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Gas the taigs lads

korean pop

I have to keep moving.


cara 2bh lads

How many brilliant and well-researched articles like this need to be published for people to realize that Trump is a crooked, racist, deplorable, liar? Supporting him is exactly like supporting Hitler on his now infamous rise to power. READ THIS!


gonna eat a girl out for the first time lads. Is it as disgusting as i fear it is?

Fuck off yank

you going to keep crying about trump up until he wins the election just like you did with brexit?

Just make sure to not do the same thing with your tongue. A popular technique is to write out the alphabet with your tongue. Sometimes a little suck of the clit goes down well, too. Don't be scared to finger her while licking her, too


how would i know

Nah it's alright

Pretty boring though, prefer to finger them

Am I supposed to suck on/stick my tongue far down the actual vagine or is it all about the clit?

watch the nina hartley guide its supposed to be pretty decent for starters

wtf i hate cis people now

no its quite shite though

>he thinks trump will win
>he thinks that trump will actually be any different to other presidents if he does win
>he thinks that presidents actually do anything

you're deluded.

time for your daily dose:

hope you get herpes on your mouth la

No. Focus on the clit

hello good morning

>I just have to keep moving.
y'all know what he means by that, right?

when will this happen and which county will get it

I mostly want to do it just to get a rally good close up view of her pussy because she's always shy about showing it off and it's really annoying

Is this it?

Are we finally going to have sub 20 temperatures until next spring?

fingers crossed for a chilled winter


Hahahahahahahahha hiding the muscular, veiny forearm

deluded on the left, deluded on the right

Need a white Britain again

desu I don't know if she is saying it wrong or right


when was this? the last major snowstorm i had was in 1994

NEED to get my second hand bookshop fix


Isn't it annoying when you tell someone off for doing something shit, they acknowledge that they're shit and won't do it in future, and then they continue to do it?

Why are people such wankers fuck

0161 mentioned

M20 here

he been doxxed obviously

Took came out today

Digging out cocaine bogies already lads
FIT bird from last night has requested to follow me on twitter.. scary


ahhh YES

>When manlet's learn

Desired gf

Getting my daily dose of Molyneux and Sargon lads

drinking is the shittest option out of all the drugs, just drank a longeck and it's rubbish, would rather fucking drink poppy seed tea or something stupid



watching this and laughing. MSM is dead.


Doing a phone list because windows 10 has been updating for the last hour.

Been using okcupid.com for a month now and it's gotten me nowhere. Thinking of quitting soon because no one replies to me.

What I want to know is if there are people here with experience with that website. Let me know your experiences and opinions.

I haven't had any luck. It sucks. Just like that library guy says in the movie 'You've got Mail': "As far as I'm concerned the internet is just another way to get rejected by women".

The unfair part of this is that I am good looking.

Going to have to start thinning the runt herd, I've heard some of them talk about revolt. Might employ that old Roman practice of decimation, ought to make for a good show.

alri junkie

Can't even bench 100kg

what happened to reviewbrah kek

be a true leader and do yourself in first



Take better selfies.

Every grill on dating websites gets a million messages a day. You need to be 10/10 to get replies.

morning lad

like watching videos of women getting bonked

top day of listening i have in store lads

CNN made a video about him

Diberal Lemocrats

having a danish

anyone ever play cod3? The last good one before modern warfare came along and changed it all

Still play online on my old 360 and I am absolutely fucking boss at it

poleaboo would have been convicted if he was still a man

did you download these or just make new folders?

whichever one of you fucked the ladyboy - kill yourself

you won't get them a second time pal

t. dunce who posted in the wrong thread

want to be able to dunk a basketball

wait thereportoftheweek is a yank? saw a review of him eating taco bell there's no taco bell in britain right?


