What happens in Old Mexico ?

What happens in Old Mexico ?

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ya mum

>Old Mexico
fuck off, we hate when people in europe associates our country with fucking south america

Too bad, you left your neglected kids on our doorstep and you need to answer for it

Moor pls

We are in North America you dumb African

honestly , in Spain we dont care about your fucking country my indian friend,

and build the wall

Same as Mexico but Spaniards are gayer.

It's basically a Mexican Quebec.

>Same as Mexico but Spaniards are gayer.
explain me why? are you idiot? i live in basque country and we have celtic culture....

Are basques the kurds of Spain?


It seems men from all over Europe go to Spain to fuck their girls and there's a bunch of feminist laws and policies in Spanish institutions that ends up emasculating Spaniards. I guess they're making up for decades of Francoist rule.

Also Spaniards sound like faggots when they talk.

It still freaks me out that you can literally see AFRICA from mainland Spain.

really, who cares? Spain was a fascist state, of course my family , friend didnt care about indians from south america in 1960.

if you are from mexico , we dont care about your problems, you should try to fix your country instead jump the wall

Damn, I thought Spain was drier than this.

You seem a little triggered for someone who doesn't care about Mexico

At a bar we bullied a Spaniard about Spain being more African than European.


He sounds like an underage cunt.

Like an African country?

Good football, at least in Barcelona
And the church is pretty nice
And la música de gitarra is underrated

Pretty rich coming from new Somalia lmao

Spain/Mexico connections are from colonial times , now you are another country with different culture. we share language and religion but it is all

Why does mexican spanish sound so much better?

Old Brazil > Old Mexico

Rather like Mexico. There are countries in Africa that are very humid.

>Indian friend

He probably is

Read about your civil war dumb fuck

>t. Ignorant
Maybe if the Spaniards that came as refugees during your civil war stayed and fought, you wouldn't have fallen into a dictatorship.

How about North African countries?

andalusia, yes


but andalushit with 30% unemployment rate

meh, the arid part is mostly in the US border which is why everyone gets the ides the country is like that. You do realize Mexico City is built on a lake.

>t. New Algerian
Have you ever been to Mexico?

Don't talk evil about those guys, they tried their best to avoid their country eventually falling to faggy racist idiots like Manolo here

A dried lake, thank the Spaniards for that.

you are New Algerian or not my friend? Algeria was your colony

For example Sweden.

Isn't Old Brasil Angola?

Explain pls, who were the good guys?
People always like to shit on dictators but some of the are alright like Porfirio.

>Good football, at least in Barcelona
In all Spain all football teams are good, the problem is that Barcelona has a better international image for some reasons...

Not yet, but I saw photos.

Spanish boys are cute!

Actually, we go to Czechia or Thailand if we're into that shit

Swedistan on suicide watch kek

this town is from almeria.....americans filmed spaghetti movies there.

>Build your capital city in a lake
>A salt water lake
>Actually more like a swap
>Actually more like a malaria breeding pool
You're welcome

Meanwhile I have a fucking jungle growing in my backyard.

Mexico is like 40% jungle, 20% forest and 40% desert.

Yeah, true. I have liked to watch Sevilla and Valencia and Athletic and Athlético games over the years. But Barcelona is just my favourite team still.
The image thing is true, true.

>there's a bunch of feminist laws and policies in Spanish institutions that ends up emasculating Spaniards.

Scandinavia beats them on that.

>Also Spaniards sound like faggots when they talk.

Triggered beaner lmao

>malaria in the Americas

Aztecs had a system of dams controlling the water levels and separating the salt water from fresh water.


Crossing the border, mexico is undeveloped land...you can watch here


if its your favorite team ok but try to be objective. Barcelona is a very good team, can be the best of Spain but here many teams that can beat them.

>Spaniards sound like faggots when they talk.

That may be true depending on the region, but that applies to all Spanish speaking countries.

At least there's no way for Spanish to sound like choking on cock, which is the norm for French.

come on Pancho, don't be so mad and bring us some tacos

I'm hungry and those beans aren't gonna pick themselves.


Try reading Turner's México Barbaro before saying anything good about Porfirio.

Their civil war was in between Carlistas who wanted monarchy and republicans, basically their dictator initiated a coup using their African army against a democratically elected government. We suported the republic along with the Soviets while Fascist Italy and Nazi germany suported Franco. You may have seen pictured, what that represents is the Nazis bombing civilians in Spain. Eventually the Franquistas won and the people who escaped to Mexico were mostly families and many orphaned children. We also received many profesionals/intellectuals who worked very hard helping us build our country. Cardenas did try to save as any as he could. The nationalist regime reinstalled Monarchy and fuckeed Spain badly.

