Post bridges from your cunt

What country has the most meme-tier bridges?
What country has the best?

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contender for meme bridge

same one

>What country has the most meme-tier bridges?
Probably Asia because yellow people are weird as fuck.

>What country has the best?
Probably America

I think Switzerland has better bridges than usa tbf

normal bridge

So here's one of the most iconic bridges in my country and the most iconic one in my home town. Connectes Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia(Porto is the margin that appears on the pic). It was designed by Théophile Seyrig, which worked closely with Gustave Eiffel.
It was originally for cars and people, but since 2005 the upper path was closed to cars and was substituted by the tram.

>this terrify the American

Are pedestrians 2nd class citizens? should EU intervene?

pic is a bridge in my town

also inb4 germans start posting canal water brdiges, inb4 czechs post you know what


even neater

we have more


What's the point of that?
As a large and fat man, I would break that bridge in half lol

nah that one has to be that way to let ships pass

>What country has the best bridges
The U.S without a doubt. Brooklyn Bridge, Verazzano Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

>Pedestrian bridge

well the other one at least looks nice at night

are people in wheelchairs allowed on bike lanes at least or would bikers kill them as well?

we have this causeway-bridge-island thing in glorious region of häme

would walk over/10

Nah, they are allowed
this looks comfy as hell

If you look closely, you can see a dotted line on the bike path. That's also for pedestrians


Here's a small one.

meme bridge

This looks amazing



Norge y u so butifel




Imagine it collapsing at this exact moment


> because yellow people are weird as fuck.
hey be nice to Canada

A cooler picture, imo.

Elizabeth bridge then and now (rebuilt after the germans blew it up during the Siege of Budapest)

>Calatrava the memerchitect strikes again!

I would bike just so I don't have to go on the bridge.






how fucking flat is this thing

this bridge from a different angle

last but not least this ugly piece of shit which for some reason everyone commits suicide off so as a meme we tell people to "jump off the west gate"


>tfw only Queensland meme is talking shit about Woodridge





Our bridges are all boring and short, because our country is small:(

The only bridge in the world that folds like this. Note that it's completely nonsensical and inefficient way.

Doesn't mean anything
Our country is small as fuck too, but small bridges can be comfy as fuck

pic related, not sure which country this was

we have this


right, thanks lad

No problem.