1. Your country

1. Your country
2. Are pictures of cartoon frogs considered racist symbols of white supremacism by your country's major news networks?



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>american """"""""""""journalism""""""""""""""

Is this real?

A moment of triumph. The most hilarious thing I've ever heard in my life.


I have no clue. I very rarely watch TV anymore. I sometimes watch (((Steve Paikin))) and I'd expect him to cover this eventually (he covered the rise of nationalism in Europe) but I will probably miss the episode.

American politics are next level, rest of the world literally can not compete. Fucking pepe is main talking point


>American "politics"

Best laughs for today
1. Funland
2. Nah

At 03:34 they are literally cherry picking frog memes to push their pro Hillary agenda

holy fucking shit
this is awesome

>major news networks
pick one. no one outside of nursing homes, prisons and other jails ever watch that shit. not even student unions turn that channel on for any reason.

>which as unlikely as it may sound
>is one of the things that the racist Right has adopted as a symbol online



>pepe considered racist symbols of white supremacism

it aint easy being green

>damage control

Pepe is relevant in the presidential election of the most powerful nation in the world. I'm loving every minute desu.




we're doomed

dude I have never seen anyone watch that shit ever by choice. It's fucking terrible, like a even more halfassed headline news.

why is american journalism so substandard?

if cnn says something then nbc can report it at full blast without caring about whether cnn was right

This is bizarre, really strange times we live in.

More like a symbol of Cred Forums and in turn a symbol of racism


and it's not even cnn in this case, it's "daily beast"??

How will this influence the Pepe stockmarket?!

right now I can buy all of Apple with HALF my semi-rare Pepes.

I think with the way the market is going, I'll sell a week after the election.

who else here is a 45 year old balding fat man that is going trick or treating as pepe?


None of the pepes in the clip are that valuable. Just keep your rares and ultra-rares under wraps and you'll be fine. This might even lead to a price boom as the spreading of the common ones will expose more people to investing in frogs, increasing demand.


the media got trolled

>shill and spam nazi pepes, Trump pepes, have pepe profile account on twitter and #whitegenocide in your bio

>surprised when Hillary thinks it's racist

fugging racists

>>surprised when Hillary thinks it's racist

not really, she has lost her mind


Guess /r9k/ has somehow got their wish come true.

Tweet her pic related.

Even Pepe's creator said it's not racist


im am cellerybritty now
indont needs help helpper anymore


Americans are such fucking faggots holy shit

"American man" and "American woman" are both oxymorons now

You reap what you saw. Spamming and worshipping a frog in one of the most racist place of the internet (don't tell me Cred Forums doesn't hate niggers/migrants) makes it racist. Just like the Svastika was not nazi to begin with but became a neo-nazi symbol.

And a nazi one ofc

Do frenchies not have memes in their elections? Is there no pepe version of Hollande?

>from ancient pagan symbols to cartoon frog most used by neet virgins

Na, our political cartoonists take their job very seriously and avoid obscure references and memes

Though Valls and Hollande, plus Jean-Marie Le Pen have their fair share of memetics as well. Mostly Valls and his "eternal link to Israel. QUAND MÊME! "


>Tfw Pepe is pronounced as "Peh-peh".

Hollande is best meme

That's just annoying.


>current year
>being an amphibian-phobe

youtube.com/watch?v=cBkWhkAZ9ds [Remove]

Not paypay?


Pépé master race


yes, the is even a screen cap of the treat that made this happen. I'll search it

I thought it was "Peep". "Peh-peh" sounds retarded.


no, peep sounds retarded

>not saying peepee

It's pépé.

I thought it was Peep as well, like the easter stuff


pepe like the mexican pepe


"Peh-peh" is retarded. It sounds extremely similar to the T*rkish word for "weiner", too.

America was a mistake

>"Peh-peh" sounds retarded.
That's the point.

Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right,


I thought it represent the æ sound, no?

I thought his name was localised in different countries like wheres wally.

Are you literally fucking retarded? Pepe is an actual irl name.

No idea man, satirical news pages get more and more believable as the weeks go by, we are living in a meme matrix

Hoooooly shit.
This is the funniest thing since the "internet hate machine" video



Non, it's a relatively unique sound in romance languages and not æ. It's like "ay" but shorter and more high-pitched

lmao when she introduces pepe and that pic is perfect to sum up how all retarded they are

I knew the presidential race was a meme, but this is just autism

>read everywhere that msnbc is like fox news for leftards
>find it hard to believe because fox news is the most insane shit ever
>actually go to america and watch msnbc
>mfw watching it

Pepe is a Ultra Zionist Orthodox Jewish meme
Just look at my proof.