The dumb fuck claims to be Basque, while they weren't treated as badly as Catalunya the reality is their language and culture were effectively supresed, a lot of the separatist feelings that exist today were provoked by this treatment. There were also obviously extrajudicial killings, people "disapearing", mass graves, etc. All the niceties of dictators.

We never recognized the Franco regime and hosted the republic government in exile until they restored democracy in 1976, a year after Franco's death. Mexicans don't take the side of fascists, politics aside it is an honor thing.

Norteños are subhuman, where do you think all the be headings and narcos come from?

Oddly enough one of the best places to live is Yucatán which is almost fully Mayan.

It still freaks me out that AMERICA didn't made a wall if they have problems with illegal immigrants

pic the frontier of our territories in africa

There is already a wall, it was constructed after the 9/11 attacks, it is sometimes wrongly and ironically posted here as the Mexican wall with Guatemala.

Malaria is still endemic in Chiapas today, genius
>Aztecs had a system of dams controlling the water levels and separating the salt water from fresh water.
And it worked so well they still needed a system of aqueducts and wells to have drinking water within the city.

>calling anyone barbarian on an era of savages

People lived better under his rule than any other time until Cardenas.

Thanks for explaining about Spain.

Malaria did not exist in the Americas prior to your arrival, idiot.

>People lived better under his rule
Of course they fucking didn't. I wouldn't be surprised if you are the same user from the jew thread.

Brought by Europeans during the slave trade thanks for that too.

te entiendo...

It's nice to see that pic without the bs text claiming we build a wall with Guatemala.

>muh freedomz
People living under haciendas could afford to eat at least, instead of starving after chomping out.

Mexico is the north of South America, everything below the US is South America.

Curiosamente, muchos países "progresaron" más que México durante el porfiriato (1876–1911) y sin las masacres, represión, persecución de las ideas, censura, oligarquía inamovible con control total de las finanzas nacionales y latifundios de tamaños absurdos, explotación brutal de los indios, y otras características del régimen del "mátenlos en caliente" de Díaz, que llega al poder mediante la violencia y tiene que ser expulsado también mediante la violencia, siendo el factor clave de una revolución que ocasionó un millón de muertos y muy pocos cambios que igual se habrían logrado simplemente si el dictador hubiera muerto en los primeros años de su régimen.
Si el progreso se puede obtener sin dictadura, no se puede usar el progreso como justificación de la dictadura, como suelen hacer los ultraconservadores mexicanos, iturbidistas, porfiristas, alamanistas, y nostálgicos de Maximiliano.

Así que con todo cariño, no digas pendejadas.

Africa begins at the Pyrenees.

why didnt mexicans kill spaniards like bolivia?
really makes you think

kek nice one but if you want we count in which side of the Pyrenees there are more africans

Because they were lucky to have Hernán Cortés who made them civilized and acknowledged their masters

Before EU we could send the illegal immigrants back to morocco but now with the new rules if they put a feet in Spain they automatically become refugees...so the wall it's important

Cortés was based, his son was the first Mexican to think about independence.

Because Spaniards helped most natives to stop the Aztec oppression.


No, most Mexicans (indigenous, subsistence farmers, workers) suffered greatly, power was strongly concentrated strongly on state governors some of which remained in power almost as long as Díaz, the middle class had no way to do anything except dealing with the deep corruption of this nepotist system, I take it you're anti-Juarista right winger, at least you give Cardenas some credit.

Fuck you, Norteños work as hard as any other Mexicans and the north is the economic/industrial base of the country outside of centralization forcing large parts of economic activity into Mexico City. The beheadings and videos were psychological warfare tactics started by the ex-military los Zetas, not Norteños being "savage" in Sinaloa the cartel follows the same pattern as Sicilian mafia in that they actively avoid messing with "civilians"

Anyone can play the cherrypicking game idiot

Oh, really?

Let's see how the Spaniards dealed with the independentists.

>His body, along with the bodies of Allende, Aldama and José Mariano Jiménez were decapitated, and the heads were put on display on the four corners of the Alhóndiga de Granaditas in Guanajuato.

>tfw narcos are just the new spaniards

Refugees of what?
Is Morocco at war?


