometimes I wish I was a faggot too.

Being gay is for fags

I have low self esteem

Be quite little Finn, turn around and let me in