You have ten seconds to convince me your country isn't an irrelevent shithole

You have ten seconds to convince me your country isn't an irrelevent shithole

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even better faggot
you have 30 seconds to post a better slut

yeah but nah that's exactly what it is.

Post more pics then I will.

>Americans find that attractive
Absolutely disgusting


l can properly spell the word "irrelevant" while you can't

we are second strongest


I think you mean overweight


But it is

build wall
>being proud of second
gas chambers
gas chamber

It is. Never come here.




Russia can make US irrelevant.

Holy shit this is a really beautiful woman.

No you can't. Stop pretending you're anywhere close to Soviet level might

Russia has nukes and means of their delivery.


she's a fat bitch who has down syndrome

Woman should have big fat legs, big fat round ass, thin waist, plain belly and big fat tits. You should fap to only those kind of women otherwise you are risking of becoming a gay.

we can into cutie politician

>this is not considered morbidly obese in America



based russkie

Invented protestantism.

he's probably churka fetishist


We won.

but it is an irreleven shihole

Our sheer existance makes a good chunk of the world population lose their shit

For what purpose?

post more otoni

someone link me her tumblr

thanks senpai

castles, bitches, vodka
don't stay for too long

>fat girls

>Nikki Glaser
So, then, show us a picture of an attractive politician.

>being this Russian
Hey Jamal, hold my burger and x-x-large soda while I spread my obese asscheeks to let this shart loose.

>marine le pen not attractive

New England > England England

Honolulu, Hawaii -

Got money?

Like to murder/rape kids?

Member of a special "fraternity" or "brotherhood"?


You will have the full protection of the U.S. military, Honolulu P.D. (They think they are soldiers) and the local methamphetamine distribution and enthusiast networks, to do what you want, when you want!

Did one escape? Is he talking to the police? He will "disappear" soon! But first, some fun! The latest in surveillance technology lets you watch his slow entrapment and death! (Yes, his. What? Since when do you shitfaggots like pussy of any sort?)

Is he going to be raped and murdered in a semi isolated place by roided out faggots? Raped and murdered by protected convicts in prison after being jailed on false charges? Or do you want to join in the fun? Guaranteed 24/7 surveillance and protection by HPD and U.S. Federal/Military assets! Know what he is texting, phone convos, and the best part, he won't have a gun due to Honolulu Police policy to illegally restrict firearms ownership and carrying.

Come on down to our paradise. God will never find out what you did here.

coz we've got our own California. Pic related, it's Slovenia's L.A.

>BMW, MERCEDES, Audi, Porsche
That's enough for now



How can sharter ever recover?