Any history book.

I fucking hate the alt-right from my country.

now every african crossing the border with a boat is automatically a refugee, we have to get used to this new use of the language

Juarez, Porfirio and Maximilian were all Freemasons which I praise and respect.
PRI aren't real Freemasons.
I'm not right winger.

>t. buttblasted norteño
It's just banter.

No one was lucky, it was a bloody mess but that's past history

I've been to Ceuta, Moroco is India tier in terms of development, still it used to be a very different thing as Euros didn't use to economically exploit the workers nor force others to fight a drug war. That unfortunately has changed and Germany especially is following the same model as the US of profiting while scapegoating economic migrants. You get no simpathy, You think "sudacas" are bad? Wait until your country gets Islamized, seven centuries my ancestors fought to free their land and you idiots are losing all in a generation.

we are doing our best to maintain the control of the migrations in our african frontiers something that didn't happens in east europe

If my government tried to pull that shit I would seriously consider revolution, seriously, why do you have to take responsibility over these “refugees"?

You are right wing without even realizing it? Those are the worst faggots. It is like hearing Pablo Iglesias claim he is not a commie, (except he realizes it and he just tries to lie about it). And I was right, the same user from the jew thread.

I would shot them if they cross the border, Fuck Morocco

Male sex tourists go east, female sex tourists go south. There are exceptions, but that's the general rule.

because we have been dealing with that shit for years, as well as people who come with pateras. Now "the heart of Europe" is being swarmed with them and they have no fucking idea what to do, they can eat shit honestly because back then we had literally 0 (zero) help

Los sudacas no son malos capullo,lo que pasa es que no se vuelven a sus países con 20% de paro, forzando a familias españolas a emigrar, eso es la que jode entiendes? Si no hubiese paro no habría esos ataques xenofobos

Except I don't vote for the right nor I am conservative.

kek i remember how buttblasted they got in La Sexta when la guardia civil was shooting plastic balls to the beach so they didn't come closer

In my opinion if we didn't have a dictatorship this country could have been an Al-Andalus 2.0 decades before.

No man, it never is just banter, it's the exact same as when indigenous people get blamed except it's politically correct to fuck over people of European descent in Northern Mexico.

And your weird Mason bias is fucked up, you should try readiong some non Masonic sources on what those fuckers did in the 19th century. Fortunately they're nowhere near as powerful now.

Juarez was bad?

fuck europe, in our frontiers we are the one that decides what to do.

I don't get why then, everthing you have posted is right wing. Even the meme cult of personality towards Porfirio Diaz has always been promoted by right wing revisionist like Krauze. And just to make it clear, which party do you support and why? What is the thing that doesn't make you right wing?

It's not politically correct to fuck over Northern Mexico because there are more people of European descent. They only reason people react that way is because Northerners like to pretend all the violence is in the South, and that if it wasn't for the ugly, fat, manlets from there, and the ugly, dirty chilangos who "steal their taxes", they would be first world, when in fact, most cartels are from Northen Mexico and almost every single bad stereotype people have about us, comes from the border towns. You have Northerner uptight cunts (not all, just some) to thank for all the hatred you get.


qué es un chilango?


La gente que vive en la Ciudad de México, lo que es considerado el centro del país.




>Marrano detected

why dont they use flame throwers, you know to clear "brush" away from the walls?

2bh none, anything but PRI.
Why? Because killing students is not ok, mkay?

People should form councils for every community to work and care about the community.
Do you really believe politicians care about the people?
Obviously some do, but could they really make a change?
I don't think so, the only answer is for people to care about each other, I've met a lot of people with the “el que no tranza no avanza" mentality, specially in the capital, and I'm sick of that shit.

No, he was one of the great men in opur history and overall his was a good balance, I'm not a fanboy tho and do acknowledge that not all his policies were good, he ruled over a decade without ever getting voted in ffs

Y nosotros somos conscientes de eso cuando aceptamos migrantes Españoles y Argentinos anuque son profesionistas que toman tambien trabajos de nuestra clase media, no son Mexicanos los que migran a España (ni a Estados Unidos durante ya una decada) sino gente en países que vive situaciones genuinamente desesperadas, el caso de los Venezolanos por ejemplo. Yo puedo entender a frustración especialmente de la juventud Española que ha sido la mas golpeada, pero igual que con los Estados Unidos el problema de fondo tiene que ver con fundamentales económicos, detener lamigración de America Latina, que les admito es valido y estan en su derecho, no es resolver el problema de fondo ni pliarlo en nada significativo, es solo distraer a la gente buscando un chivo expiatorio.

