Do """""""men"""""" in your country wear those faggy little purses?

Do """""""men"""""" in your country wear those faggy little purses?

Only rednecks

only benders and French tourists

You and I have a very different idea of what rednecks are

poor uneducated white people from the south?

That handbag sure is purdy, Eustice.

Only gays, sometimes some teens wear it beacause it is "awesome"

Ex-yu people and turks all wear them, but I don't know why.

I don't think so, at least not where I live

only the moroccans and shit

Pidarashka :DDD

Mostly only Russian gopnik drug dealers. But theirs are usually alot smaller and have a nike or puma logo on them.

my best friend bought one recently and now im ashamed to walk downtown with him

Use it to keep my phones.

Only sandniggers wear those shitty purses here.

The ones you steal?

Pretty much every guy wears these here.

yes, ghetto Arabs wear theses

Nope. Scandals. Business. Friends. Family. Spare cash.

It's practical and makes you have success with both men and women

Looks pretty handy desu.

fun fact: you're all faggots for caring what other men wear

What do you do in your spare time, read about "fashion"? lol

My father used to wear this
It looks handy and useful, not faggy

What's next, sticking tampons up your ass because it's practical?

niggers/arabs/poles have those

That is a good idea

Never seen them on men, only women.

Everyone in the eastern europe wear this.

This is what sh*tskins use to keep their hash and cash.

Fits really well their tracksuits.

They're literally called fag bags here. I mean not in slang, the actual, prestigious word to refer to it is fagbag. Or Mariconera in Spanish.

How's that connected with op's question? ;_;

Some canis, moors and sudacas wear them to keep weed.

lol you ARE a moor

Based EspaƱa