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what's it like to live in Maghreb as an atheist, anons

Pretty Normal, although you shouldn't tell everyone that like a retard because you'll annoy them.

And why do you need to know?

I approve of this thread

Cool alphabet bro.

/Maghreb/ will never be /MENA/
I like my thread on different levels but ded ain't one.


I intend to study Arabic in Morocco next year user

Why study Arabic? pretty useless to me.
since you're going to uni no one will give a sit about your religion.

I especially approve of the OP :^)
For what purpose senpaitachi

post more maghreb cute girl

You iz kangz everybody should know

can't people like Arabic and just study it?

does this mean tunisia is white? am i white?

Nice meme, they are beautiful not cute

Any Tunisians here?


but imo it's just a waste of time, especially for a korean
i wanna fuck their asses xd

if you are Tunisian yes.
you can, but it's a waste of time if you're studying it in a uni.

No you would betray your western values by trying to open yourself to another culture

but i already did it with Korean...

I'm east Algerian so I dodged a bullet there

why a waste of time?

To get a qt gf and arabic speakers are so rare in korea desu

Arabic is in the situation of latin, it's dissolving into many dialects which will be their own language in the near future.

Hard unused meme language

but I guess learning arabic is a better timewaste than starcraft for a goreyan

>Aravim scum
True Arabs in the maghreb are banu hilal inbred scum.

isn't there the modern standard arabic? And then he learns one of the important dialects, like the egyptian or the moroccan one.

no one speaks or understands that bullshit and you sound like a fag if you speak it.


For some reason it's only bad when it comes from Africa

I'm doing it with Russian

That's Berber girl

>people go through the huge effort of learning your crazy archaic language
>"lmao ur still a fag unless you speak my highly specific local dialect"

this is why noone likes you senpai

>highly specific local dialect
Aren't most things said in standard/litterary Arabic ?

Also, how many of you lads speak French ?

this is cute ?

then what about qts from Tunis and Algeria

convince me of the opposite with the raw strenght of pics.

i'm learning it because German is too hard and I'm too old.


sort of yes what is it that you want?

I think the only reason why Arabic is considered one language is a sense of "Arabic unity" and the existence of Modern Standard Arabic as a bridge language. As far as I know, the difference between Arabic "dialects" is already greater than say the distance between Slovak and Polish. Arabic is not dissolving into individual languages, it has dissolved into them a long time ago.

i think we can't get a maghrebi qt gf, mongol bro

German isn't that hard, and I find it suprisingly easy in prononciation and vocabulary as a northern French guy

Still Berbers. Berbers are an ethnicity.
Plus Algerians are slanty eyed so getting a Korean gf won't get you any difference in appearance

no time to learn the grammar

You're right

this desu

Algerian girl with her Korean bf.
they're both slanty eyed mongoloids

first tunisian here ?

The Qatar flag is Tunisian but you're the first Tunisian flag here

I fucked your mom last night

makes u think

What do you think of this man?

this tunisian look more Asian user

They probably only reach 1 million and tey're in Oran.
She's laughing, plus she looks white

who is he?

Literally who

>Tunisian culture

>you'll never abuse them and break them mentally

They're already abused and mentally damaged.

now :/

>mibouns won't exist in the near future.

Arabic is from Asia, originally.

i want to immigrate to algeria and get an algerian gf (all the west of tunisia want to be algerian


shelter and everything is cheap except the permit.
you also need to have some specialty so you can work.
Plus you might hate some socialist policies




Go to /MENA/ since this general is only for northwest Africans.

you're not allowed in our cool boys club >:c

I bumped the thread for them


Thank you Cx

Is Algeria the only country in the Maghreb that is building commie blocs?

of course not

90% and Casa and Rbat are commie blocks

Are they comfy?

are those considered blocks

Kinda spacious yeah

no that's traditional housing

Those are mostly houses.
pic is a block.


yes we have those 90% of new buildings is like this i was living in one of those and it's no comfy at all i can hear my neighbor having sex

i need that pic of castro wearing an algerian bydlo tracksuit

Post her without the 8000 kg makeup.
Dude there are better Moroccan girls.
if you wanna post her go to /MENA/

She is Maghrebi though

Let me post some Maghrebi native exports then

Based Castro
hawt, you can grab a drill and make a hole and then see them.

this girl is French ma nigga.
plus go to /MENA/ please their thread is dying. they need to see some Syriafus

well males are better looking ( at least here in tunisia )they didn't need any make up and get better with age +stronger physique+ more intelligent
are women subhumans

>sending him there

>not keeping him here for those delicious bumps

Women bring the literacy rate of the Maghreb down.
Women genocide when?
Right then.

