Feels so good to be white

Feels so good to be white

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i have trousers like yours

You're a mongol kamal, not white

skin color doesn't make you white.
t: blonde and blue eyed non-white

>yellow palm
Nope, you're not white.

Post your eyes then.

and plump

i'm so glad i have little dainty wrists. those fucking ham logs are disgusting

photos under sunlight, fluorescent light or led lamps don't count for this

This 2bh f4m

green eyes, or blue with impartial pigment eyes = not white

You are not white
You are a great big fat person

After staying in Finland I realized I have bluer eyes than 99% of the blue-eyed finns, so I guess your country is just a bunch of non-whites then. So much for "whitest country in the world" meme.

you are right

but you still have pigment seeping through

Doesn't all blue eyes have that? Since there is no blue pigmentation, there's bound to be a pattern with pigments in one's blue eyes.

Am I whiter than a Norwegian then?

grey/blue is lack of pigmentation. you have a bit
yes the one in this thread at least. grey is the whitest eye color

>grey is the whitest eye color
No, it's grey you stupid finnic subhuman.

Neither gray nor blue lack pigmentation, even if gray and blue is combined. Gray has yellow and brown pigmentation. Having both blue and grey means you just have less blue (because some of it is gray), thus less white (because gray is not white, only blue is).
>grey is the whitest eye color

This is more yellow than anything else.

What would you consider the grey/blue ratio here?

I don't know. Your eyes is what is considered blue (or perhaps blue-grey), but as all eyes you have pigments. If you look closely, what creates your blue colour is really just combinations of other colours. Like I said, there is no "blue pigment". Pic related, look at all your pigment.

ok i remembered incorrectly then
still i thing grey at least looks like it should be the whitest even if it isn't

I'm not seeing what you've pointed out. What you're seeing as yellow, I'm seeing as grey/white.

be white sucks.

I went to the beach once and some kids pointed me and screamed: "MY EYES! I AM BLIND SO WHITE!"

I hate beach.

>wanting to go to the beach
Fucking spics, I tell ya, man... Know your place, white boy.

There is no such thing as "white" or "gray" in pigments.


For people wondering the pic

Ok, and whiteness is a social construct. Still, we see what we see.

I love mountains and forest, man.

I miss to walk between rocks and trees and wierd sounds...

>tfw head and neck is tan/red, the rest of the torso is white as a ghost
wyte ppl feels


>posting white OC ppl clay
Good man
Iktf. The worst part is that, after the burn heals, I still don't tan. It's just white or red for me.

ok, post more

I like those places

That's beautiful, man.
Most of mine will be Colorado and Vermont.
>old, possibly centuries-old stone wall in the forest on my property

>the actual South Park


you know, there are only two things that give me tear of joy, music and those kind of landscapes.


Those cows are nice, right?

Well, these bastards don't. One of them attacked me and I screamed like a little girl

No, those are North American Bison. Those may be cow hybrids, but they're still not very docile if they feel threatened. And they're huge.
Are penguins your Canadian geese? Those bastards are evil.
>yurts at a natural hot springs spa in Colorado's San Luis Valley, a cold and high desert with huge sand dunes

>Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

>dunes from above


nah, penguins are cute and they let you take pictures, but they don't want you near of them.

oh... water and mountains... I love it

>proud of being a cumskin savage
All whites are good at is murdering people and stealing their ideas

I got go, keep post I will try to see the pictures later

That water is Medano Creek, a seasonal snowmelt stream. Its course shifts through the foot of the dunes and changes by the second. It's neat.
I love mountains by the sea. I think of Argentina as being in the same league as the US, China, and France for variety of beautiful landscapes.
>Lake Champlain, Vermont
Yeah, we're past all that. Got any good nature pics to share?

Have a good one