Is it true that this is the average body type of Scandanavian women?

Is it true that this is the average body type of Scandanavian women?

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And men here loves it

Good upper arm circumference

Need to know her routine

No way Elsa cant be liek that


No, not at all.

nah, only icelandic women are like that

thats a murrican

scandis - yes
finns nope

that is so fat

no, she's icelandic

I wish

>See book in the top right shelf
>Larousse (Dictionary brand)
>"Ah, she's learning French, that's nice."
>Zoom: Larousse Gastronomique

She is from iceland; nice try mongrol

kekked hard

me chungo me love my body

That's soooooo awesome

that must be really fun to have sex with.


Not at all.

is this healthy?

have you tried?

I wish


arr rook same


They get more sweaty than rest of us, they cunt stinks because of that even if they wash it, you may have problems with erection with them even though you're healthy, they're like children looking for attention, they will spam you with messages and demand constant replying.

They're not worth it.

she is kinda hot, not like those threechinned american fat girls

>cunt stinks

it stinks like an unwashed fat man after a workout

i'm smelly too

i sweat a lot
so i use anticholinergics

That's my fetish

You only say that because you never experienced that.

It's like a virgin claiming he loves sex.

you convinced me. I cannot stand strong smells.
I think i'll stick to pretty asian girls.

Stay to normal weight girls.

yes, but in Norway we know how to move it move it