Britain will veto EU army, says Defence Secretary

For as long as the UK is a member of the EU, it will block plans for an EU army, says Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon

Sir Michael told The Times newspaper. "That is not going to happen. We are full members of the EU and we will go on resisting any attempt to set up a rival to Nato."

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I don't support EU in the least, but why do bongs want to stay a cocksleeve for the burgers?

Based Britain

>Want EU army
>Most don't even meet the NATO minimum of 2% defence spending


haha they have nothing to say ISLAMIC EUROPE WILL WIN

You cannot keep vetoing for ever.

Well done, brits, well done.


>EU army

It would be an absolute disaster. A clusterfuck beyond all proportions.

Europhiles are as much LARPers as White Nationalists. They see the shitty faux-imperial flag and think: "whoa so ebin lets have a big EU army so we can be Empire of world relevance!".

NATO secured the peace, Pax Americana. It was nothing to do with the EU. The only time the EU was in charge of a European conflict was in Yugoslavia. The EU caused the crisis in the first place due to their own arrogance, and then were so abysmally incompetent (again due to arrogance) that the Americans had to swoop in and take over. Now they are saber rattling Russia with this "EU army" LARP, and it's obvious that for all of the butthurt from Yuros about America, their power is simply an extension of America's power. Germany was and is still an American occupied country, the EU exists to give a market for German exports and to harmonize laws for American companies.

The Yuro's little wee wee will go hard at the idea of the EU army, but it will not function as an effective army. The goal is to harmonize the militaries of European countries and give the arms contracts to huge American companies. The army would be inept, impotent, ineffectual, etc..

A soldier's loyalty lies in his country and his sovereign, not in some 20th century artificial faux-Empire and the commissioners.

>EU army

So the French army under the control of Germans?

You saved us from Napoleon and Hitler but it seems Merkel has defeated you and doomed Europe forever.

>Napoleon was a bad guy

>implying Britain's opinion will matter after they invoke article 50 in January 2017

NATO on suicide watch

*tips famine*

*tips 75% unemployment*

>For as long as the UK is a member of the EU

what, maybe 2 years at most?

No it's considered treason in France to fight for another army so this will never happens.

lol, typical Brit megalomania

Will be fucking garbage tier anyway, 95% of EU militaries consist of a few infantry regiments with no high-tier capability.

German foreign policy is cuckes beyond reason.

>maybe 2 years at most?
*at least
The reckon the negotiations could be drawn out for up to 4 years, and that's just when they can finally -start- the actual negotiations. It'd take like 8-10 years in total to actually get it going.

Caliphate Army

>"haha EU cucks, guys" says an increasingly nervous anglo pig for the third time today
Invoke article 50 and die as the irrelevant shithole you are.

Thank you Donald Trump for bringing EU closer together and more anti-America

Praise Kek

lol nobody cares about UKs veto anymore


The project of the eu army is at least 50years old and there is no sign of any advances, keep dreaming.
How would this work anyways?
Useful idiots fight another army than the one of their country?

Just be glad we're doing at least some good before we leave.

>this will never happens.
this is all everybody ever says about the EU's expansion efforts. It can't happen! X is preventing it from happening!

The EU taking over everybody's militaries was a conspiracy theory a few years ago, now it is in the headlines every day and is something the EU is openly committed to. And it will continue so long as people just sit and do nothing and keep repeating "it can't happen" every single time.

>conspiracy theory
The conceot of an unified european army is a couple if decades older than the EU itself.

>How would this work anyways?

Germany and Belgium have no armies, and since France and Italy are the only EU countries left with militaries worth shit at the moment, the law will effectively force them to fight for Germany and Belgium.

Enjoy Merkel forcing you to die aiding islamists against Europeans


Lots of things exist as concepts, it doesn't mean they're not preposterous and utterly laughable concepts that nobody seriously considers besides clueless bureaucrats trying to accumulate more power for themselves and autists on Cred Forums.


hahaha what
sounds like we're causing the buttblasting to me

>this damage control
English people on Cred Forums are truly the most delusional people I've ever come across.

You're getting raped in a little thing called "the real world" from all angles and no amount of shitposting on a Vietnamese stamp-collecting forum is going to change that.

Thanks to UK they will at least cockblock this nonsense for a while.

