Are Slavs more white than Germanics?

Are Slavs more white than Germanics?

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>posts the most finnic pic there is

hes slavic

No. Slavs are non-white subhumans.


>posts an unfortunate ugly kid
he probably gets bullied enough in school and you're making fun of him here
post yourself what you look like I want to know how "ubermensch" you are


He's Russian, the probability of him being non-Slavic is high.
Slavs outside Russia don't have such features therefore he's most probably Finnic like Putin.

Are Germans more turk than Germanic?

Average Slavic male

No, with the exception of Belorussians who are mostly Baltic language shifters.

he shouldnt be allowed to have children

Average Slavic couple

Does he play Pokemon GO everyday?

Why would Finnic be defined by that?

many russians look like half chinks

he's not going to have children, I mean look at him, do you think any girl will ever love him?
the kid is already unfortunate

I'm fucking hate you Cred Forums. You are the most subhumans i've ever seen kys


You fucking moron russian(nationality) and russian(who live in russia) are not the same thing

Finnic! Not Finnish.
They tend to have these weird asiatic features while being depigmentated much like the poor kid


On the left is a Slavic male and on the right is a Negroid male.

many germans look half turk

people like him should work in underground mines

this is your equavalent of cherry picking
this is an ethnic russian
he's also gay so you can go masturbate to him like the gay aussie you are

i know but we have a lot of russians here and many of them have chink eyes

kek @ slavshit damage control
finns don't look like that, we have more robust skulls and don't have those slavic gnome ears

yo don't even trying to change pics every time

post your own picture with a timestamp I want to know what you look like

no but germans are ugly people

Post your pretty face kiddo

pic related, what an average Slav looks like

Finnic only applies to people very close to Finland, retard. The word is of Scandinavian origin.

I'm sure he's a nice person, why are you so upset at him?

pic related

>falling for "t.i am greek" baits

like a turk for the germans here

Papa Rasputin?

do you want my credit card number too?

slavs are humans, unlike germanics


he is ugly

Finnish damage control ITT

no but he became a muslim

Even Brazilians are more white than Germanics.

"''Die Slawen haben uns besiegt. Sie haben unser Land, unsere Nation, unsere Ideologie zerschlagen...
Das bedeutet sie sind eine arische Rasse und sie werden diese Welt in die Knie zwingen... "

Slavic damage control.

turks look more white than white brazilians

If you see guy from russia with chink eyes, he's from one of these shitty tribes from siberia. There are no Russians(nat.) with chink eyes

why are you guys fighting? the fucking aussie and turk is trying to divide us

stop crying and post your "master race" face

at least prove your point you pussy

Oy don't you talk shit about our Kazakh brothers, my friend.

>Venezuela is more white than Norway

>There are no Russians(nat.) with chink eyes
i have bad news for you

I am a Greek

>he's also gay

He is race traitor. His gf is a mongrel.

but he's a homo, how can he have a gf

you cry in my thread
and if she's not white then I don't know who is


So what? You germans really are soulless.

>germanics are chinlets that need to hide behind meme beards

ayyy. also, aren't most germans slav rape babies?

that's a different guy

I am a Greek

>puts north-western finnics like ingrians under slavs

no but they are ugly

Kek, reminds me of that actor Sean Harris.

>boy sminem cool

what did he mean by this?


he looks like my cousin

turks are even worse


yes i know

It is. Mironov is famous all over Vkontakte and he only likes to fuck Georgian and Spanish girls.

>shitskin coping

>he only likes to fuck Georgian and Spanish girls.
Sounds like good payback for what the churkas have done to Russians over the years.

Chest tattoo.

who doesnt
but georgians should find and kill him for that

And this guy is Serge Henir

wait what, it is the same guy
so he shoves things one day into his ass and next day fucks girls

outta the way ladybois

rude ://
He's just a kid...

alpha af but not average

an ugly kid

They're not white

What are you doing in Poland?

at least he has gf

His real name is Sergey Mironov. Serge Henir is the artistic name the photographer Andrey Vishnyakov gave him because there is a politician of the same name Sergey Mironov, so he would never appear on searches, plus Sergey sound funny in Latin languages. So it ended up Serge Hoenir(Russians spell Henir).

Search vk mironovserge.

The website was paying him 2000 dollars to do this stuff. Now he has a business and sponsors.

>average Russian male

That's called fetal alchohol syndrome dumbfuck, even Russians don't look like that normally.

I bet you have watched through all of them.

many serbs look like gypsies and many russians look like him

Not by proportion, you dumbass

I see what the OP is doing. He's ugly so he needs to pick on ugly kids in order to feel better. He's doing it daily so he can get through his miserably life.

Poor guy, we love you OP


I never watched a single one, i don't even know when they were recorded but provably circa 2005.
When this shit blew up, i had to remove all his pics from our bodybuilding community.

Are Slavs white?

Yes, many, as in less than 10% of the population.

Meanwhile, your country is cluttered with subhumans, and their number is only going to increase.

Make fun while you can, we won't be there to save you again when shit hits the fan if you keep treating us like this.

Are Finns white?

>Sergey sound funny in Latin languages

kek Sergey, sound like "Sergay" that literally means "being gay"

Are Greeks white?


There's your answers OP.

when did you save us you slavshit?

Oh burn

All who have white skin, are white. Not called "Aryan" like Hitler says.

i thought he was a yahudi


are african albinos white?

friendly reminder anything with less european admixture than the line isn't white

slavs and germanics are linguistic groups


Yes, you would know, considering you live here. Guess I'll just have to take your word for it.

>When did you Slavshits save us?

You do know that if we and the Poles weren't here Vienna would've fell, and from there the rest of Europe?

Following your logic, Slavshits are white then, correct?

Germans love turks though

we have many yugoslavshtis here
and i see your filthy people whenever we drive through your shithole

Byzantium fell because slavshits and Europeans attacked it.

>Lombards sack holy city
>blame it on slavs

Wouldn't be surprised if he was one of them seeing the tripe he's writing.

only their women

fuck europeans and slavs

america should bomb the serbshits again

In principle, yes.

guess you were right

that one looks russian

they really look slavic...

wtf slav children

all germanic shit I saw this summer were not white, only japanese and korean tourist were white

German-large pig which eat potatoes

Slavic-a little mysterious and beautiful people

Your country cooking that I had in Tokyo was nice!

who is this mattress actress?

No, from where come these meme that poland is white, we've got more black guy than france and i'm not kidding