Russia is not first world

>Russia is not first world

They said...

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Wow they got trains. For someone who never saw trains (like the average Brazilian) this must be an indicator for the first world.

Woah now user, don't forget they 'invented' the aeroplane.

>Russia has trains

Amazing tell us more

Airplanes are better than trains


nice proxy sergay but it's italian train


at least we're building them

Nah. They are faster but not better.


Actually german

Blue tape will do better


>first world
>70-80% of population doesn't speak English


memeland, the netherlands and denmark can explain

you can buy pesa :3

fucking russia why you don't make these beautiful trams reeeeee

i rode your trams in gdansk
they are awesome

what's wrong with them? I travel by train everyday and there's barely any problems.

tfw we have pesa


this tram is awesome, hands down , but...

loving the dichotomy тбх


this fabulous train looks like fastfood restaraunt inside *_*


holy shit it's upside down m8

I don't like your sarcasm, John


We got burned by Italians and their shit trains here too.

There was this train here (Fyra) that was suppose to make a faster connection between Antwerp and Amsterdam. It rode maybe twice before it broke down.

>they didn't buy trains from Stadler Rail

>they didn't buy French trains
serves you right

Woops. Maybe I should have looked at your picture before posting.

Moscow is first world, yes, but take a train from Irkutsk to Vladivostok and you'll understand why Russia isn't first world.

Most Russians can't afford using those trains, retard. It's for Moscow and SPb richfags

That's bullshit, prices are the same.

Zudora-suto Viche. Russian gentleman. I live near Russian consulate and has participated in the party there. Would you tell me your country transportation if you don't mind? Don't most of Russian drink Vodka? My Russian friends terribly refuse the Russian drinking item.

Why do European look down on Russia,which has wonderful culture?

Russia is third world, your pic is only in Moscow and several big cities
Real Russia looks like this

pic doesn't look bad

So, cities are 1st world, small towns and villages are 3rd world. On average, Russia is 2nd world.

I meant infrastructure and trains aren't that good as in European part of the country.

Do people like them?
I have seen an documentary some time ago about them and they said that people (especially in rural areas) don't liked them because Russians are not really used to trains that fast and that quite a few people died because the crossing have no alarm signal when they come.

Also do they sell stuff in there too?
Was on a regual Russian train once and was kinda surprised that they try to sell you that much crap in there.

And picrelated is our real train

Thank god American trains don't look retarded like the rest in this thread.

I can get on a train not far from my house and go to Russia. The thought has always blown my mind.

Considering how Alstom can only sell trains through bribery, I do'nt think they're too good.

Do you have more of these?

It's not Europeans, it's mostly Jews who hate Russia.

They still feel butthurt because of pogroms in the early 20th century.

Cities in poor neighborhoods are 3rd world too
Pic is Moscow

We should nuke Kapotnya and Tekstilshiki tbн
t. Moscal


This, back in the days I lived next to railway station where high-speed trains to SPB and Helsinki stopped.

W-what about Kotelniki?

Is it Allegro train?


Moscow, except Kapotnya and others, haven't soul

russia = shit world

And build over 9000 new 30+ floor commieblocks with only 1 room apartments in them?

Thank you!! Do you mean FAKE JEW of Bazaar empire?

Lenin seems one of fake Jews..

Hhmmmm, you very good at russian city-planing. Where did you learn it?

Some places do look first world in Russia, but if you walk just a little bit further you'll find something second/third world tier easily.

Caнкт- Пeтepбypг,

Being Russian is suffering and bitterness

does picrelated commieblock look 1st world?

It seems to be ok and I usually like small sities near Moscow like Domodedovo/Khimki. Kapotnya is literally the worst district here and it's population is only ~27k people, not that much tbн so these people could easily move somewhere else.
UVAO is shit with a little to none exceptions like Maryino.
That would be our problem, not yours. That district doesn't even have an underground and people living outside of the city can get to the center of it much faster. Nothing of value will be lost

>suffering and bitterness
true, but far far not as romantic as your video and song is

>Do people like them?
Yes, why not?
>people (especially in rural areas) don't liked them because Russians are not really used to trains
Sounds like made up bullshit for a documentary. You probably can find people who don't like such trains, but these train mostly go through uninhabited areas so they barely bother anybody.
>kinda surprised that they try to sell you that much crap in there
They offer you some snacks and tea once or twice and remind you that there's a restaurant working.
Maybe you've been in commuter train near Moscow? Or was it real long-distance train?

Reading about the history of Russia, it feels like it all went to shit when the Republic of Novgorod was destroyed.

Novgorod was almost "Western" in its outlook to life and politics. If it prevailed over the Mongol-influenced Moscovites, or if it at least survived like the "free imperial cities" did in Germany, it could be a base for indigenous Russian political and economical liberalism.

It looks strange, but not that bad.

Пoхoжe нa нoвыe нoвocтpoйки, кoтopыe виднo ecли в Химки выeхaть нa мaшинe. Toжe вce paзнoцвeтныe.


Muscovy was very interesting as well, I don't understand this idea that Russia should be 100% western when its always been something in-between. I just feel bad that they might be replaced by fast breeding Muslims and Chinese within our lifetime.

Learned a lot when was trying to rent an apartment in St.Petersburg.
It's still almost impossible and expensive to settle 27k people in Moscow without losing their previous living space

>It seems to be ok

What I hear it is going to shit too. Just "black heads" around today...

