Even teen ages kurdish girls are fighting against ISIS

>even teen ages kurdish girls are fighting against ISIS.
>Cred Forums do nothing but "mu-muh white superior, m-muh white race. Islam is not religion of peace!!!"

why did westerners become such cowards?
You should destory Tureky that is helping ISIS and wanna be arabic terrorist.

You need black sea? okay Let's take turkey Anatolia from T*rks.
Let's give Kurds Ankara.
Let's give greeks Constantinople.

T*rk, Persian and arabs are all same. They terrorist.

Destory their lands and push them into the sea.

We just need trustworthy allies such as Kurds and Israel.

No more arab, perisian and T*rk in ME!

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dont you have any okinawans to rape, sergeant?

hello arababoo turd.

memes aside we are the only ones fighting against IS. tsk destroyed 700 vbieds in last 20 days. while k*rds are too busy with puting american flags in their building and shitting in their pants while assad and russia kept bombing fsa.

>Cred Forums do nothing
Lies. Many of us have donated money to ISIS.

Not my war


>K*rds are the good goys!
End yourself english teacher-san. T*rks and K*rds are equally bad.


Kurds are indo-european people. therefore, they are aryan

T*rks are scum.

They are assfucked by mongolians so they escape to west.

The people of sissy.

>Kurds are indo-european people. therefore, they are aryan
That's some turanism level mentality right there.

>t. Zainichi scum
Probably just mad that some Turkish immigrant is fucking your beloved sister.


>kebab meme

sorry. Only decent kebab shop are hold by kurdish people with turey nationality.

the west supports erdojuan who is destroying it from the inside for us

>only decent kebab shop are hold by kurdish people
As if a fucking netouyo nip like you can differentiate between a T*rk and K*rd, yet alone goes outside.

I think best Turks are better than best Kurds, but worst Turks are worse than worst Kurds. On average both of them are equally shit though.

>expecting people to die in someone elses war
ISIS is pretty shitty but it's not worth getting my citizenship revoked and burned alive.

Can't wait till the chinese do a reverse rape of nanking.

>t. turkish expat in dutch

>says the Korean


hello rojhad

>K*rds are so weak, they need western support to build their country
>meanwhile Turks built their country fighting against 5-6 countries.
Kekking at your life m9

t. private john from philly

you chink fucks have no idea what's going on in the world beyond your anime and bodypillows,
stick to making gook toons and let the big boys handle the troubles of the world

Hello rojava rojhat baran, have you ever raped a chinky chick there?
Persians are indo europeans too, isn't it a bit funny to hate them too?
Kurds are just persians with a bit more inbreeding rates

i agree but we have to take the roaches for a walk in the syrian desert #NOGENOCIDE

Khomeyni called himself offsprings of Muhammad.

They are ARAB with bit persian influence.

>turley supor issi we dindu nuffin
i thought this meme was dead already
kurds are hated in every neighboring countries
only a dumb westerner who have never met a kurd in his life would support their terrorism

>there is one person living in Iran

a jap can't be this retarded. so it confirms you are a fat american or k*rt proxy

turey supor isis

Kurds are based kebab removers

>wants a country for his people >more than half of the kurds in turkey don't even live in that ""kurdistan"" area
even they know their memecountry is shit and they immigrate to western turkey

he doesn't need a proxy
there are hundreds of kurds in japan who has gone there with the help of turkish citizenship
yet they choose to shit on our international image and reputation

post memes

>turks are killing k*rds #genocideinkurdistan
>k*rds are kebab removers!

make up your mind, chaim





Fuck off roach


gas urself kike

Kurds are bro tier




would Cred Forums want to have an alpha kurd bf?


>this kills the kurd


You aren't japanese



You are exactly right on both counts. Kurds are a honorable and respectable nation, and white pussyboy nationalists of Cred Forums are losers that whine and bemoan the lost future they themselves have given up on as they prefer to wallow in shitty memes instead.

>Kurds are indo-european people. therefore, they are aryan
You already know that we don't mean you shitskinned apes when we talk about aryans so stop shitposting.

Turks seem really mad about how in the west there is a lot of sympathy for the kurdish syrian rebels and popular support for a kurdish state


That's not surprising. Daesh is a problem for westerners more than for Turkey, while Kurdish movements are a threat specifically for Turkey alone.

What's a few dead tourists to losing entire regions?

>implying he is a turk
>being this desperate



>nigger having hard time finding dead turks
Lmao kill yourself

>implying i care about mudshit balkans pretending to be locals from turkey

ayy, its not how you trigger a turk, schlomo

Because i'm not the one in charge of the army ? If i did join the army they'd just send me to patrol tourist areas of Paris, not to attack Turkey

Besides i already have a job at government, someone needs to run this country if tjose soldiers ever want to get paid

Btfo scum

It's not even hard to find pics of dead Turk soldiers even k*rds can do it
Are you legit retarded

Are you Israeli or a tourist? If you are Israeli, can you record something for me? No more than 5-7 words

It's a research for accents (studying linguistics)

ahahahha cry more

if you are Japanese (I highly doubt), do not poke your nose into unrelated foreign affairs