Polish women are whores

polish women are whores

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Polish men are bro tier though.

the polaks here are white trash

White trash is bro tier. Appalachian mountains > Detroit.

would you?


not the polaks in germany

North America gets the brotier poles

I am Greek

They're not Chinamen tier but they're not bad.

intelligent europenas move to canada, america or australia
the trash stays in europe

>boyfriend has to live with it
>boyfriend doesn't immediately fuck her one last time and then leave
cucked by 100k men lmao

there are many polaks here

He's not even german, but a Turk role-playing as a Greek lmao

I am a Greek not a turk

Ethnic Germans commit the most crimes in Germany. It's a statistical fact. Makes my neurons fire.

Maybe in your shithole near the Polish border, in the rest of the country not really


I don't give a shit honestly.

He is Greek.

The Greek also commit the most crimes in Greece. Should they be replaced with a more peaceful folk? I think yes.

100 criminal polaks out of 1000 are a bigger problem than 500 vietnamese criminals when there are 1 million polaks and 5000 viets

No it just means there are more of them.

And the biggest problem are the ~80 million Germans.

i dont live in mini poland

Nice work, leaf

i thought your countries accept only useful immigrants
most immigrants in europe are useless trash

I live in Greece.

ok but I am a Greek
not a turk

you can kill them all

>most immigrants in europe are useless trash
That only applies to Turks and Muslims in general. Eastern Euros are useful at picking strawberries. Automate strawberry picking and you can free yourself from them.
East Germany best Germany.

me too

Now it's official, Germs are more butthurt about Poles than we about Russia :3

I am Turkish.

Greece is a third world shithole

He's not German

Most Germans don't care about Poles, you are nice

>yfw all germans get rangebanned cos of that filthy turk shitting up the board every day

Nobody gives 2 fucks about poland

I'm Greek

I am a Greek

germs make many jokes about polaks

Not in person.

Turks are more clean than bulgarians.

>being accused of a crime makes you an offender

t. Piotr Londowski

vietnamese in UK engage in human slavery among other things