Que entren migrantes en las plazas de soberania no significa que puedan cruzar el Mediterraneo y no necesariamente hubiera manejado mal el problema en su momento. Pero eso es historia y hubieras..

The most right wing party in Mexico is PAN, not PRI. In fact, the PRI party started as a socialist party.

>why dont they use flame throwers, you know to clear "brush" away from the walls?

because we are fags that follows what EU says

no witnesses, no victims.

you fuckers need to get your thumbs out of your asses and bring back the spanish inquisition.

I know, PNR, but PAN hasn't killed students yet right?

Not every Norteño is like that like you yourself mention, do chicanos deserve the bad name they get from cholos? How about the rest of Mexicans? Yeah we have some nasty hillbillies who like to act much like American southerners but they're far from a majority so let's keep proportions here, it doesn't help any Mexican, chilango, norteño, sureño, indigena, chicano, etc. to be fighting with each other. We are all Mexicans and we should all agree refgardless who our real enemies are, the corrupt, the violent.

China is still years ahead of us.


And regarding the inquisition it's just an edgy thing to think to bring it back, there was so much misery because of it, if one was pointed out by the inquisition the whole family and future generations were fucked up. Still, Spain is not the only country who did such things, it's just that they wrote it down.

>implying we don't

I agree with you mate. I was just explaining why people shat in Northern Mexico, and it is not because of political correctness.

Not what we are discussing. And I could actually make an argument saying that the narco violence that has plagued this country in the recent years is thanks to the incompetence of Felipe Calderon.

I don't support PAN either so?

No, but Fox did let them go unpunished when he should have disolved PRI and called on truth comisions. A lot of the mess we are in is the PRI aparatus (bureaucrats, unions, monopolies, etc.) remained in power, except now without party discipline and presidencialismo to keep them in check. PAN, and PRD as well, really all parties including Peje and his pseudo-Chavista personality cult., are all guilty. The war on drugs is PAN's responsibility.

Technically the most radical right is the greens, they advocate for the death penalty and screwed over kidnap victims by making sentences for kidnaping more severe than those for murder, no rational incentive to keep a person alive when criminals know they'll do worse if they escape and testify. Fucking party is such a caricature of corruption it would be funny if it wasn't so fucked up, like niño verde raping and killing that Eastern European girl.


The Mexican military has the might needed to BTFO narcos, but the means would break peoples rights, corrupt politicians as heads of state don't help either.

It doesn't matter, a lot of your ideas are right wing, I don't know why you are afraid to admit it.

Porfirio was actually kinda nice? Check
The jews are secretly controlling the world? Check
You would seriously consider revolution if your government tries to help some migrants? Check

I'm sorry, but it is what it is.

You are right, but I was just counting the parties that matter the most.

Y nosotros bien chingon hablando de Mexico cuando el tema del hilo es Viejo Mexico.

Todo empezó gracias a él

no pasa nada, es interesante, seguid con el circlejerk

¿Por qué los mejicanos dicen tanto 'mande'? Parece un resquicio colonial de criados.

Una cosa es ayudar inmigrantes y otra es llenarlo a mas de la mitad con gente indispuesta a trabajar.

No tuvimos problema cuando vinieron los españoles, y aún así había quien los discriminaba.

De Porfirio y los judíos solo necesito leer fuentes mas imparciales.
Se que porfirio tenia pedos como hitler de que se odiaba a si mismo por indio y los militares pueden ser muy malos gobernantes.

Ya es costumbre, supongo que los de castas inferiores se referían así a las castas mayores.

Es considerado como buenos modales. Originalmente se decía "mande usted".

Aquí suena antiquísimo y demasiado servicial.

excellent thread.

Cada día lo escucho menos, pero sigue siendo prevalente. Aquí se enseña a ser cortés casi todo el tiempo, aunque no lo crean. A las personas mayores o que no conoces se les habla de usted como forma de respeto, por ejemplo.

>Aquí se enseña a ser cortés

Me lo has puesto a huevo.

we don't...

Yo solo espero que gane TRUMP, la verdad ojalá tuviésemos gente como el en nuestro país, mano dura.

¿Por qué los Españoles usan el pretérito indefinido en vez del pretérito simple o presente simple al hablar?

