Sadness edition

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korean pop

Gas the taigs lads


>tin of hotdogs


fight my champion

>Northern """powerhouse"""


gas the huns



Why are the North Americans that post on /brit/, without exception, utter fucking shithouse cunts?

do people paint tracksides there or what

Maith phoist

i'm anglo

doesn't matter what you say


that's not helping me understand it at all

so fucking bored lads

give me some things to do before i go back to uni

feeling good. today I can say I feel good


>tfw the EU create their European army and merk us

would anyone even come to our aid?

buying this harrington, lads

killing yourself is always fun


read a book you philistine.

Would like to kindly ask that you relinquish the 6 counties before i take them by force

Be warned i am considered quite the hard man in my local area and i own TWO pairs of nike air max

snort speed and don't stop



i have reasons to live

books are boring

learn to box
read some classics

t art of manliness

Ipswich vs Aston villa today lads

bit gay

ANZAC lads, maybe the yanks.

We'd just glass every major European city anyway looool

watch k-on

We've all read Poleaboos new blog entry, right?

literally bin yourself

Daily reminder that, when talking to a Londoner on /brit/, statistically they are non-white.

yui posted

life feels hopeless


there's nothing wrong with being non-white

cara 2bh lads




this 2bh

>books are boring

a mind wrecked by TV and video games. tragic stuff.

t. Peter Hitchens

i literally know how to c-walk, bop and juke.

i look nothing like this

This is like saying there's a 50% chance any post is a girl
Fuck off you absolute mongy thick cunt

been out every day since monday
end my life now senpaitachi

>implying minorities aren't much less likely to browse /brit/

Up, down, turn around
Please don't let me hit the ground
Tonight I think I'll walk alone
I'll find my soul as I go home

I am blessed to have my mind furnished with beautiful works of literature and hymns and poems while people like you have their mind poisoned

>a mind wrecked by TV and video games.

>tragic stuff.

Same here but from last friday
I'm not well lad

>ah yes, (x)

might get into an argument with Peter Hitchens on twitter

>there are people ITT right now who arent about to eat a fry
Sad stuff

I'm glad you poms left the EU

Steed Gerrar Gerrar
He sli[[ed on his fork an arse
He pisserd on Demba Bar
Steed Gerrar Gerrar

>I am blessed to have my mind furnished with beautiful works of literature and hymns and poems while people like you have their mind poisoned

really good song
brotherhood is a heaps underrated new order album just while we're on the topic

got them bandz, got them bands, you know i got them bands
loud autotuned squeaking:(yeah you know i got them bandz)

already had mine, went to a new cafe, was fucking peng my lad.

>books are boring

the so called "family" wants to go walking on some cliffs after lunch

why the fuck would african americans want to emigrate to australia


>book are boring

3rd eye status: welded shut



push them off ahaha

Trips names my new kitty

It's a girl


I've got that, it's good


can't believe twats are taking time typing up posts like these. tears

I don't think that's a cat m8


they might snake us lad, and everyone would hate us for getting them involved in their beef

I feel like everyone hates the UK anyway, we have no mates

like that kid at school that's a total cunt but everyone sucks up to him because he's got a brother in year 11




What does it mean when a girl is hideously flirty with you but her sister is really low-key and distant in comparison

literally got told about how good looking I was but was so blazed I reacted kinda autismly, still got a hug and we kissed each other on the cheek

probably still friendzoned

Russia would be up for a scrap with Germany

Nigel Farage


looking presidential af, wonder when he's going to announce his candidacy.


Wog Lives Matter lads


What cunt?


just booted that Bruce's cat in the ribs, heard something crunch

shouted "Kobe" as I launched it into the compost bin

*glasses them all*

God bless you

fucking hell, where did i put my Zyklon B?







exactly the sort of person you'd expect

*rips bong*

mmmmmmmmmm thats it


About to go get one

Hungover as fuck lad

Got three numbers last night though

Shall I go to a nice cafe or a greasy one

*gets cancer*
*smokes doob*
much better

whats the best thing to bring to a bbq

ideally i'd bring ingredients for white Russians but that'll cost me 35 quid or something.