You can stay here you're Algerian.

lucky Algeria
women are overrated(i'm straight though) an avergae man will loke better than a model when they hit 40 years old

I fucked your mom last night

We're MANchurian my mang

Are you guys envious of your ghetto cousins in Germany, French and the Netherlands or are you glad those retards went away in even more retarded countries that actually accepted them.
The absolute madmen.

Best poster is back

We are glad they went away and will never comeback here.


I fucked your mom last night

I wish I knew that feel.

I fucked your mom last night

the same pic every day
they will look like mamadou without make up they don't even have strong features

What do you feel about the Cambodians in Australia?

Second thing

True that.
Plus look at her tits, what shape are they?

like this?


Stop posting French women wtf

ayy lmao

I fucked your mom last night

in 10 years this man will look 10time better than her
i'm better looking than Kim i bet any one here is better

Kim is Arm*nian

I like to stay in threads from Arab League countries

We start to have more brits than moroccans, please morocco do something


Want us to send more criminal scum ?


if they kill brits yes


I fucked your mom last night

[spoiler]can you give me your skype[/spoiler]

isn't Cred Forums banned in uae and people persecuted for using vpn?

We're Berber league not Arab League


you've been unnecessarily rude

you're just going to spam me the same thing over and over you motherfucker

it is in Saudi though.

We're Berber league not Arab League

>Implying you don't spam us over and over

Based spain

i can make a better pic, just wait some days

Okay then.
(Are you the Spanish Ms paint Artist?)

>you're just going to spam me the same thing over and over
how can you make such assertions about me when you didn't even bother to get to know me ?

now you're the one being rude and offensive

I fucked your mom last night

che (yes...)

Post art.

>inb4 unnecessarily rude/biased/meme art

i'm just going to post one pic and no more


I remember this one, glorious.

No one gives a shit about this useless union go to /MENA/ before it dies.
plus why are Emiratis fucking dumb? I hope Indians take over this country.

ok, see you later

excellent art jorge :o

what is this screencap trying to convey

Damn you are salty for no reason man


>I hope Indians take over this country.

plus next year I'm going out of this shithole.
and in 20 years this place will have the Singapore effect.

>foreign workers =/= citizens

More like Baluchis and Iranis


>mfw ethnic aravim scum makes even less than 11% of the total population


What's the Singapore effect

That's what Singaporeans used to say.
Your country would be a mini better India. And you'd see Emiratis cleaning the streets if there are any left.

I mean we're a small population and somebody's gotta do the menial jobs so why not hire Mexi--errr I mean Indians to do it.

Singapore imported Chinese foreign workers and treated them shit.
Nowadays most of Singapore is Chinese and Chinese is Official and all, and you only see Singaporeans work in the grocery store or something.

even Nigerians build their own skyscrapers

you have no excuse for being lazy slavers

Singaporeans were weak and got cucked by the chinks.
The UAE is not a republic, if you didnt already know.

Well there are Arab refugees that you can at least give citizenship to so you can stay covered.

You will be soon.

Nigeria's population is closer to the U.S, and they probably have more oil than we do

What? A republic?
Not any time soon, no.


Why not give your country to Oman or something then, you're basically saying you're a non-country

Cyril pls

He's not Cyril I think he's Trannyfucker or Bilel

No I'm saying we're a small but wealthy country that imports a bunch of Mexico-tier workers to do menial work.

Oman has similar proportions, except their intermingling goes back hundreds of years when they kicked out the Portuguese and started taking in a shitton of slaves from East Africa.

burbur trash

When I went to Oman I saw Omanis doing menial work you lazy scum.

>what is this screencap trying to convey
it implies maghreb is Arab


wait a sec is an algerian really shit talking a country that is about to send a mission to mars in 2020
while ironically living there?

finally a libyanon

hey sup
I was just busy studying maths and stuff today


Their slavery was arguably worse than the whites and they still have a fuckload of Indians, Pakis, and East Africans.
I'm not lazy I'm just fat.
It's showing that Maghreb is part of the Arab league

now ain't that some shit
(ain't that some shit)

2bh I have nothing against the arab league and stuff but
I think we should leave with the excuse that barely any country in it is democratic 2bh

Hello my fellow Moroccans, how do you do

Everytime we try to install a democratic government, some asshole dictator takes all the power for him and his family and doesn't leave til the people riot it out 40 years later.
Tbqh, I'm fine not having a democracy in the Gulf for the time being. We need a strong government that gets shit done and works for the benefit of the people.
That doesn't mean I wouldn't liketo see democracy become a standard in Arab countries sometime in the future, though.