Torrent getting 500kb/s lads, fucking beautiful

Not gay but he's a qt

Are you a real life idiot


really enjoyed that danish

DL'ed la

Remember the first time I ever saw internet go to 1MB/s was when I was torrenting, it was fucking glorious

.... that was a decade ago though mind you hahahahahaha

are you 13

I think it was a fair question

oh ok



24 mate

dawkins is solid

spot the virgin, lads

Yes there is. But he's a yank anyway


can't fucking stand programs that just minimise or run in the background when you press the X
who the fuck presses a big red X if they just want it to keep going off screen

She wouldn't have half as many subs if her face was a bit less symmetrical


looks like a nice guy honestly. at least he got a hobby and enjoy doing his stuff

There is no quicker way to know someone is a fucking idiot than if they listen to Richard Dawkins and can take him seriously. He's a borderline retard who just makes a career out of finding more retarded people who disagree with him and humiliating them on TV for a a cheap laugh at a strawmanned argument.

Can't believe reviewbrah was 17 in his first video

Looked more like 12

Not an argument.

what did you think he was?

7:23 on a saturday night and after ahving worked six days i feel like going to bed right now ha ha

t. Dave

People like this woman make me question how much makeup a woman can put on before it becomes so thick that it loses structural integrity under the weight of itself.

>Oxford professor
>borderline retard

do ASMR girls realise that only nonces watch their stuff to wank over?

do they just not care cause they're making money?

No, wait, disregard that, turns out I'm the fucking idiot

> gf is having another irratible mood anxiety day

*slowly walks away, whistling*
*turns the corner and begins legging it*

I go to Oxford Uni and there are PLENTY of retards here. Trust me.

I fell asleep at 10pm last night with my laptop on the bed and /brit/ still open

10.24 on a saturday morning and after having slept 10 hours i feel like going to bed right now ha ha

good lad

hi me

they end in a g fucking dumb yank

this episode of 'neux is top notch

it's a blessed life we live

Tell us who you are so we can make sure you don't get preselection
t. apparatchik



>laptop on the bed

Bad sleep hygiene mate

Started watching banshee

I did that once with porn, woke up and mummy had left some clothes on my drawer
made me think that one

Which is the best ASMR girl

No, I do not wank to them. It is purely for euphoric mental stimulation.


did you have a screensaver or like sleep mode??? or did she see some chicken gettin dp'd

>Being so autistic you don't touch your own willy

richard dawkins god delusion audiobook

what a woman

>No, I do not wank to them. It is purely for euphoric mental stimulation

Then why do they have to be a girl? The best ASMR I've found is usually done by guys because they are capable of not making the video all about themselves.

Definitely opening this link.

*sits down opposite you and stares at you, smiling*
*you gesture to the link, telling me to go ahead and open it*
*continues staring at you with a smile*
*you start sweating and fidgeting*
*i move my hand slightly closer to the link but still nowhere near it, still smiling*
*you finally snap and swipe the link off the table, saying something about not wanting me to look at it anyway*

What's your lifting routine

had a bird from Tinder wank me off last night after our date

bit strange that, isn't it? was expecting at least a blowie. handies are crap unless Remy Lacroix is giving them.

asmr skets are just girls that are too coward to drop it for chaturbate tokens

This country is going to the dogs.

she looks like my nan when she was younger desu
about as xenophobic, homophobic and racist as well
bit disgusting

nah I had it plugged in so it doesn't power down or go to a screen saver, usually turn it off before I fall asleep so it's not been a problem before or since

No more gingers


ah yes queensland

reminder poleaboo is a normie doing a creative writing project

3 Day TM

Barbara Palvin is a slut


are u 14 lmao

who gives wanks anymore

I think we should rename it to Kingsland when lizzie dies 2bh, unlikely to get another queen for a century at least

This desu

Might sneak some wildlife into Australia

twitch tv/runescape


that's what i thought

she was 25 and all

Brits, what the hell is wrong with your hairline, Daredevil can't be fucking bald or I'll riot.