>Defence Secretary
The Brits never did have a democracy by the people for the people, did they? This Brexit thing is basically a Falklands War, isn't it?

>Why do they trust an existing successful superpower over a dubious union that is still in its infancy?

>No it's considered treason in France to fight for another army


Between those who will gladly fight for the p*lestinians, those who will gladly betray their country and fight for Putin, those who want to fight for ISIS (fuck them)...

>babby belgium
Shh the real countries are talking

Wow, such a burn. You sure showed me :^)

Why does it matter if we're leaving anyway?

Because they thought they owned you and now they're throwing a tantrum because you showed them they don't

Shhh no tears, only brexit now.

Hitler did nothing wrong

What, exactly, is the issue?
If the EU members want it, do it.
If they don't, don't.
Why the drama?

>implying we're not technocrats from the imperial EU parliament devising ways to dominate the continent


You become a sir or dame by being knighted due to merit

>This Brexit thing is basically a Falklands War, isn't it?


I thought it was based until I read "a rival to Nato", Britain acting as the 51st state as usual.

They're effectively out already, they don't have a say in European politics, much less a veto power. With or without art.50 invoked, they're out, Europe goes and the English are in the moon for all they matter.

This last EU meeting didn't even include the brits, not even as in 'observer' status.

The British want to keep their sovereignty and but also stay relevant. They are some of the biggest spenders in NATO, so the EU setting up their own army is a threat.

>mfw another passive-aggressive brit rant

BREXIT = irrelevance


>A soldier's loyalty lies in his country and his sovereign, not in some 20th century artificial faux-Empire and the commissioners.

>t. fatso whos never even thought about doing military services

There's no world in which an EU army wouldn't be committed to collective defense under Article V.
>I thought it was based until I read "a rival to Nato"
You're already committed to NATO. If you think you'd also like to be committed to Brussels in that regard, go ahead. But obligations towards NATO don't disappear, either way.

it's 99.9999% unemployment, not 75%. and that's because the king counts as having a job

I'm against the EU and therefore against a EU army, I thought Britain was vetoing it out of conviction, while they just do it because muh nato

How do you know they aren't doing it out of conviction and that's just their rationalization?

So why are we part of NATO ?

>the law will effectively force them to fight for Germany and Belgium.

You mean pay ? We already effectively fight for Europe. Who is fighting islamists in Africa do you think ?

The Yuropean army is a horrible idea at the moment. Maybe some day though, but not now.

Britain's continues to be Murrica's barking bitch as well, with or without brexit, that's one thing that'll never change. But with the english out of Europe, it facilitates the possibility of a future pan-european armed forces.

In the UK Napoleon is seen as yet another manlet European dictator who got blown the fuck out.

>the possibility of a future pan-european armed forces.
Fuck this idea. The french army is currently the only army in the EU that is doing the job. We asked for help and its been refused. I don't want a EU army at all.

...By the prussians.
He won against the brits, he lost at waterloo only because the prussians arrived.

As I said, he got blown the fuck out.

But not by you so you don't have to be proud.

Say that to my face and not online.

Neither do I want to see our guys deployed in Mali, Niger and shit to support the stability of French colonial puppets regimes and French colonial economic interests. Aka ''''''''''fighting terrorism''''''.

But maybe some day there's a somewhat harmonized European foreign policy that also serves to harmonize interests.

Till then, effectively fuck you and your particular subsaharian sphere of cuckdom, gabachos de mier.

Sadly (memes aside) you guys have the most experience and best reputation on the continent so if you want it to not be a gigantic clusterfuck you'll have to get involved.

Yeah fighting ISIS is about defending our ex colonies in Africa.

I don't think anyone here would support a EU army
Hell, I'm not sure how much of the population supports the EU at all

>the anglosphere will team up to liberate europe from germany again

getting a bit boring but hey, maybe theyll learn after the 3rd time

>they think EU army will get through all of these countries

Fuck you, if we were not fighting ISIS would control all of western africa by now. And you would have the ennemy just across the sea

>I don't think anyone here would support a EU army

I do

>Hell, I'm not sure how much of the population supports the EU at all

It went up with the Brexit, more than 50% in France

NATO is destructive to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The more we let NATO run wild, the more refugees will be flooding into EU.

