Find a problem with this

We'd be the biggest economy on earth.

The problem with this is you, Ahmed.

It should be called Greater Mongolia

rude desu

>Find a problem with this

Sweden and Denmark

Only if we have a far right government when it comes to social issues and a fiscally left winged government.

this jtp

What's wrong with Denmark? I remember going there when I was 15 and buying beer from a vending machine.

he's mad because denmark and sweden conquored his little land.
we didn't just sit around and jerk off on a mountain somwhere.


sorry Sven, we kicked your ass yellow and blue and threw you the hell out of here in 1905.

i'm up! i'm emigrating

no baltic states or kaliningrad

and also no suur-soumi + the rest of the russian baltic sea

>Find a problem with this
Living in a Muslim country.

>Åland gets independance
Finns would rejoyce.

>fiscally left winged government
Go to work.

>Middle East 2.0: The Frozening

>independent götaland
well, atleast a small part of it is independant

It's a banana republic with a massive bureaucracy, except that you can't even grow bananas because the climate sucks, so a regular banana republic would be preferable.

And your kids shall forever be welcome to come back and do the same


>Finland part of the Caliphate and not the Khanate



>biggest economy on earth
Suuure, Sven.
Most of your pitiful economy would be contributed to by Norway.

Kek our economy is much larger than Norgay.

>anything ruled by modern day swedes
I'd rather we created a federation under Danish rule tbqh

Funnily, even without the oil related industry, your economy is less than twice as big as ours. Yet you have twice our population. Why is this?

Because great wealth brings in a lot of investors in unrelated industries and allows the government to invest in things that bring further investors (infrastructure mostly), ya dingus. The oil is the catalyst for all of that.

so a national socialist government?

Why didn't sweden manage to create their own "x-factor" for its economy?

What do you mean? We have a good and properly diversified economy. Our GDP grew significantly more than the euro zone average last year and it's expected to continue.

But you're missing something, like our oil innovation, to make your people a higher standard of living. Something that will give the majority of your countrymen the ability to live in detached houses instead of flats. I'd like Sweden and Norway to become one, someday, but first you need to find your x-factor too, so that we can live on a standard together that is acceptable also to Norwegians.

how can you have a good economy when it instantly breaks out a civil war so we can have our countries back
finnish, norwegian and danish insurrection ftw, party swedes are the first one to go

Sverige nej.

Swedens "x-factor" is all the various products they shit out, it's actually astounding how many things are made by swedish companies, everyone in the world has at least one swedish product in their home

Yes I agree, but it's not giving them the same boost. That's what I want for Sweden.

>We'd be the biggest economy on earth.
hahaha try to be bigger than Italy first

I'd be willing to join only if something drastic was done to the islam problem. Then we could start protecting our borders in a more concrete way. After which we could start forming an economic and political alliance.

you want fascism with deficit?

why is that chicken wearing a crown

ok cool

It's a hero cock, Kukko "coc" Pärssinen. He was killed by dogs in 9/11 and his fifth death anniversary was held recently.

Glory upon his name.(Kukko Pärssinen)

Fix your fucking integration policies, or even throw out most of them, then we can talk.

We want to exchange benefits, not burdens.

should be somalia

>it's a Swedes think they have rights to the whole northern europe episode
The saddest part is this seems to be a nationwide delusion.

>Finland has a completely different language, while the three others share basically a same one. They also have a lot of cultural similarities that Finland doesnt share.
>Also racially different, Finnic people are honourable aryans, declared by Hitler himself, while the scandinavians are the cuck-race, created to be Ahmeds cocksleeves.

> Finnic people are honourable aryans

Yeah. And we are actual aryans.


First of all we wouldn't be the biggest economy on earth, second not one of others would want to have you as the ruling party, and third your destructive policies would run down the whole thing in a decade.

fug :DDDDD

>We'd be the biggest economy on earth.
Our economy would be smaller than that of Canada. And even per capita our GDP would be lower than that of the US.

We would however be the second largest country in Europe by area.