Why asian can't make good zombie movie?

so yesterday i just watched 'Train To Busan'
it tops box office of zombie genre movie in taiwan
and i was somewhat curious to see how it goes
but now i am kind of regret spending time on this
>the characters are stereotyped and flat
>the story is typical 'Hollywood shit'
>you can easily guess what will happen or who will do next
>everyone had to stood still when zombie about to bite them
>no running or defending cause director say so
>watch their facial expression even if he/she is a nobody
when will asian learn?

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is there any female gook feet or soles in the movie?

btw here is a eng sub one
if your cunt can't see it on theater


looking for fancy fancy thing fancy taiwanese?

not many
and most of them are in rot though

I fell in love this movie

wtf did you even mean?

zombie is bottom of horror movies anyway

Did you watch 刺客聶隱娘?

Not for idolisashon. I wouldn't try.

>93% on RT

so is it good or bad? worth a d/l?

>Mr.Ma Dong Suk is in the game
It is meant to be like that in those mainstream movies. Don't expect like real madrd literature in it .. what
why you gotta be pussy main

not yet
i am not a huge fan of assassin movie
but i may watch it someday

I heard it's pretty good within its genre. I guess you could give it a watch if you like zombie films, they all have the same inherent faults.

The title is a bit misleading. If you like refined films you should watch it.
It's more like an artistic representation of Tang dynasty noble life. The aesthetics are breathtaking, but you shouldn't watch it if you need an action filled and comprehensive plot.

And you might need this

i don't recognize myself as main stream viewer
but all conflicts of humanity in this movie are just too childish
and the way they perform is also poorly
i feel like watching a dark fairy tale with no much sense

>Ma Dong Suk
he is probably the only good thing in this movie

thanks lads

Hey, thanks Thaiboy. I got mildly interested by the description.

If you avoid him, things get better. But again, no apocalypse movie in the word got me moved.
Deal with it.

Speaking of good Asian films, pic related is fucking fantastic. I need to watch it a third time, I loved it.

me either
most apocalypse movie are just cringe-fest like this one

Why does it have a 7.2 in IMDB? Is it too slow for some people?

Rotten tomato said "NO YOU STUPID LITTLE CHINA"

i can put it into my watchlist
but i have to finish 'The Assassin' first

Yeah, tried showing it to my dad,
a lot of Americans hate subtitles and don't get Asian pacing, though to be honest I found the pacing in War of the Arrows to be much closer to American films as opposed to other Asian films I've seen which last 2-3 fucking hours.
I'm fine with them but anyone I try to watch them with wants to go to bed 2/3rds in.

Oh, to clarify, War of the Arrows IS 2 hours (barely), but it doesn't feel it, unlike say, certain Kurosawa films or fucking The Human Condition.

The critics gave it a 7.2 though.

The less hollywood garbage a film is, the higher the critics reviews are compared to the user reviews, and the more conflicting opinions there are about the film.

Just look at the Marvel crap that is just the same recycled shit over and over again, but 9gag/reddit tier people get totally crazy over it.

Kek, I watched many Kurosawa and Kobayashi films but I didn't manage to finish The Human Condition.


fk rotten tomato
they got no taste after all
except suicide squad
they were godamn right
i won't watch any DC movie in the future

I couldn't finish Part 1 or 2 of it to be honest. I think the fact that I was just watching 1/3rd of the full feature and was really fucking sleepy about 2/3rds through just the first of three made me give up inside.
I manage through a lot of Kurosawa films but Ran made me tired sadly. Other Americans just shit themselves if it's over 2 hours long.

Gook movies


gooks are trying to appeal to westerners as much as possible.
If you want something totally insular, watch Japanese live-action movies. But be warned, because they fucking suck.

I find that I enjoy Russian movies whenever someone bothers to release them in the US.


>he couldn't download a regular movie

I think it is because we feel more scared about human ghost than zombie.
Zombie has physical body, but human ghost doesn't.

Thanks ill watch it and give a review in 2 hours

Don't mix Korean with other Asians.

I'm really ashamed of Korean as an Asian man.

Why do Korean imitate anything from other Asian countries like China or Japan?

Ah, I found it!
The girl in the right upper side of the pic has a foot for a left hand.

Are they average girls in japan?

In France, they said in the newspaper that Train To Busan was the best movie of this summer.

Is this John Cho?


>John Cho
lol no
but they look like the same

>zombie movie


Look at it again.

they all are the same ?
that's your point ?

korean movies are shit and dull except war movies

first cinema sin is that the father is the typical hollywood father who forgets about his kids and let me guess he will try and succeed winning over them

The girl 2nd from the right on the bottom row has her head a bit strange.

I googled the image though, and most people seem to agree that there's nothing really wrong with the image:
"1 写真全体が暗い
2 首の傾げ方が変で顔がういてみえる
3 着物の模様
4 笑ってるようで作り笑い


Although I agree with this one though:

and that >her birthday is tomorrow, another cinema sin




That's the point I wanted to show you. If one talks about human ghosts with a pic, the other one tries to find strange thing from the pic.
This is why we are scared about human ghost. We can find zombie easily, but we can't find human ghost.

I think there is no actually in that photo, and I don't believe in human ghost.

go on
let's see how long can you withstand the cringe-fest


Ah, I see.

I think the scary thing about zombie/infected apocalypse films is that they seem more likely to happen than ghost films.

A Japanese friend once told me that the Japanese love ghost stories because they can make you shiver even in midsummer when it's too hot.

Asians should go back to making shitty kung fu exclusively so Oedekerk can make something useful out of it.

If Korea makes so many films, why don't we ever hear about their movies making it to the oscars?

>no oscars
good question
but the main problem is oscar itself
it seems more focus on Hollywood than foreign movie

For the same reason kpop will never win any award related to music itself

I don't think this moive is typical Hollywood shit. This movie probably is the first zombie movie without using gun.


you just blow out my mind

Many foreign films and actors have won awards in the oscars though, argentine films for example get nominated almost every year along for best foreign film along with several other countries.

This escalated quickly

they are kinda zombies and quite ok imo

only asian zombie film worth watching is "Zombie Ass"

>they seem more likely to happen
And they always grow vigorously easily and try to make us afraid by their huge number. It seems more material than ghost.

> the Japanese love ghost stories in hot midsummer
Yes. It's true. In winter we sleep in huton and feel protected, but in summer, we are exposed in the air defenselessly :9

>implying asians can make a good movie whatever zombie or thriller
I've watched just two or kinda asian films and no more because I can't differ you.