>Maybe they'll learn after the 3rd time
mate we're up to the Fourth Reich now

The European Union is bound to collapse.
foe reasons obvious to everyone, Europeans are too diverse and power hungry chimps

It's been 60 years we hear that shit, it's still here


It won't collapse as long as it provides benefits economically. Which it arguably does.

>conflating the EEC and the EU
When will this meme die?

Not while the economy is doing fine, that's what is holding it together

>I do
can I suggest promptly ending your life

>le German Empire

Look at Belgium if you want a country with a disproportionate amount of power. Merkel is arguably the least popular Yuro leader on this site, but her decisions have little bearing on other EU countries, except for Hungary of course

>Look at Belgium if you want a country with a disproportionate amount of power.

The trouble is people keep forgetting about Belgium. It's such an easily forgettable country - on the same level as Luxembourg.

You can, but I won't listen to you

It's true for any country or empire user. As soon as shit goes down, there is trouble of course. The fact is that it's still here right now and not on the immediate verge of collapse, so it still has some long years before it

>EU army
Why would we need this if not to further strenghten EU's chokehold of member states? Good thing it will never happen as long as members have some kind of power left, and we will never allow EU troops within our borders.

Ahaha Britain is really buttblasted. They don't want to be in but they want to have a say still???

Fuck 'em.

We need it to invade Britain :^)

We just have to negociate an insurgency with the scots, sever their oil and roll

I stand with le Perfidious Albion.

>That is not going to happen
yes it is.

And probably sooner that it would've happened if the Pajeets have kept their mouths shut. Nobody likes them and no people will be for an EU army just to spite them.

listen here

hinkley point was just greenlighted. 2 other foreign owned plants will be built too. its a matter of time before the scots are indepedent. ireland will reunify as well. london will drain into the continent.

seriously, give it 10-20 years, and england will be as significant as sweden.

>implying based UK doesn't sacrifice itself for the greater good

They're just misunderstood

And that's thanks to ONE man.

>give it 10-20 years, and england will be as significant as sweden.

Seriously my dick can't wait

>they think the celts will ruin a 300 year old union for their federation
>they think the anglos will let them do that
>they don't pay any attention to this country's press or opinion polls

revolutions have always been hard for the anglo, but they do happen.


Look at this contempt. Anglos are truly the worst

>they think the anglos will let them do that
How are you going to stop them Pajeet? If you go violent you know that there will be paratroopers raining in London in less than 15 minutes.

He's a fucking elected MP you twat.
>He re-entered Parliament at the 1997 general election representing the safe Conservative constituency of Sevenoaks following the retirement of the sitting Tory MP, Mark Wolfson, and has served as the MP there since.

By saying no to it? Sturgeon can't just decide to have a referendum whenever she wants or there would be constant referendums. They also wouldn't win at the moment.

Maybe the EU will fund some schools in your country soon and you might be able to think of other solutions to problems than violence!

That has nothing to do with nato and everything to do with your politicians and the e.u fucking you over

Yeah it's the fault of the EU if the middle east is burning right now. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you ?

>By saying no to it?
I would love to see that happen.
>They also wouldn't win at the moment.
We are talking about the time after you've left Pajeet.
>Maybe the EU will fund some schools in your country soon and you might be able to think of other solutions to problems than violence!
Pajeet don't talk to me about violence and school since your schools are the ones that are spewing that subhuman garbage you like to call disgruntled youth and your footy hooligans. Maybe the EU should send you some money for schools instead.

And we didn't force you to take any in. You were readily doing that since the Algerian civil war when you took in all those Islamists that lost in Algeria.

>all those Islamists that lost in Algeria

Harkis were hardly "islamists", Timmy

>we didn't force you to take any in

Well, first we don't have that many refugees here, but problem is, immigration waves like this are hard to control. You should know what I'm talking about with all those mexicans on your doorstep

How about you shop shitting around so there is nothing to be taken Jamal. I know the concept of not being a warmongering oil hungry sorry excuse for a country is very hard for you but maybe with all that oil money you will be able to buy yourself some better education.