Was having a meal with the gf last night and I'd had half a bottle of wine and was feeling very nice. She started talking about her friends or some other uninteresting shite and I literally just did not listen to a word she said. She must've talked for about 20 minutes and I just ignored it all. Literally couldn't tell you a word she said.

Absolute bliss.

tell the asmr ladies to buss it open instead of making breathing noise in front of a microphone
put in some work

>in bed with qt that i intend to make my gf
>can't get it up

fucking K I L L me lads, hadn't even drunk much, think it was just nerves.

What can I do / W2C dick pills?

Feminazis made the royals change the law. Now men do not take priority over women when deciding hereditary heirs. Far more likely to get a queen with the new rules.

More like runtscape

Hm? Haven't heard anything about that

Meet me by edgeville bank in 10 minutes

who /not English but have English GF/ here?

I dropped her as soon as she got with lewis nignog hamilton

>bailed passed with nothing happening

how convenient

who wants to bet the hearing will be the same

were you nervous? thats the main cause honestly

Not really.

Eroticising the ASMR experience just proves how much of a runt you are.

>think it was just nerves

Yes I guess so, seeing her again in two weeks and it cannot happen again. faaaak

say that to me in wildy, not online and see what happens

Wondering why Cred Forumstards think their internet memes are a world apart from the real media.

Cred Forums users always jizz themselves when there's a reference to them outside the internet. bloody deluded navel gazers


weird but w/e

were u in her house at least

business idea: split High Peak between cheshire and greater manchester

just don't stress. I know it sounds more easy to say than to do but just have a good time and don't think about anything wrong happeneing

I have to physically attend the hearing

You can literally attend with me, I'm allowed to bring some witnesses

It is more likely though, we could go another 500 years without a queen but in 100years this list will be vastly different hell in 60 years all but 2 of them will be gone leaving just a man and woman and then people not yet born.

Business idea: degenerate paki puts as much effort into his cv as his blog

Stop fucking replying to it

Hate you all so much

unironically going to try get some cialis or something, which is depressing af but won't let me down.

and I would walk about 2 miles and I would walk about 2 more just to be the man who walked about 4 miles to knock for you at your door

Realistic version of that song 2bh x

desu the royals have been living for a ridiculously long time, it's possible Charles, William or George will as well. William could possibly make it another 60, Philip is still kicking at close to 100

is this a good place to propose

maybe stop wanking too much but really don't get boner pills. You're still a young lad you don't need them


Thought it was only the welsh and kiwis who liked sheep lad

Propose on the bog

Yeah lad go for it

Poleaboo is shit at everything it does.
Shit at being a Muslim, shit at being a Paki, shit at being a tranny, shit at uni, shit at looking for work, shit at posting here, shit taste in film, shit Spiderman bed.
The only thing it puts effort into is the blog.

>You can literally attend with me, I'm allowed to bring some witnesses

>pepe = \pol\


They won't be there at the time

lmao I'm a kv its for a friend

It's not a bog lad, its actually called the guiness lake

sublime .

also drown in that lake normie shit

quite fond of the new google chrome interface innit

Is it filled with guinness?

>lmao I'm a kv its for a friend

>I'm a kv

Lmao literally leave this is a normie general

I've never seen anything on Cred Forums that resembles normie
this is a general of people who want to normies

love the oily coating around the inside of my mouth after an aeropress coffee. can taste for hours after.

>for a friend
he's already a normie

me in the white

literally kissed 10 girls in the past calendar year lads and two of them were/are completely in love with me

you must be some hyper giga turbo normie then

Enjoy your cancer

yes, and thieving polish cunts who like to break into visiting uk peoples cars while they're out for a walk

felt bad for them 2bh

Why can't normies and autists like in peace

might obliterate my balls on a whim

t. pakipoo

>le look at me using tinder and posting slags
that doesnt make you a normie idiot. It just means you're not a complete autist

nice achievement I guess

I wish we could be I've been hurt by the amount of times I've received a FONT and now i feel like we are at war