>Apple Clerk: "Can I help?"
>Mark Morrison: RETURN OF THE MAC
>"Is it broken?"
>"There's no need to sh–
>"Look, I'm try–

Why aren't you guys practicing a fighting sport yet? It's very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands.

How will you defend yourself when Achmed tries to steal your wallet on the bus?

>The well-connected cousin of actors Ralph and Joseph — whose family coat of arms, featuring three ‘lions rampant’ and a seated wolf, is in Debrett’s Peerage & Baronetage — spent what she described as a ‘really busy summer travelling around Europe’ with a friend called Ottilie.

>Then she went to India ‘for a few months’ before enrolling at Leeds University to study English.

>So far, so typical for a fully paid-up member of the gilded elite who attended £27,600-a-year Westminster School.

>Although she’s never had a proper job (after leaving university, she completed a PhD at London School of Economics), she lives with her wealthy parents at their £2.5million South London home.

>Her father is a successful author and publisher who now has a technology firm that runs an online social network for musicians.

These are the people who tell me i have privilege, jesus fucking christ.

ffs flatmate pissed off again cause i had people round, we were quieter than usual but it was only supposed to be two mates flatmate was ok with that. except one of them brought round a really fucking drunk person, the other brought round two people to "split coke with" but then they overstayed their welcome

fuck it whats the point caring anymore lmao, it's stupid that i have to ring my flatmate for "permission" cause he has work at 12, i dont see him fucking ringing me when hes had people round before damn!

fucking druggies

wew lads don't recall the bint being this big last night haha

Terrible post.


pick 1 then fuck off back home slavscum


Choon but i wish I hadn't looked up the lyrics desu

worked with a posh londoner whose parents bought her a house when she moved to her uni city

I'm on a busy train right now and there's a toddler sitting inches behind me that has DEFINITELY shit its pants. The stench is unbearable.


all brits are naturally good fighters, we'll welt any cunt that gets cheeky when the times comes

good luck with your """practice""" though lad

>quite frankly; a non country

ive boxed for ages

desu depending on how serious he is about it i'll either just say no and see what he does, if he's got a shank or i reckon hes got me or something ill just leg it hard as, if i have a chance ill just try walk away if i gotta fight that's last resort

it's just banter lad

why are others such uncultured swine? they make fun of me for listening to contemporary geniuses like young thug or chief keef while they listen to the cure or shite like this. getting tired of that

Nigel Farage can't be happy. One close aide faces trial in U.S. on blackmail & money-laundering charges; another has just defected to Tories

move then..

>people can't campaign for causes they believe in if they're rich

umm, okaaaay?

You cannot imagine this smell.

Sent a risky text lads haha x

fuck man thats a bit much
rich cunts out

Nice one lad, greasy ones just make the hangover worse in the long run

sounds like you're a bit of a prat Tbh mate

>busy train

Don't ever reply to me again you moronic runt.

Lived with vegan eco warrior whose dad runs hotels and bought him a 60 grand car for getting into the same uni as me doing a bullshit degree, after going to private school for his entire life.

I went comp, got into STEM in a Rustler group uni and got a congrats card.

what's the "Democratic" party of britain? and by that i mean the most blatantly corrupt party

what was it

>got into STEM in a Rustler group uni and got a congrats card.

same but didn't even get a card
nor when I finished my 3rd year with a first

UKIP is as corrupt as it gets 2bh

tell us it la

rolling up a backwood...


Man's gotta work lad


sounds like you're a bit of a prat Tbh mate

>hey this is Joe. We should go for coffee some time
I'm the lad who got told last night I had nice eyes and that we should get to know each other over coffee

>what's the "Democratic" party of britain?