Can you please go to /MENA/, this is a NWA thread not an Arab thread

well for the time being I think it's a threat to Libya that we be in any organization dominated by dictators 2bqh
I would take a league with Lebanon and Tunisia
is there any other democratic country in the arab league?

can you please kill yourself?
literally no human being in the world wishes he was maghrebi
they are just here cuz this thread is active and they're bored

Still, why don't they go to /cum/? it is active and all.
kill yourself.

because we are closer to them than americans doofus
drink bleach

>Leafy fan
No chin mate.
Plus you're closer to Turkey than Maghreb, why not go to /tr/?

wew lad
I'm trying to be nice but you keep telling me to fuck off

I meant culturally you fucking retard
he's just insecure
ignore him

Same goes there.
No escape faggot
We were trying to be nice before you kicked us out.
get a taste of revenge faggot

wait a second you meant Libya by "you"
Look I understand you failed geography but can you please stop being retarded

No I mean Middle east Raus

you all literally left cuz assman was mad
this is hilarious

>We were trying to be nice before you kicked us out.
Wait what? What do you mean by that
He is trying to divide people. Pretty soon he'll be sitting in his own little corner by himself in his cool kidz club

Wow /MAGHREB/ is dying
why not move here:

you're no proud being a maghrebi leave the thread
oh i forget you are not maghrebien

Cyr*nes on suicide watch

yeah youre right we're not maghreb
its our fault for not speaking french
being rich..having clean water..etc

i request finest pictures of arab qts

Look at those Libyan children, they're good for Libya's future

why do you want to associate with m*ghrebis?
true our culture is a bit like them but we're much better than all of them combined

what even is happening in that picture

Loubia being prepared

Miss libya 2016


Too much makeup and inbred features. they could've crossed the Algerian border and spent less on an ewe and let her be miss loubia.

>Loubian archeticture

what's with the bride of the med?

tfw no libyan GF :'(

>Loubian wildlife

which one of you is this?

Too fucking Empty, and what the hell are these car parks?

>Arab Intellectuals

>Jordan is First world I sware

>Arabs on suicide watch by Based Israel and USA

it's a bus station
>too fucking empty
sorry we use condomes..

Riffian I assume

Don't be sorry that you use condoms, no one wants Libyans.


Read the thread.
and it's a pan-Arabist Greek rape baby

i'm not jordanian though :^)

>berberes are white!!

okay you win

I just think its autistic we make /maghreb/ sometimes
okay i mean make it but dont be an elitist you cunt

I'm none of these numale weab niggers fags

I fucked your mom last night

why do blacks always have that gap between their maxillary central incisors?

It happens to other races sure but it's much much more common with niggers.


How are we elitist

Of course not

We're proud KANGZ

They get into fights more.

you kept telling that emarati guy to fuck off even tho he didnt do anything

Because it's not his General.

I am not bilel

I am not wiki cuck

I am not alg/tn

I am not transfaggot

I am not beur

I fucked your mom last night



he's right though

Lebanese gf soon Insha'Allah

>Says the guy who types like a girl

I fucked your mom last night


What's your prefered national dish? Fideua her.


you got fucked harder by the french

Or maybe Baghrir

please save Belgium from degeneracy

it is the non-country in between the asshole netherlands and shithead france

I guess that would make you...

a motherfucker




Make another fictional stat that surrounds Belgium.


>That Cumshot

lybia's flag is fucking scary

and ugly too. Their Ottoman flag was better.

Look pretty tasty, home made noodles with a chickend based sauce for what I seen, with some garbanzos because why not.
Seems an experience to eat that in a shop.

yeah nigger take that

at least the french and british were more lenient on us then they were on you
+ we gained our independence before you did

You gained independence without fighting lazy fucks. Nowadays you're fighting yourselves. Serves you right.
Yes. And historians say it was the Origin of pasta. Fucking Whiteys stealing food from Berbers.

looks like an isis flag mixed with this gay portugal flag

Libya is Isis and a gay version of Portugal.

Those guys were pro-france get killed by Algerian rebels. (Sourire kabyle method)

We had a war and won. You got raped by everyone for centuries and never won anything, a country of cheapwhores.

Belgium is just he name of the land, has been since 2000 years at least.

What about Al-Belgus? Sounds ok?

i like richta but without onions we have richta with goat meat
yes it doen't look good but it"s tasty and spicy as hell

Let's post water.

I eat it without Onions too.
We don't have goat meat culture, though some people eat it with lamb.

>300000 algerian casualties
a pyrrhic victory if anything
we did in a civil and peaceful manner, without any civilians dying

Wow what a nice Natural river!
>Not having Martyrs
Now let Israel annex you Aravim scum.

Man it's really damn cool to have clean natural rivers

don't you think ?

Nope, just guerilla, still won and kicked out colonists. We also removed 500,000 during the conquest, by your logic we got the k/D ratio.

I can also add the fact that the majority of our cities were made of white slaves until the 19th.

Meanwhile you middle-eastern get colonized for no reason, never cleaned this humiliation, raped since centuries, humiliated by a small state every few year, killed by millions for no reason by US.

You simply can't compete.


