All of my waifus are american

All of my waifus are american.

every time i see your flag, it reminds me of those dota fingolians in my highschool.
and i dont think people on Cred Forums would be so different from those weird hikis.

Im so lonely I cant take it anymore


Im pretty much Don Draper


Get help

i have 4 wifes, 2 of them are south koreans and 2 of them are north koreans

So qute squee

dark hair and blue/grey eyes is the best combo imo

all of my waifus are russians and ukranians

my waifu is british

Stop being so pathetic, juranoid.

Even Bridget is ashamed of you.

>tfw based Legend of the Seeker was canceled just when it was getting good
>tfw no other show full of 10/10 women except for Danger 5

So hawt

>cara will never zap you with her dildo


all my waifus are swedish

commit suicide


Fug more of her tits please

I have a January Jones thread on hr for more boobies


link please nice man

why does he dab instead of wipe

Its on hr! Ree go find it

The best smile :3

what is the finnish consensus on chloe moretz?

Already past her prime

on bella?

>tfw my waifu is underrated

my waifu is german

who /antje/ here?

I hope she gets more roles in mainstream films and shows


>you will never make love to Galadriel

my god

>blonde and blue eyed actress who everyone talks about how agelss she is
yeah no you special snowflake

Why even live????

My wife is American. We just had some nice Saturday morning snuggles, and now we're having our morning coffee. Happy Saturday, everyone!

guys on my general call her a botoxed old woman

fuck em

does it bother you that that cunnyfag derails your threads regularly?


stop making us jealous

>he doesn't have a nice frenchie waifu

At least it keeps my waifus on the front page, he will be arrested soon.

how come he never gets banned

I don't think he posts on mobile

Get out normie, normieee!




Just reset router and delete cookies, wait a few minutes. He does nothing else for 16 hours per day.


i knew the bettyposter was a finn

woa fat betty bambalam

Don't be jealous, take control of your life.
int is normalfag territory.



I made my first tomato soup a few nights ago

it was delicious

I added some eggplants

classics are the best

None of these women are attainable. Know your "league" and aim for girls within it. For most of you, something like this pic is where you should be looking. None of you are special, and you don't deserve an easier life than the rest of us. Get over yourself, snowflake.
You will remain alone you have a waifu, if you use the term 'qt3.14', or if you can't generate income. The first two are creepy, and being broke is just sad.

Kiira is mine

could be fuckable if she lost a significant amount of weight


They are attainable to a rich Chad like me fämäläm

I could handle the chub more than those candy corn-looking teeth.
Then, by all means, go forth and be happy.
>I think you're lying

Looks like a normal teeth color, I would not pay attention to it. American girls are probably have bleached white teeth?

>American girls are probably have bleached white teeth?
No, but they're usually not that discolored, either. I drink coffee daily, I smoked cigarettes for 18 years, I've never whitened my teeth, and they're still whiter than hers.

Why do American women look like mean teachers

>mean teachers

>All these 40 year old housewifes in this thread

>ill see you after class user


>his waifu cucked her husband with justin bieber

My waifu is British

Feelsbadman, wish she was American

>come see me after class user


So operator

>have your parents sign this permission slip for a field trip. Its just gonna be us two in a tent, dont tell anyone.

Why do I think she's ugly

>47 years old

how the fuck

Bottom line money.

Make up, the right nutrition, a little dose of good genes

...palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

>He fell for the "she's out of your league" meme

Look at that basement dweller
Are you mad yet?
I am.

No crude sexual innuendo plz

why did she have to get plastic surgery?

i'd pound that pussy all the way to Valinor


Watch Notes on a Scandal
I watched it when I was 13
It's just...wew


my waifu is english


too bad she's a carpet muncher


Why do I find her so calming?

what is squeer?

Its something that makes you go SQUEE A CUTE! Squee!

like ski or skwee ?

DON'T believe the memes
stay away from our women

Do you believe in our lord and saviour, Pepe?