>the most blatantly corrupt party

Labour. Keep using dirty tricks to try and boot their own leader





really bad post



No, Brits are usually skinny with glasses who like videogames or mathematics. No match for the barbaric Achmed.

Nice, boxers are scary. I practice Muay Thai.

bet they all hate capitalism but they have jobs!!! err.???

though their hearts are honestly in the right place i guess ( though being seen to be revolutionary is as important as actually being revolutionary) most of the hardcore lefties ive met are generally quite detached from the issues they're dedicated to and in general from positions of privilege


t. never met a brit

*leathers you top bins*

got the halloween choons ready


aww poor diddums go re-enact 4 yorkshiremen elsewhere

aren't dutch dudes all heaps into k1 style kickboxing over there? is the mt heaps watered down or like thai style

cold like minnesota

Scored a fucking amazing goal on FIFA last night, it was like some ridiculous volley from 40 yards after a defender headed the ball out from a corner


what are you going to do whilst you oppose capitalism - starve? you have to live in a capitalist system still (apart from rare anarcho-communist communities)

*girl leans over and whispers in my ear*
just ignore him and he'll go away soon


>changing the term Guardsman to Guardswoman

I might not even finish, I'm starting third year fully in overdraft.

After rent and bills I'm gonna have about 100 quid to last me 10 weeks.

>girl I was living with first year once told me she was broke halfway through second term
>told her "it's fine, I'm at an overdraft limit as well haha"
>she says "no, I mean I've only got 100 quid left before I go into overdraft"
>say "oh yeah, well you're probably going to have to go into it before the the end of term"
>she says "no, that 100 quid has to last me till the end of the week, then my parents give me a grand to get me to the end of the term"

Literally what the fuck.

Only realised in second year that most peoples parents pay rent for them as well.

university nu-males aren't all of us you idiot

playing FIFA is a sure sign of a runt

speaking as someone with tattoos who likes tattoos in general, i've never met a girl who suited tattoos and they always get such stupid tatttoos (as do most people in general suppose)

What exactly is a nu-male and how did they come about?

*spits out chewing gum*
hold up hold up
*grabs you by the throat, tells your woman to jog on*

How the fuck is that even risky?

Have a belting hangover

honestly couldn't give a rat's arse about your sob story this ain't xfactor


Should be taken out of the infantry, if she wants to live as a woman then she should have to accept the consequences

sometimes try to weakly justify my frequent theft of groceries with some kind of nancy pants anti-capitalist argument haha


>not playing FIFA on a giant LED TV at 2am with a couple of friends on a wet friday night
Sure is pleb in here

>patreon female

probably because whoever made this donates to shit like RLM lmao

Lefty I once met told me he felt it was classist when people said his wealth held him back from fully understanding the plight of the poor.

He said I had "poor privilege" because I could be leftist (I'm not) without being smeared for it.

Very confused lad tb h


woman are already allowed to join the infantry

sucks everywhere man im fucking working some of the hardest i ever have in my life and am earning fucking nothing

also i haven't had a christmas present or birthday present in fucking years while we're at it

*your tiny, malnutritioned hand barely makes its way around my Adam's apple*
*girl I'm with tries to hold me back by grabbing by biceps with her arms*
*I get up and dwarf you, the sun is blocked out by my immense stature*
*you piss yourself and run off*
*I sit back down with the girl, visibly wet from my display*
now, where were we?

since i stopped eating takeaways ive stopped getting spots, but then some days (today) i fancy just not leaving the house
what do

>woman are already allowed to join the infantry

Oh. My mistake.

Fuck it then, she can stay in the infantry until the estrogen saps her muscle strength and she no longer qualifies, like all the other women in the army.

Who /joeysworldtour/ here?

yeah i know wish i just said "no" in the first place :\


fairly desperate to meet people atm

you're in the wrong neighbourhood

Belgium is a non-country ahhahajbahahahbahhahahbashabshbsahbasdhbdhbdhbeahbsdhbsahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

Yes K1 was very popular in the Netherlands and they produces a lot of great fighters. Now Enfusion is fairly popular.