>Maybe you've been in commuter train near Moscow?
Maybe. It was the train from Moscow to Kubinka (~70km).

no worse than the godawful prebuilt houses they throw up here with no yard and no discernible style.

poor man :CC

SR2 after it hit a moose.

I agree with you my friend, insaine tsar Ivan the 4, killed them with fire. Best people of russia of that time. Underrated point of no return in russian history.

pили мэикc ю тинк

Everyone has pesa, LHS, newag, solaris or solbus. We're top tier train/tram/bus producers.

There are more "1st worldish" neighborhoods, this is one of the Moscow suburbs. The problem is prices are 1st world too and most people can't afford such houses.

Where are all the fences?

>I just feel bad that they might be replaced by fast breeding Muslims and Chinese within our lifetime.
Lol, living here I dont give a fuck if it heppened. And you living on the other part of the globe worry about the shite you dont know. Real canadian pidarusska))

Disgusting architecture.

>falling for the suburb meme

stop now while youre ahead

>It was the train from Moscow to Kubinka
It's called "electrichka", it doesn't offer much of a comfort, but cheap and it's full of people who are trying to sell ridiculous and useless shit, I don't know why it's still a thing there.

> go to the any small russian town
> al is busted, dirt, drunken people everywhere
> bydlo bydlo bydlo cyka blyat'
> ok, that was terrible, go to Moscow to see civiliized Russia
> the same shit and a lot of fucking mudslim churka caucasian motherfuckers everywhere

I'll still prefer Russia instead of Apezil, but both the countries are fucking second/third world

On the backyard.
What should we build?

That fucking design...

>welcome to the meeting "New Trams for Russia". Any design ideas?
>Yeah, I have heard not anyone getting hit by a Tram is cut into multiple pieces! We should totally design them to force anything they hit under it!
>Great idea, let's do this!

I have (my parents) sold a 2-bedroom apartment in Moscow and for these money we bought a 4-bedroom and a 1-bedroom apartments in Troisk.
Win or Fail?

Я знaю, чтo хoтя бы мeждy yчacткaми ecть зaбopы, нo вce paвнo нeпpивычнo. У мeня бoгaтыe poдcтвeнники живyт в элитнoм пoceлкe, тaк тaм киpпичныe зaбopы мeтpoвыe.

The point is not really being "Western". We only call political and economical liberalism "Western" because it took root in Great Britain and expanded to the world, but there were seeds of it elsewhere before the 17th century. In the Golden Liberty of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, in the Free Imperial Cities of the Holy Roman Empire, in the Italian communes, in French, English and Spanish guilds. And, in Russia, in the political and economical city of the Republic of Novgorod.

All those institutions I mentioned previously survived way into the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries, serving as basis for the development of indigenous liberal and Enlightened thought. But in Russia, Novgorod submitted to Muscovy in the XIVth century, and completely destroyed by Ivan the Terrible.

Ever since then, all attempts at liberalism at Russia have been, indeed, "Western" impositions or mimicy. Culminating in the catastrophe of the 1990s.

if you have buggati-win

Comfort was ok for such a short ride, but these people trying to sell you crap all the time were really annoying. I mean some even had music/speakers...

how retarded people need to be to get hitted by train???

nah I am middle class, the apartment we sold was an average commie-block app in Chertanovo

my family is Russian and I want Russia to be powerful

Why does Brazil stand up for Russia all the time

Were you actually living in that small town and Moscow for some time?
Because not any small town is full of drunken bydlo.
In Moscow there are Caucasians mostly in subway and train stations.

Epic win

I think commute through Kaluga every morning is pain in the ass, it's not very convenient.

cute colors :3

i want pink onee

Shithole bros.

brazilians are commiefags

What for? Powerful Russia = russian people suck

Brazil is the Russia of the South
except happy

was this train designed by the same italian who did fiat multipla? what is his fucking problem?

I dont like russia, but I like brazilian brothers

Well, Trams drive around in the inner city with many pedestrians around. Quite common someone gets hit by it. Maybe old people, peole that don't watch were they walk, people that trip over something, drunk people...

Also, Australia. They own a fucking continent.

anybody can purchase siemens trains bruv

>muh brics

Australia is south Canada, no discuss

i've seen how tram hit girl in headphones
degenerats must suffer

Death is not suffering.

>We should totally design them to force anything they hit under it!
Exactly my toughs but hurr at least they looks futuristic.


looks like something out of blade runner or some early 90s cyberpunk movie

she's not dead, she lost her legs probably

Canada is Bizarro Russia

Yeah they should have built a speed tram line, but after Ukrainian crisis it seems they have no money to finish it lmao

I like it too Pekka :3

Reminder that some regions of the UK still heavily use "trains" built by a bus company in the 1980's


That's funny because 1 year ago 1 man lost his legs in the same place in the same way xDDDDDDDD

Lol, what a moron.

Пoчeмy oни вooбщe пo тeм пyтям хoдят?

Somehow, Moscow is 20 years behind of the rest of Russia in terms of retail culture.

They're our besties along with Portugal tfw we could have our own continent if it weren't for those disgusting mexicans living in our borders

Have you not read Bulgakov?

>Welcome to City 17...

Also, request a picture of Moscow City(8 out of 10 tallest bulidings in europe btw) in a fog and old soviet bulding on first plan, look like real City 17

Post city trains



And the one from my city.