I'd send it to Fox news if I were you

The article might have been awful, but Cred Forums shilling definitively set Cred Forums and its memes on the far-right.

this is why I hate journalists, they don't just report things, they give their twisted opinion and try to convince others that they're right.

>tfw Pepe is famous now

>this is why I hate journalists, they do their job instead of shilling for Trump

Post white supremacist pepes, I need some for my collection

>they do their job

I got you senpai

>ever doing their job

>shilling for Trump

>Trump is terrible for puppies


god is dead and we killed him

Could this newest phase of his life finally kill pepe?

CNN and MSNBC are just awful

silly normies, they are just unknowingly fueling Kek

millions now have Kek's image instilled in their brains

oh my

perhaps we have a fellow worshipper somewhere high up in the media

Time to get spurdo involved

he will be even more popular

fuck yeah we made the news

rachel is annoying tho

Pepe will never die. He is a metameme that can be adapted for any situation or purpose.

Trump makes a scandal everytime he speaks

>MSNBC has a fucking liberal bias
>*proceeds to click booked DailyMail website*

buddy only retarded liberals watch MSNBC

The true liberal gets his news from PBS

No, the media makes a scandal out of everything he says by taking it out of context, stretching things, contorting his words, reading things into what he says, and with lies.

Most of the media hates him, they are scared of him

Sissi al pepeh is a known terrurist

Nah, most of he says is bullshit.

There have been at least 4 Benghazi hearnings
Stahp with it

too avant garde for normies

pedobear origin, whoever post spurdo will be labelled as a pedo

nuke millennials desu

Maybe gondola is but certainly not Spurdo

mentally sick leftist, unable to be objective.

Sprudo is sacred Finnish heritage


I don't think the media talks enough about all the bullshit that comes out of his mouth

>American news
Fucking wow, and I thought that our news channels which are owned by the actual political parties were biased and uninformed.

MSNBC is the left's version of Fox News, but far fewer people watch it.

t. "I can't be wrong because people disagree with me"

>media in charge of meme magic
They just started the avalanche desu

>Rachel Maddow
I won't be watching that.

except this site represents a few thousand users but pepe has beed widely picked up by the masses as shown by katy perry and nicki minaj and the numerous articles written solely about pepe before all of this

>I don't think the media talks enough about all the bullshit that comes out of his mouth

what about hillary?

Saying curses in situation of high-stress =! deliberatly saying controversial shit left and right

are you muslim?

It gains more relative exposure now. Pepe is definitively associated more with Cred Forums than with normies.

All those are completely taken out of context
This is the youtube vid in the image
She looks pretty hot here by the way

t. Discount Ben Garrison

Benghazi had at least 4 procedures and all said that Hillary wasn't guilty.

> his profile pic is the grinch wearing a ski mask

>french flag
>are you a muslim?

>associated more with Cred Forums than with normies
That's a false distinction.

t. Chad B. Normalfag

t. Spic

so the news are right because the news are right? they're just making up the story as they go and it comes true because they said so?


t. Pierre Al-Ahdal

all smoke and mirrors

this comic is comically stupid

and remember we are talking about Trump, not Hilary, and all the batshit insane crap he says that regularly embarrasses the US on an international level

you are terrible at this

Didnt say either one of those two things.

Better pack your bags though he did say illegals gotta go.

>regularly embarrasses the US on an international level
Where, other than leftist propaganda?

What does he say that's so embarrassing?

>All those are completely taken out of context

Trump, Cred Forums, David Duke and the DailyStormer use it. While Pepe might not be white supremacist, white supremacists love him.

Will all this publicity finally get us the answer to the golden question?

our news channels are owned by the same people who own the special interest groups who own the government

trump (and sanders) main platform is putting an end to all this shit. They managed to get rid of sanders with clinton, and now they just try to character assassinate trump so they can safely stay in absolute power.

Thats the only issue that even matters. Everything else is a smokescreen the president cant even really do much on his own but draw attention to things. Even executive orders can be ignored it seems, some of obamas were.