Most fighters used a heavy Muay Thai style like Remy Bonjasky, Badr Hari, Ramon Dekkers etc.

ITT: bare wastemans and pagan bois

another day wasted

get out

looking but i cannot find

I think we all know the average Irish runt is much harder then the average Brit runt. I reckon Irish runts are up there with the Russians and poles on the hard Man scale.


Reviewbrah is ok but he's a bit of a sadcase, sitting in his car trying to get away from his "gangstalkers". Joey is just a straight up lardarse who loves his junkfood and doesn't afraid of anything

fallen in love with a teenager again

About to spend the whole day saying hello to OAP middle class yanks
Ahhh the service industry, how glamorous

in concept the EU is a great idea

in reality it's a shit idea

Not a sob story you absolute melt

get some reading comprehension, pikey cunt

donald trump junior looks like such a little cunt of a bloke, especially all those hunting pics, fuck sake who shoots an elephant

weasly little dweeboid

Maith phoist

Reviewbrah is unironically being stalked. His stalker posted in Cred Forums last night showing family photos from when he broke into his house.

>working on a saturday

Sure is student runtlife in here


>tfw glasses
>tfw probably look like a nu male

Fucking hate glasses but I don't have a steady income so don't really want to get contacts yet

>working at all

sure is povvo up in here


haha dry your eyes mate



people are fucked up

Atleast have the decency to give me a (You) when you insult me

Don't have it someone posted it here last night so just do some asking about x


Literally beat up an Irish runt a few weeks ago, he got shirty with my friend and I layed him out.

anyone in the west midlands want to be my friend

>Black Lives Matter eco-warrior receives taxpayers' money to fund her globetrotting profession as a protester
>Natalie Jeffers, 36, is sole director of company called Matters of the Earth
>She has received around £100,000, majority of which is taxpayers’ money
>Miss Jeffers campaigns against ills of capitalism to the ‘racist’ Tory Party
>She has made at least seven intercontinental flights this year and contributes to blog ‘Confessions Of A Jetsetter’

Just want these cunts swinging from lampposts tb h

>60 grand car for

fucking hell

this is me


Not going to give you the satisfaction sunshine

wew, what a wretched bint.

what is the goal of BLM?

what do they hope to accomplish?

white women are by far the weakest (mentally) race of women.

they are all extremely shallow. They do not stand by nor respect white men.

I'm not advocating gooks or niggers, white women are beautiful but these are the facts.

useless newtwat

fuck off

hard times callum?

I am surrounded by a plethora of decadent wastrels.
Please leave /brit/.

Stop making shit up, link famalam


Aye same la beat up a British runt after he got "shirty" with my friend and I even bucked his ma after

Fuck appp

not callum 2bh.

you are british

hi :3

>white women are by far the weakest (mentally) race of women.

>they are all extremely shallow. They do not stand by nor respect white men.

>I'm not advocating gooks or niggers, white women are beautiful but these are the facts.

unironically killing all white people

Looking like they care about something. That is literally it.


Don't like the cut of your jib
Attention seeking
All women are equally weak lad
Some are just kept on a tighter leash than others

>autistic person
>hacking anything

dubious at best

Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt I'm not lying to you what would I gain from lying to you about some autistic hack being stalked by a Korean on Cred Forums

Go find it yourself sunshine

>useless newtwat

>fuck off

doing a cheeky end racism haha

football already did it

how do i make friends lads if im in my early 20s and a neet

what's the difference?

you're all embarrassing runts

obviously never meet a chinese/korean girl, they're the most materialistic superficial hags out there

>Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt I'm not lying to you what would I gain from lying to you about some autistic hack being stalked by a Korean on Cred Forums
>Go find it yourself sunshine

>what is a savant

is that you PJW?