Just recalled kissing a bird on the dancefloor last night

nice :)

t. normie

I need one of these

medal's in the post


Just recalled fingering ur mum in the bathroom last night

nice :)

>using tinder

Well it was 8 girls and 2 guys actually I always forget about that

Fuck off fonts

literally never used tinder and not planning to

Should switch to the more inclusive term FOT tbqh

If pepe is the symbol for autists whats the symbol for normies

I used it in Asia just out of interest and pretty much every single girl matched me

Those Asians are desperate for whites

I dont im talking about the people who post them here


Increasingly becoming pepe as well 2bh

yes and they're normie twats
just like you

im gonna bleed in the club

I've tainted many Anglo wombs with my big Celtic cock. I Celtic came in them now their raising my paddy offspring. Stupid sluts got MICK'd

>it's finally getting cold



black holes are orbited by billions of years worth of captured light rays that obviously can't escape

would be interesting to send an indestructable camera in there

Be honest lads, when did you lose your virginity?

just thinking it makes relations fake tbH. this stuff is supposed to be created on a look, maybe body gestures, a smile etc. then a bit of words. not on swiping left or right

Who is this? I recognise him.

Off runefest btw

dam this is deep yo

think I overdid it with the pain meds lads, muscles in my arms are on the edge of giving up and feeling a bit sleepy

going to read some mozart


think i've hugged maybe 7 women this year

haha dont you mean listen


can take the topcoat out of hibernation


At the age of 22

Did it with an 18yo virgin though so I count it as having teen sex


pepe is a normie meme

Recommend me some music please

I like hot chip lcd soundsystem, justice etc

but we've never actually discovered a black hole. there are phenomena in the universe where entire spherical areas of it are completely black; devoid of all stars and everything else within them. we don't know anything about them so we've just called them black holes

hokago tea time

tension between me and the housemates I feel

Never and I'm 28 now

24 then slept with 5 girls in 2 months (now).

Had phimosis until i was 23 tbqh, also the guy that couldn't get it up last night.

Bob the builder

swastika is backwards on the tea cup

Jan Dismas Zelenka or Lil Uzi Vert


Sounds like it's SHIT IN THE CISTERN time again

Tying a noose for dummies (Audiobook edition)

one day


Am I retarded or is this book legitimately hard
Can't understand shit without dictionary to be honest lads

I wish I could be happy


youtube.com/watch?v=2BxVBziFvtUGREAT choon 2bh



author's trying hard to be poetic and shit . sounds like an amateur

>his country is named after a dumb ugly bird

>(2.28 MB, 2448x3264)
Shan't be opening this I'm afraid to tell you

tried too hard to find a long way to say manc's a shithole

thanks lads


Its alri but as the other lad said the author is doing his nut in trying to fill page space with meaningless filler words/metaphors that sort of sound kind of smart.. maybe.


wrong way round. black holes were speculated long before we observed any phenomena that might match the description. 1783 was the first mention of an object having an escape velocity greater than light. black holes are also predicted by general relativity/Chandrasekhar/schwarzschild etc

not to mention we have observed stars orbiting massive invisible objects that produce some of the strongest x-ray sources in space.

[Chair creaking]

It's one of those things where unless you live in a post industrial northern town, you don't really get it. He's poncing around a bit, but I understand his point

Can sense an anti semetic undertone from this post

it's the little things lad

focus on the small things

it's all we can do


love that book, read it in like 3 days

might start meditating lads

there any techniques out there or do I just sit in silence and do nothing for 30 mins?

ah yes davyhulme

>taking longer than 3 hours to read a book
Absolute spacker

Are you Israeli or a tourist? If you are Israeli, can you record something for me? No more than 5-7 words

It's a research for accents (studying linguistics)

gf keeps pissing me off and then wondering why I'm ignoring her. I've told her time and again that certain things are fucking annoying and she keeps doing them and then crying when k eventually tell her what she's done wrong

How do people have such low self awareness

why do we have so many golf courses

Reply to me again and I'll fucking gut you.

