My state is bigger than your whole country lmoa

My state is bigger than your whole country lmoa

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Euro peons will never understand what it's like to live in such a big country. They don't understand why things are the way they are here, but it's just because we are so god damn far away from each other. Truly an ignorant bunch with a limited world view.

Size isn't everything

Easy m8

Bongland does have nice geography, reading the Saxon Stories books makes me want to go boating along the coastline and islands

I can see my home town/island on this picture.

my province is bigger than all but 30 countries

my province is 1/5th of the EU in area

my province is 4X (FOUR TIMES) as large as the uk

yeah lol my coutry is bigger than everybody else
so what?

Are you a proud cascadian?


but your country is a big frozen shithole lol

>says canadian

Scandinavia is 5 times the size of cuck island.

t. Zhongguo overseas colony

isis use to brag about being bigger than uk lol

UK is the 78th largest country in the world. It has...

- 5th largest economy
- 3rd highest military spending (and a top 5 military)
- the city that comes first in all the global city power rankings
- the best flag by far
- best currency by far
- cultural influence that has reached into every corner of the world

Oregon is larger, it has:

- some mountains and trees
- Portland hipsters

My country is small as fuck, but each district's main city has more culture than any of your states. :^)

Whatever helps you cope with your insignificance

...really, Canada? 75% of your population lives within 100 miles of the U.S. border precisely because your country is a frozen shithole.

Destroyed tbqh

>3rd highest military spending
Saudi Arabia has you beat on that, sorry
>Best currency by far
By what metric? The U.S dollar is better and more widely acceptable in every way.

>tfw no lebensraum

I like how you took a shitpost seriously

>Saudi Arabia has you beat on that, sorry
Pic related

Saudis are higher in some other surveys but they're only high because they're spending almost 14% of their GDP because they have to import everything and because they are an autocracy fighting a two-fronted war

You could always expand into the sea

And your mom is bigger than entire Europe.

The question wasn't why they are spending a lot of money on military. It was asking which country has the third highest military spending, and as of 2016 it goes to Saudi Arabia mainly because of the reasons you brought up.
The UK still has oneof the best-trained armies by far, but funding-wise you guys aren't putting in that much.
If I recall correctly, the NATO standards for military spending is somewhere around 2.5%, and the only NATO members fulfilling that criteria are the U.S and Turkey.
For a non-NATO member to be spending 60 billion dollars on its military is pretty incredible.

>tfw my country is larger than Rome at it's greatest territorial extent

the fuck is up with his nails?

Also keep in mind that the Saudi population is about half of the UK's.

Most of your country is useless and uninhabited, who gives a fuck?

Natural resources must be nice, though.

The realm beyond reality belongs to the USA

Big country mates

>no adblock

How nice

UK butthurt

UK is only relevant for being traitors and perfidious and have ugly women

Will you small countries ever shut up?

>island continent
>majority is barren wasteland

Gets me every time

You do not recall correctly. You're wrong about the NATO spending for example. The NATO recommendation is 2% and the UK meets its obligation. Turkey is NOT meeting its obligation.

>For a non-NATO member to be spending 60 billion dollars on its military is pretty incredible.
Not really. Why is that incredible? You know there's a world beyond the North Atlantic, right? It's not incredible to see China spending more than that.

>the STRONK english meme
Go puke in an alley with your chav friends after drinking one Duvel, Brooklyn.

more like the sea expands into them

China had the second largest economy at 9 trillion dollars.
We can argue about the little details, but the Chinese economy is much larger than both the UK AND Saudi.
Saudi Arabia's population is like 30 million and it is spending 60 billion dollars. The fact that theyre spending more than China, a country with a population of 1.3 trillion, it IS remarkable.

Also my bad. I grouped you in with the rest of Europe, which has been completely and utterly useless, militarily speaking. Most Euro countries are riding off the generosity of the U.S.

>The fact that theyre spending more than China, a country with a population of 1.3 trillion, it IS remarkable.
They are not spending more than China.

Here are some surveys that put the UK lower than the one I posed further up. These rankings are different because classifying what is proper military spending and comparing fairly is actually quite hard.

The Saudi spending IS remarkable because of the strain it is putting on their economy. Over 10% GDP is a big deal. It's approaching what Britain would spend when it was in total war mode during the World Wars.

Yes the absolute number is impressive but they cannot sustain it for long. The UK's 2% GDP on the other hand is not hard to achieve for a British government. It's historically low and wouldn't be that difficult to increase.

>The NATO recommendation is 2%
Fuck of trumpposter.

Europe shouldn't spend anything for armament. Hillary 2016

(0,016 grosza zostaƂo dodane do mojego konta)

t. assmad EUcuck who's mad about the olympics

Good show. I should've done my homework. I was looking at outdated stuff where China was spending like 50 billion.
Wouldn't be surprised if it does go near China's level of spending, though.

obsessed, as usual

>Wouldn't be surprised if it does go near China's level of spending, though.

I don't think they can manage it. The Saudi state derives its legitimacy from being able to subsidise everything because of the oil largess, so the public tolerates autocratic rule. With the oil price staying so low the Saudis will have to start funding the public sector by taxing people. In these circumstances it will be difficult to keep increasing military spending.


Population? What are you reading?

Oil prices are being cut short by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries as economic warfare against Russia.
I don't think they're being too hurt by it, either.
Saudis just announced a 2-trillion dollar plan to move the economy off of oil, not to mention the fact that they have enough oil to last another century.
I think a momentary plunge in oil prices won't negate the progress they'll make over the next few decades.

I do agree though that 13% of the budget is insane.
Remember though that most of it is simply going to building the military. Saudi Arabia is buying a LOT of shit from the U.S and Europe.

I know they have a plan but I'll believe it's working when I see it working. The Dutch Disease is difficult to fight and I have a low opinion of the competence of autocratic governments like the Saudi state, I don't think that kind of government is good for providing stability which is something that's vital for (non-resource-dependent) prosperity.

Can't reply much any more as I'm about to go out.

Bigger than a dwarf planet