1. your cunt

1. your cunt
2. do you love britain?

I hate England. Scotland's fine though.

I love Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Cool lads.

Hard to argue with that. I like the whole UK, though (even though they're cucks.)

why no love for england?

i like britain except for scotland because they hate the english.

1. Australia
2. I love my father


>muh underdog autism

No. It's a shithole infested with mudslimes.

whole point of Scotland is to put sticks in brits wheels


thank you

if i wasn't british i'd imagine i'd hate britain

england is a slut and worst girl
she is worse than village bicycle, she is takeaway moped

>Ugly women
>No nature
>Pessimist degenerates who hate everything and everyone around them
>Filthy teeth
>Shariah controlled zones
>They eat fries and pizza together
>Degenerate hooligan football culture
>Degenerate pub culture
>Only know one insult towards Belgium and it will be used as a reaction to this post

What's not to love?


Yeah they're pretty alright

This is poor bait, have you actually ever been to Britain?

What insult m8

what did he mean by this?

>be belgian
>get shot


Yes, a little too much.


Britain is loved by everyone.

I love Karen, does that count?

No, they are just as cucked as Swedes

i only adore scotland. pretty cool state.

I like pre-millennial England
Modern England is garbage. So is most of the anglosphere nowadays though