I need to clean my filthy DNA with this kind of womans

I need to clean my filthy DNA with this kind of womans.

You cant clean your DNA

You not reproducing at all is more realistic.

>my genetics are shit so I must shit someone else's genetic lineage up too

literally sour grapesoda nigger logic

My child will look more European which would be positive

I need what I need

in your childs time european dna will be filthy


you'll always have nigger genes and you'll make your kid's life terrible so the best idea is to kill yourself

Wouldn't that make her DNA dirty since women retain a mans DNA

>her surname means swede
too much irony here

fuck, didn't think of it

dude if we could import black chicks like her i'll go full sweden but you know reality is always bitter

I wanto pump Kazadi's ass full of my polack cum

i know a girl who knows her personally, black too ofc, she's yet another proof that pole/anything mix looks always superior
i always wonder why patrycja's hair is straight, or is it a wig

don't know senpai, she's cute though





makes u think how that guy even did this, Jesus works mysterious ways user san

polish genes senpai

and people claim we're subhumans.

on the other hand better not play with chaos magic, poland stay white

I'd play with her magic :3

>wanting kids