Depende de la región, en Canarias, por ejemplo, se habla más o menos como allí

Mexico tiene que pagár el muro

Como veo que tanto lo quieres


Apoyamos a Trump en España


Eso es verdad, pero en España los self-made man están mal vistos, por eso ya todo el mundo ve a Trump como "el malo"

Yo haría que pagase el muro mexico, como escarmiento por no preocuparse por el problema de las drogas. Si siguen con el problema, bloquear las remesas que envían los inmigrantes allí

la verdad me parece un poco patético que se conozca a Trump solo por lo del muro, que no es más que un meme

>lucky to have Hernán Cortés who made them civilized

Neza City is not Mexico City, dumb peasant.

why are spaniards not that great at english?

here you go then

what of you meaning, my amigo¿

OK, but what happens in Old Mexico.

>make a thread about Spain
>Spaniards get triggered and start talking about Mexico
>the thread is now about Mexico
Why is Spain so irrelevant compared to its colonies?


You tried to drain the lake because the place kept flooding, not because you feared a malaria outbreak.
And Tenochtitlan was separated from the salty water by a dam, which you couldn't rebuild after it was destroyed in the siege of the city.

Andalusian Caliphate when?

>which you couldn't rebuild after it was destroyed in the siege of the city
Why are Spaniards such incompetent architects?

love happens in spain. love and life

sudamericanos won't understand

personally i dont care anymore. im sorry latinos but you are 20x as numerous as us, come from third world shitholes, and go around the world claiming to be spanish.

that's inevitably bound to take a toll on spain's reputation, several people, specially out of europe, unironically thinks we're third world, as in really third world not just in a recession. but as i said i dont even give a shit, i cant control it and it doesnt affect me personally at all, if i ever go to north america and i say where im from and people assumes i grew up struggling to survive among shootings and stuff i'll have a laugh i guess

These Spain spics sure got triggered lel

Of course. We're the capital of Mexico and they keep pretending like we're not even part of the country.

if spain is old mexico, mexico is new mexico and new mexico is new new mexico?

How do I cuff a Spanish chick?

Spain is now OUR colony.

and they say the french dont banter

Spain literally was third world by cold war definition

that's literally not even true

Terrible eduactional system and 0 effort in improvement.


the need to learn it was never taken seriously here for some reason, its a cultural thing and happens in italy too. they're trying to fix it now for the kids that are starting school now, so in a few years this problem should be over.

being americanized sucks but since we have to we're going to do it right at least, from now on


*tips fleur de lis

No te jode, pones la provincia mas seca de andalucia y de españa

They drink Brandy de Jerez instead of tequila.

Does spain not let in that many non uruguayan/argentine south americans? Are people racist against them? I heard you let in a lot of cubans.

>Basque Country has celtic culture

Weird way to spell indigenous culture

t. Basque


What happens in New Senegal-Algiers?

Seriously, where do you people think when you think about Mayans?

What happens in New algeria?

What a shit. Poor south Mexico, you'll never be tall, white and developed as us the Northern Mexians

You're latino too.

You made Mexico and South America as your own image. You brougth your laws, your way to make politics, your arquitecture, your religion, your people... we are the same.
For some reason you name us the Kingdom of New Spain. Don't forget all that

España nos quiere más a nosotros. ¿Cómo te hace sentir eso, Mexibro?

No because basques aren't subhumans

>South America

Pues ni bien ni mal. Los problemas de banderas solo quedan aquí, solo se ven aquí. En el mundo exterior comemos, platicamos, compartimos y nos ayudamos sin ningún problema.
He estado en mesas compartiendo el tequila, el mezcal y los tacos con personas de Venezuela, Brasil, Argentina, Perú y nunca ha salido a relucir discusiones bizantinas sino las coincidencias entre unos y otros.

los españoles se vienen a vivir a méxico como refugiados árabes

delete this

I love you, Spain. Please love us back!

>Ese meme otra vez.

Es mejor vivir como desempleado en España que como empleado en México.

i love you mexico


oh, both are spanish!

She looks cute.

Yo he estado en la montaña

Hay que ver lo diferente que es todo a unos cuantos kilometros de distancia

Hmmm, really makes one ponder

You're right, he shouldn't have disrespected the natives by associating them with Indi*ns

>being americanized sucks
why ;_;

Sigue diciéndote eso
Quizá algún día se te haga verdad

that's weird but i guess by definition i am in theory. i meant latin americans specifically though.