You know who you are.

make a five song playlist of songs you really like atm

belinda carlisle- heaven is a place on earth
tommy wright III- chrome thang
new order- run (grt videoclip too
kate bush- this woman's work
steppenwolf-born to be wild

not at all

look harder m8

>using your phone whilst driving will now be punishable by death

Ahh yes


he's not describing davyhulme there, he was born in the hospital there but he was raised on terraced streets in old trafford. davyhulme is typical boring suburban semi detached.

would you rather have thousands of newbuilds instead?

>don't reply to me heheh ;^)

fuck off you rodent.

perhaps they're literally the 4th dimension, whatever it might be

feeling like shit after last nights sesh

heaven? more like haven

Haven't heard of any of them and can safely assume I won't like them so I won't be listening to your shitty songs
now rack off

>Your Amazon order will be delivered today by Shaahid, your DPD driver.

goodbye lads

Keep squeaking.

Thanks f.a.ms
Wouldn't expect less from an edgy fag like morrissey but I paid ten bucks so gonna read it anyways

>Shit at being a Muslim,
not muslim

>shit at being a Paki,
not a paki

>shit at being a tranny,
it's a long journey

>shit at uni,
decent student

>shit at looking for work,
NEETlyf, wagie

>shit taste in film,
Godzilla is fun

>shit Spiderman bed.
changed the sheets

Morrissey is a UKIP supporter and admits that chinese are subhuman

too bad he's a militant veggie and thinks the falklands belong to argentina

>people that use the term 'sesh'


havent did a amazon order in so long

missed the anticipation

I'm 20, I'm a virgin and I've only kissed 5 girls in my life. None of which were this year.
2 of the girls were goths, 1 is a weeaboo who unironically wears pastel lolita dresses everyday. Other 2 were normies.
Is my situation salvageable??

Good lad

every time an user post about himself farting i get really erect. i would just love to take a big whiff of an anons juicy rancid farts

just for banter

youtube.com/watch?v=QKRTG_ojnWo young dro - dat loud

he'll be dead soon




>I give more consideration to the political views of singers/actors than those of some scrote off the street

aaah yes, most impressive.

when i watch that new order videoclip it reminds me of being hungover and scattered as fuck and just really lost in the world and unable to function normally but it's really funny


just hire a prostitute lad

finna cop this


yes la, hit le gym and sort your garms out...then even if you're a sperg it's a done deal

don't associate with weebs or goths either, baka.

>Aabdar Rahim its on his way to pick you up, he will arrive in 1 min!

Can't wait to get into this bo-ridden 2003 Avensis with a collapsed seat

Nah his "cancer" isn't really cancer, it's barrett's oesophagus.

>brits become the majority in /brit/
>quality of the thread plummits
Happens every day without fail. Think it's time we instituted a 70/30 rule, 70% foreigners and 30% brits.

I'm 24 and I haven't even been kissed more than once.
At 20 things are better but you have a lot of beta in your system which won't go out easily so that's problematic. You can't just make a 360 degree turn and change completely man.


Hey can I ask a serious question here?
What the fuck does FONT mean?


usually cum twice during every wank session

fuck off blairite scum


F*ck Off Normie Tw*t




absolute animal



blacks word for

If i recall correctly

He's an American negro

Fuck off northern twat


'going to'

jog on gramps

Sorry I don't live in London

>it's a "there's no food in the house apart from unripe pears" episode

fuck sakes

Thanks lads, now I can act cool and fit in


how the fuqq did you go shopping recently enough to have unripe pairs in the house but nothing else?


alri Columbo la

Quick! post Italo-disco.


WOAH didn't even notice that string of tripdubs


man ok

they're conference pears, they don't ripen

oh I also found half of a stale soreen, some pasta and a tin of hotdogs



best episode yet