1. your country

1. your country
2. when did you lose your virginity?

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>stealing jorge's image
Quite possibly the lowest thing you could do.


Did you buy a prostitute with your first social security check?


talking to girls is hard

Vaginal or anal?

21 and never seen a real life vagina


Anal doesn't count

>tfw no more gf



bull fucking shit

delete this thread now

Was it rape?


touched some tig bitties last year. thats it.
she enjoyed though so whatever.

Death to all normals

Behead them all

to a thai qt in Bangkok
no condom used
no regrets

>Death to all normals
>Behead them all

i wish. we are country of neets with the largest male to female population. its actually normal to know virgin dudes as 30 or 40 years old

kys normalshitter

I missed out all that sweet sweet high school pussy because I was too fucking afraid to ask two girls who obviously liked me.

If only I had just a bit more self confidence growing up.

Hello, everyone.

2.No. I'm 22 years old. Though I went to Japanese ladies shops three times, I have not completed my mission as a man.

Is not it easy for Italian men to fuck girls???

nigger, we're on Cred Forums


Excuse me but would you tell me your country name? How did you aquire the girl?

Never have, likely never will.

Such is life for the autism-laden few.

Please come here with success stories,Italian men :(


29, still virgin

>South Korea below 15
Good one

Even French????????!!!!!!!!!!!

babbies first weaboo proxy

I don't understand how any French or Italian man can be a virgin

I have not lost my virginity.


My Chinese friends say that real Chinese men keep their ones before their marriage

It depends on individual but that is generally true. Also true for most girls. So you have to get to marriage stage first.

Zudora-suto Viche! I love Russian. Sorry but is it Vodka Virginity?

lmao virgins can't speak with girls
they wont bite you

Pretty sure most people are virgins because they have low self esteem which makes them less likely to initiate with girls, and if they're uncomfortable with social situations they're less likely to put themselves in places where there are girls
or they're just ugly with high standards

I'm still a virgin

Koreans fuck like crazy, apparently

excuse me?

Get out, you non-virgins


how do you know?

>they wont bite you
I wish they would.

Xiei Xiei! Thank you so much for detailed explanation on it! Chinese girls regard her Virginity as the most important one as you say,I feel too, yes, and Money as the second important one)

you have spiders for that

Iktf bro. Poor self confidence ruins your life.

>still virgin

It's my bad joke. Forgive me :(



ur qt

Korea trip when?

It's actually the only regret I have in my life.


>tfw 20
>tfw still virgin while living in a country full of sluts
Met a leftist girl a week ago, she has juicy hairy armpits and possibly a bush too. I would tolerate her dumb ramble if it means pity sex.


19. Was a fatty, so while I had no problems talking to girls I wasn't confident enough to try to take things further. Was permanently stuck in the funny fat friend category.

And then one day at a party I got drunk and told the girl I had been pretty much in love with since middle school how I felt.

Turned out great, because she felt the same.

We lost our virginities together a few months later. Still together three years later and I lost a lot of weight.

1. Flag
2. Never (19 kv)

If a French or Italian man came here, I don't think they even have to worry. Girls would just talk to them.

late bloomer

Even Brazil too?

I expect Germanic countries like USA, Sweden, UK to be full of virgins, but not your country.

cmon guys u can do it, don't just sit home all day, found some place where u can do what u like, gym or library is basic, i heard japs still have this videogame clubs or something, pretty neat place to found gf i think

I know you're some proxy, but I talked to a few Korean girls and they are into Italians apparently. They are perceived as good looking and romantic, while they view Korean guys as shallow assholes.

Italian and British men are the most popular type of foreigner in Japan too.

I'm the only virgin in my group


Still virgin

bet ur the only Cred Forums user in your group?


>my group

21, kv

close browser right now

B-but there is nothing to do

would wife

Go lose your virginity user



>virgin past 20 years old
how do you guys protect your virginities? you must be actively trying not to lose it

This. Even if you're autistic it's not that hard.


Cool video

Shut in for years, only starting to go out in 2016

S-soon, I swear

i'm only into girls that are way out of my league
i sort of like being heartbroken actually :----)

get out of your home first

this tbqhfamalamadingdong

>to the end of the world

You can get that sweet highschool pussy at any age though if you really want to :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)

And then?

But I do, the problem is that I'm poor, ugly and autistic

But you live in Brazil my dude

find poor autistic girl or try to fix your shit, not complaining about it
find a hobby, and then find a place that have people who likes this hobby too
(browsing Cred Forums isn't a hobby)

Yezz yezz loze you virginity whit random women give your life away to physical pleasures remain in the matrix goy.
And brag about it goy yezz make a competition out of it goy

So? Nobody wants a loser like me

Thanks for the advise bro

>the reason I don't get any pussy is a Jewish conspiracy

It is you cunt
Because of NWO and the white genocide

Pic related
Pic related
Lost mine at 17