Women should be a race in of themselves desu

Fucking spastics

Just did a nasty poo
3 (You)s and ill show it

Your mothers Anglo womb belongs to me cunt

How long until I get a tinder match lads haha?

so easy to spot the feeble minded subnormals from Cred Forums ITT

you're pathetic, take a fucking walk

how is that Yanks being BTFO isn't that us being BTFO? from what I understand he's facing Yank courts

if he's a savant then i'm a croissant


You told me there was a thread with the stalker, you are yet to show me proof of it so put the whiskey down Eoin and go find it so that we can move on from this piffle


that's not even close to a jay post

reddit's calling mate

alri ellliot

Haha good one

oh lawdy i'm tired/hungover I read 'can' as 'can't'

Brits BTFO once again.

alri tim

>white girls
bit of a generalisation there paddy

there's definetely an east/west divide when it comes to european fanny

Ah yes, the unfalsifiable meme

>>Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt I'm not lying to you what would I gain from lying to you about some autistic hack being stalked by a Korean on Cred Forums
>Go find it yourself sunshine

Don't know who that is tb h

Postal Justice Warrior


Hmm bet you think Eastern Europeans aren't shallow materialistic whores who will gobble the cock of any western tourist for a ten spot over some bydlo gopnik squatting in the sewers of Belarus

Business Idea: Make a shit saying 'I shot JFK' and sell it to /fa/ fuccbois

You do realise Tinder is essentially a female self-gratification tool right?

They have no intention of dating or sleeping with you. it's just about feeling superficially valued.

Doesn't matter

Still want a match


You need to make sure you have some decent photos of yourself. I'm not joking, I uploaded some better ones and I started getting a lot more matches.

i just want a few friends

What pics you using lad?

On the train lads, quite mental.

i get lots of matches and they automatically unmatch as soon as i suggest going on a date


posting pooing machines


I've unironically met about 10 girls from Tinder. you're just not good looking enough mate, sorry.

Post machines you cunt



post potato machines

Not an argument

Post weather lads

>he actually thinks girls don't have fit lads hanging around them 24/7 looking for a gf
>he actually thinks they will go through the effort of organising a date with a stranger

lads please tell me how to make friends

i missed the boat because i dont have any friends from school that i have contacted in like 7 years

and im a neet since i finished my degree (which was in a different city so all my acquantences are over there) so i dont meet people

time for a new thread lads

Oi oi what's the score then haha





I don't socialise with non whites sorry

man girls are actually as lonely as dudes alot of the time, they just might have more sex

Take that back

My photos aren't that bad but I've really got two to use

One of them is me cradling my pupper on top of snowy hill and my facial features are fairly obscured by distance but I'm wearing outdoor gear and I've a fairly athletic build

The other is a mirror shot, I posted it on /soc/ and got a couple of 7's an 7.5's so it can't be that bad

Only issue is that I could pass for a 16 year old (almost 19)

See above

For a shag or a date?

Aha! You've been deceived
Thanks for the (You)s boys
Better luck next time

Alri Tim

alri mike

the other thing about tinder is that i seem to match with 4/10s mostly, 6/10 at most.

>organising a date
i do the organising they just turn up and get a free round of bowling, meal or something like that

Tim lives in Marlow m8 that's South Bucks

>According to central bank the Riksbank, cash transactions made up barely 2% of the value of all payments made in Sweden last year – a figure some see dropping to 0.5% by 2020.


It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

>Only issue is that I could pass for a 16 year old (almost 19)

That's it then. Wait until you get older m8. Women always ignore baby faced guys.

Ugly as fuck, when I see pics of some of you mugs about here I feel better about myself

>wave a gun at the cops
>get shot
>complain about it

ah yes, blacks


You look like a sad goat kek

>wait until you get older
incredibly disheartening


just become a loner mate, that's what I do, I enjoy it now

I even manage to get gfs now and then

is it being a normie if you can approach random girls and get number,s and get matches on tinder

but still have never successfully convinced one to atually come on a date with you and thus are still a virgin

Shagged half of them, the others were just dates that didn't lead to anything. And I dated one of them for several weeks but she moved back to Denmark.


