Will you stand #WithRefugees?

Will you stand #WithRefugees?



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No. I would support those that stayed behind to fight for their country and rebuild it. But the ones that fled and are now invading my homeland can all drown in the Mediterranean.

is that guy in the picture actor?



>Dad goes on whore fucking trip across europe with his mates
>leaves wife and unnamed daughter to starve in some shithole
I'll never forgive these refugees

No, because no



No. They fucked it up, they oughta solve it.

Whilst I do suppose it is technically the fault of the british and the french, I'm going to blame the germans or americans instead because I can.

Most likely the dad died in a government/Russian airstrike. They're known to deliberately target family homes and civilian areas.

We don't owe them nothing and refugee propaganda here was so disgusting we shut it down immediately. Maybe we will take in some swedes in the near future.

man, I feel really sorry for her

Nah, dont care about em

>The approaching Soviet army in 1944-1945 made many Latvians find escape routes to allied countries. About 250 thousand people became refugees. Many got stuck in Courland, some 50-60 thousand were murdered by the Soviet troops in Poland and Germany. After the war 6 thousand Latvians found refuge in Sweden, West Germany 120 thousand, Austria 3 thousand and Denmark 2 thousand. In later years Latvians spread out to US, Canada, Australia and other places. First years were harsh: from refugee camps in the Western Germany to countries without any proper language skills. However, after many years of adjustment Latvians were able preserve themselves and be socially and politically active. It’s not exactly known how many Latvians were in the numerous western countries. 165 -180 thousand or even 200 thousand. Many were not counted as Latvians, some countries also included Latvian born Jews and Germans as Latvians.

I support refugees now

Cate why???


I don't mind taking in children, but not "children" that are really men saying they're 15. I don't think it should be women AND children either unless it's one of a child's parents. Saves more space for helping more of the children.

Why? When you use barrel bombs on residential areas people die.

You'll always make up some idiotic conspiracy theory in order to feel good about yourselves.

Edgy as fuck!

>let's remind this kid her father died multiple times, gotta have dem propaganda tears


Sorry. Next time only Breitbart, Daily Mail or Russia Today.

And now we need to take arabs/negroids in our country because?

Fuck no, pic related.

>Will you stand #WithRefugees?

I already do, by supporting Assad and Russia to stabilize Syria, and by being staunchly against any Western destabilization efforts in the Middle East.

Your type of thinking is why your country is the biggest non-country in the whole of Europe, right next to Lithuania and Liechtenstein.

The Syrian government and Russia are some of the biggest causes behind the destabilization of Syria. You are not doing anyone a favor.

Is Putin's cock circumcised?

Your bait is weak, m8. They might fall for this on Cred Forums.

Yes, I'm not an edgy neckbeard loser

Who's behind this post?

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I will #standonregufees and #walkoverrefugeebodies

Ok tell me again what we obtained from poorly educated/illiterate refugees? Other than muh feelings and we are so tolerant.