Then we have a deal. Please come to my non-country and have many muslim children. Do you want my sister? Or my niece, she's only 4 months old now so you will have to wait for 6-9 years.


we have the same water availability
jordan is named after a river
so i don't know what you're trying to imply

I'm non-Muslim but I'm coming next year.

Stop being so salty like your water

man it's really cool to build your own river
don't you think

>Were made of white slaves.
That's pretty metal.


We fucked your mom last night


you know what you guys win
fuck mena

it's better when tengrii rewards you with your own water resource.
우리는 왕과 똥 이다

Your own people (converted) started it thought to punish their Christian counter-parts.
In Salé, Algiers etc.

One of us One of us!


Stop insulting me in Pheonician you 1/8 negro!

it's better when you give nature a big middle finger 2bh

it's Algerian.

>he didnt get it


This is why your forest area is low.

But this is the punic alphabet, adopted by berbers.

this is why i fucked your mom tho

Posting a pretty girl with a heartwarming smile

Who incidentally looks really Arab

sorry only muslims

no problem though living in a neighbourhood full of people with the same skincolour as you the firsst question they will ask you kardash is: "my friend you are a good muslim yes"

even my cocaine dealer only gives good product to muslims only, i always bring my turk or indian friend (tell him he is a paki) and he is delighted and completely ignores my uncivilised native white ass

so don't worry social pressure will fix your apostateness

imo apostates should be killed btw

Adopted by every alphabet in the world, latin one included

>tfw your lastname mean nigger in spanish but everyone is white in your family .


Fucking infidels we will not forget Alcácer-Quibir

it's Korean therefore Algerian

what did he mean by this?

>algeria 1.70%
>morocco 11.5%
>libya 0.12%
>tunisia 12.60
sand everywhere

Probably a very dark skinned ancestor than got kicked from Sbain, the branch of my grandad were called the Negros, but they only tanned very easyly.

Inshallah brother

This is Percentage mang.
We have a larger forest Area than you though.


>anywhere near as glorious as the stuff posted itt


So who are whiter arabs or maghrebs?

Post qt's plz :3

we are tinny
algeria 2M+ km
tunisia 160K km + from annaba to quacentina was tunisian and corsica and sardinia

>Egypt : 0.07%
>Libya : 0.12%
>Jordan : 1%

top kek @ sandcoons

Yeah i tan pretty easily but in the winter we are very pale and we have straight black hair and some members have green /blue eyes too .
no it's negra

Ar*ps are.
Maghrebs are proud Black, Yellow and Brown.

i think you mean an arab who lives or was born in france :^)


We iz kangz, khans and turkic khans

Stop the We wuz pleae :3
How can they breathe with all that car pollution going on and no trees?

the clothes are ok

i am a black Sicilian

Would you maghrebi people prefer to be chriatian?Would you want to be part of the portuguese empire?

Dude that's Impressive.
The flags are fictional I'll have you know.

this is pretty damn cool

Yes and No.

fuck no, look at Lebanon
>Would you be part of the portuguese empire
Fuck no, mogador a shit

yeah, ok
i will end it in other day

And the Yes is with ****

You can take your time

Lebanon is actually the best arab country in the middle east.
You should have let us convert you like we did to macau,kyushu,timor-leste,goa etc

no, I am none of these autistic namefaggots shitposting cucks

>Lebanon is actually the best arab country in the middle east.


Are you the based Algerian who makes fun of France and makes French butthurt?
Don't fall for memes

In a thread of negativity and anger, I wanted to share a girl smiling, in all her childhood innocence, to inspire everyone in this thread to be a better person

that's what i call a shitpost

Dear God in his wisdom made me understand.

that ?

That dreams always end.
They don't rise up just descend.
But I don't care anymore.

new thread
this one will die soon

not algerian and I don't post in fr/

just in the time of me making this

Your ancestors accepted it even if it was through the use of the sword. Their grandchildren propagated it because what else could they do? It is far more natural to join the so-called oppressor and not only accept but promote the new situation, forgetting the centuries of romanized culture before (apparently not strong enough).

Simply look at us, called a non-country by our so-called racial "brothers", looked down upon and despised, it is far better to embrace the new teachings, instead of fighting the by far more agressive warrior culture who is uncorruptable with modern jew-tricks (acceptance of homo, trannie, feminism and whatnot). No, better to join them, and turn against the effeminate self-loathing purposeless majority. It doesn't matter if you really believe Mehmet is a prophet, or the reality of Islam being God-send, it really doesn"t matter. Make Belgium great again!

"The Belgians are the bravest of all the Gauls" - Julius Caesar

Islam will help us do it again, and at the same time our muslim brothers will love and respect us, and we'll be good brothers to them, the essence of the personality of any good Belgian, in his heart he loves friendship with and respect of foreigners. This religion will revitalise us.



Slow down with the peyote brosky.

I've lost the will to want more.