Looking young runs in the family for me and my dad didn't get a shag until he was 25.

Girls just blot you out.

I know 30 year olds that have girls and their early 20s all over them. Women love older guys

how do u get a gf as a loner

i only want friends as a segue into meeting women for sex and potential gfing

Alri Tim


Did you just ask them on tinder to come round yours or did they ask you round theirs?

Its funny cos I necked a 22 year old on a night out the other week and got her number

Suppose I'll have to rely on drunk slags to get my hole then


>i only want friends as a segue into meeting women for sex and potential gfing


Fuck off dentist

you drank a 22 year old?

>and my dad didn't get a shag until he was 25.
He's a pathetic man

>he doesn't know the hip lingo
fuck off grandad

I winched the lass

I normally ask to meet them somewhere neutral, it puts them at ease.

He gets plenty now tb h


doing it wrong mate

I've met girls in all sorts of non-social environments and ended up gfing them and I don't have any friends

My dad was a shagger when he was my age though

Absolutely no doubt about that

Wonder what went wrong genetically

Then you rape them

>I winched the lass

she american?

Just stop, fuck off back to /britfeel/ if you can't handle it


Just had a shower and still feeling shit

>there are teenagers ITT right now

Woah calm down sunshine

im nineTEEN hahahahahahahaha

>move from normie polluted general to another normie polluted general
hmm yes nice one lieutenant idiot

Fuck off back to Facebook.


Wonder if it's worth asking a girl out for a pint later this eve

Unironically 14

Doesn't matter, he missed out on a lot of sex with younger girls when he was in his sexual prime.


breggzit means breggzit




>move from normie polluted general to another normie polluted general
>hmm yes nice one lieutenant idiot

the memes are escaping


gone on plenty of dates and been with plenty of girls that've left me feeling lonelier than i was before

solitude better in alot of ways

watch me whip


> it's another Saturday night alone at the gym before coming home to cook dinner alone and watch tv shows alone while everyone is out having fun


Haha you runts amuse me *throws tennis ball up and down*


Going to the gym, cooking and watching TV IS fun

work mainly, also I go places on my own like a saddo

it helps if you're friendly and approachable

Literally what the fuck does Theresa May even mean when she says this lol

Weekend /brit/ is pure trash, normie twats everywhere

Pepe has been mainstream for years

Sexual prime for men is 25-35, for women it's 18-25.

> Bah! I shan't sully my valuable time with this "gym" nonsense, for my body is sculpted like the Gods already!

maybe if you didn't spend all day inside repeatedly saying FONT you'd be able to go out and get a gf too you neckbearded pasty pastry maker


same bruz sam

cannot fabricate haha

i go places on my own but feel weird and want to leave

women peak at about 18

Bacon sandwich or beans on toast? Not both, I'm trying to stop being a greedy cunt


> the only social interaction you have with people is at work


Spotted the runt

that's cuz you've got no self confidence though is it not?

FOP (fuck off pardner)

>americanised twat calling anybody a runt


It's because he thinks being social should make him happy, so he goes off to try and do it. Then he gets to a social situation, isn't happy and the dissonance between what he expected and reality makes him too uncomfortable to remain.

Mate you're the only runt here, complaining about "normies" and then using yankisms, fuck off

this is me. and they're mostly female.

He plays rhythm guitar in the RBA's in-house band which he says performs only two types of numbers: "punk, and post-punk".

the reserve bank of australia

s q u a r e
u p

not made a single FONT post itt thank you very much mr americanised

maybe but it feels like its more just having no idea what to do with myself than not having the confidence

kind of

hello my friends! it is the first time i have posted in this threafdfgghghjmmjmmjmmjmj