Turkey and Cyprus are more European than Finland and Russia

Turkey and Cyprus are more European than Finland and Russia.
Romani people are as European as Bulgars and Hungarians.
Islam is a part of Europe like Christianity.

Hol up. I thought hating gypsies was one thing every Balkan nation could agree on?

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I'm a Japanese student. I have one serious question about Turkish. Why do they try to be European????

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Şuy usteki capoun deil kürt bizi yerip dryor.Çevrmsn diye byl yziyom xD

Mother and father are village people.
Mother was never allowed schooling or any kind of education, was later sold as a nanny under the guise of marriage and suffered my grandmother from my father's side.
It is really a cliche, I shit you not.
She became pregnant with me and I learned later she tried to kill herself with me.
Never wanted me, used me to vent her frustration at how unfair life is.
Threatened and punished me for no reason and made me feel worthless.
Nowadays she is like "I didn't do anything like that :^) it was your own fault for being like that:^)
Why can't you be like these healthily raised children :^) why you got no gf :^) you see me so much in other women that you gave up at any normal relationship :^) Something happened by our own fault?
Your fault, should have told us what we did wrong while you were not there to warn us :^)
Like we would ever listen to a child, kek!"

That said, I left and now she harps on my younger brother's.
That's life

>Islam is a part of Europe like Christianity.
Christianity created Europe and if we let it, islam will destroy it.

Christianity is arab religion

>A sand religion destroyed Europe and if we let it, another sand religion will destroy it again

SENPAI Cyprus is already a eurofam tbx

Sorry but I don't really understand what you say and why Turkish endeavor to be European.

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Turkish are clearly Muslim and Asian,everyone knows

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I lost any exception on Turkish, reading this thread

you are gypsies

i agree
same with germans

Not Arab, but Jewish.
It is Semitic, though.
You accept one Semitic religion and deny the other. You do realize Christianity was more or less founded in the same place as Islam?
Christianity is Middle Eastern. Europe's religions are idol worship, polytheism, and cave worship. Good thing we taught you the proper God.

Can someone tell me what this means?

"Senin için sadece bir aydan daha uzun bekleyecekti."

"She was gonna wait barely more than over a month for you"