Ywn live comfy life in novosibirsk

>ywn live comfy life in novosibirsk

Oh shit thanks god

Aim for Vorkuta instead
It's even more "comfy", trust me

But I live there.

what's wrong with Novosibirsk?

tell me about it

frozen shithole

> comfy life
> novosibirsk

Comfier than Ukraine

N-no it's not.

what does your name mean you're always shitposting on here

vladivostok desu


is it poor there? or decent standard of living?

is this city clean?

are the people degenerates?

lots of junkies and crime or no?

As I recall most Siberian cities are full of crime and misery, Omsk being particularly infamous for this but others as well

Yes, all Russians are degenerate

I'm asking the Russians not you two first world idiots. Shut the fuck up.

>is it poor there?
It's fine by russian standards.
>is this city clean?
It gets really dirty during springs when snow is melting and all the shit comes out.
>are the people degenerates?
What do you mean by this?
>lots of junkies and crime or no?
I don't know. maybe I am just a lucky guy who didn't see any of those.


Is bandy still big there?

degenerates = druggies, junkies, criminals, whores, sluts, awful people, etc

I'm Proto-Russian, so fuck off

why are you a self hating Russian?

>druggies, junkies, criminals, whores, sluts
I have nothing to do with people like those, so I've never meet them.
>awful people
You can find awful people anywhere on that planet.

gdp map said it to you?

stalker character

>It's fine by russian standards.
So it's poor as hell

I'm not.


which is better, oймякoн or Hoвocибиpcк?

I've never been in Oymyakon, but I doubt you can compare it to Novosibirsk.
>Population of Novosibirsk: 1.5 million people
>Population of Oymyakon: 462 people

Russian springs are literally, not figuratively or theoretically - really - , shit

Believe me, I know that. Autumn sucks too.