>use it
you mean trump and duke both once tweeted an image someone had posted to them amongst the thousands of tweets they flood Twitter with?

wow that's real hardcore "usage"

CNN has such a hard on for Trump.
It's kind of adorable tbqh

ISIS also uses pepe

honestly though all pepefags should just be locked up its a shitty meme.

Yeah, she said that about gangs as you can see in the video.
If blacks think targeting gangs means targeting blacks, they'd be admitting that they do nothing but crime.

>t. Discount Ben Garrison

Trump was the kind of man who kept the system alive in the first place by giving big bribes


>tfw Ben Garrison actually becomes redpilled and starts a race war

her mentor was a KKK leader, another person she admired said "blacks should be exterminated like weeds".. it is well known that she is racist

Fuck I wish we had some dank memes in politics too.

trump doesnt have anywhere near the kind of money it takes to influence politics. Hes really not that rich, hes basically your standard salesman who managed to make enough that he could focus on selling himself.

that still makes him better than a career politician though

I'm not saying she isn't, I'm just saying she would never say any of these in the way that they are displayed in the pic.
They're taken from context.

>They're taken from context.

they do that all day every day with everything Trump says

pol tical help helpper no cume todai

>she would never say any of these

why would you think that, do you personally know her?

>tfw pepe causes trump to lose

Yeah, of course.
She's intelligent and manipulative. She generally knows what to say.

someone could point out to nbc that the frog in question is a disabled frog thus duke posted an image where a trump supporter is portrayed as disabled

>She's intelligent

intelligent people don't scream about cartoon frogs
they also don't make speeches about the alt right and call them homophobic, when one of the only Trump supporters that identifies as alt right is a homo
she has lost her mind

>mfw yet again memes went too far.

>intelligent people don't scream about cartoon frogs
Hillary herself did not mention Pepe at all.
>they also don't make speeches about the alt right and call them homophobic, when one of the only Trump supporters that identifies as alt right is a homo
It's not that hard to make the general populace believe stupid shit about the alt-right, and there certainly are a lot of homophobes here and on Cred Forums.

She twitted I think.


>the alt-right

it is all in her head, she got trolled, very few people on Cred Forums even knew what she talking about

>Every other Cred Forums board say that Cred Forums is nothing more than a containment board for stormfags
>mfw they literally played the MSM like a damn fiddle and shitpost it into oblivion.

Why is Cred Forums always wrong?

It's by Elizabeth Chan though, not Hillary Clinton.
Just like the guy in Trump's campaign that posted a swastika with an image of Hillary on twitter or something.

Cred Forums is a board of peace

it is her official web site
she and her campaign have been talking about this shit for days, we see more American media than you do, she is an idiot that got baited

but why american media so intolerant?


They baited Trump into posting a david star with most corrupt candidate ever.
Both your candidates are retarded then.

This. Too abstract.

The link between white supremacy and pepe was a concentrated effort by everyone to make pepe less appealing for normies, it just went further than expected.

t. doctor of memelogy

That's obviously not a star of David. Pic related is.

Holy shit
>post frog
>got my first dubs
>it's 77

Is this what being blessed by kek looks like?

Pepe is fascist scum

Oui. Mercí bien.
I guess my language should have spelling revolution. We write é sound as "ae" which have no distinctive length.

Memes are fucking stupid


oy gevalt

>If blacks think targeting gangs means targeting blacks, they'd be admitting that they do nothing but crime.
You'd think so, huh? Well, that's logical, and we both know how much that means to these types.



What the flying fuck?

What the fuck

This is great.

I hate this century

Think back to the election in 2012 and try to compare it to this. America, what the fuck happened to you?



holup amigo

>He loves hamburgers and is sometimes shown being controlled by the "Jews"

Really makes you think.

american news programmes are so cringeworthy

>Hillary herself did not mention Pepe at all.

She literally did.


ebin :DD
spörring's intensifies

Am I the only one who pronounces it as "PEEP"?

It's a tipical spanish nickname (comes from Jose), it's pronunced Peh-Peh.

It's Peh-Peh, you filthy anglo scum

>when a LITERAL figurehead for the corporate establishment pretends she's a left-wing icon

fuck u Maddow

So, the big ass, sharty marty supa-pawa will be disintergrated this early?
Ribbit ribbit kero kero ong ong?


they are really grasping for straws, aren't they?

taks taks taks, chto tut u nas? Memy? ahahaha nakanetsta.