>How are you going to stop them Pajeet?
by telling them no
then they'll take it like they always have, and always will

Talking about the one in the 90s pierre

Don't give me that shit. We aren't in charge of borders. You are. You let a "former" communist open the borders for you

>then they'll take it like they always have, and always will
Give it time Pajeet. You are still technically in. Once you are out, the fun will begin.

>they always have, and always will

Your "union" only exist since 300 years. It's nothing in term of history. If you think Scotland can never leave you're completely dumb

>the one in the 90s

Even forgot this shit happened. Well this has nothing to do with Iraq now, right ? If you didn't have put your oily fingers in that shit, we wouldn't deal with the aftermath now.

And let's not forget what it cost to the US in terms of money, but hey

>voting for some faggot referendum instead of just kicking them out and telling them to fuck off

>avoiding the part about the oil
Jamal you are thieves of a global scale. The only reason there are rapefugees here is that Syria has oil that you want.

Subhuman ameritrash like you will never admit it i know. You are to blame for this shit.

you seem rather emotional about this topic, friend
don't worry, i'm sure merkel will still give you handouts after we are gone
>Your "union" only exist since 300 years
as opposed to the EU..
not particularly clever when you share a land border with england

If they want out there is nothing England can do

"The brexiteer, having lost all his influence continues to ruffle his feathers in a last ditch attempt to find a mate"

We aren't getting oil from Iraq. Chinese companies have the contracts so I'm just ignoring your idiocy there.

The war had nothing to do with oil faggot and it had nothing to do with the fact that you let them in. Not us

>don't worry, i'm sure merkel will still give you handouts after we are gone
I don't worry.
We've survived worse....way worse.
>not particularly clever when you share a land border with england
I am going to ask again.. what will you do about it? Just saying ''no'' is not an option in this case. What are you going to do Pajeet?

>Iraq had nothing to do with oil

Jesus that's the best one I heard today

I voted remain come at me

>I voted remain

It would just be an excuse for all the EU nations to spend even less on their military anyways. Functionally it would just make Europe weaker.

>The war had nothing to do with oil


>what will you do about it?
We don't need to do anything since it hasn't happened and obviously won't you chucklefuck
Were you one of those saying we'd never leave the EU too?

>obviously won't you chucklefuck

Wait and see, as you Rosbifs like to say

Yes otherwise weed have the contracts

>frog wants to be part of a super state and have no culture or identity


you french are such pathetic little men

But it's not even been doing fine at all and there it stands and there are still countries wanting to join it.

There are many more bounds than economic ones. Although I agree this is the prime one and Europe should start shaping the fuck up and be much more active and agressive in defense of the Union's economic interests, from monetary policy to international commerce and industrial/corporate development. It amazes me how fucking cucked Europe is by US IT companies (Microsoft, Google and so on) and hardware (GPS system f.i)




Yeah so why the war then ? And cut the BS about the MD weapons, Powell

to clean up the mess they made you dumb frog fuck


That was the reason. Iraq sold them to Syria though



What about the fact they knew all this was pure bullshit and it was really just about the oil?

>Sir Michael told The Times newspaper. "That is not going to happen. We are full members of the EU and we will go on resisting any attempt to set up a rival to Nato."
eternal anglo

>to clean up the mess they made

Who ?

>Iraq sold them to Syria

Do you even have a source to back this bullshit ?

Why do any of you support the EU?

Do you actually want to be ruled by fuckers like this?

But it is the EU's fault for letting in all the third world savages that want to come here

Only partially. The fact there even was a crisis showed that there was no european obligations to handle this kind of shit, and pretty much everyone did what they wanted, from Germany letting everyone in, and Hungary and UK closing the doors. EU merely tried to harmonize the distribution of the refugees, which didn't work at all.

Didn't read my other posts i see

It was the fault of the e.u. especially Germany


>Do you actually want to be ruled by fuckers like this?
We just got the first installment of 108 million euros to help us build more wall on our border with Turkey and soon there will be EU border control here so i am completely ok with Junker.

you are 13 and have read one wiki article go fuck yourself

>Junkers has a book in which he writes the names of those who have done him wrong

why is he so fucking insane

I just explained that you can only accuse the EU of being at fault only if you admit they didn't do enough and wasn't involved enough in the external borders surveillance -literally what they're trying to do right now- but ok

>the anglos are defending one another
I am sure that the USA will send you some oil after you loose yours.

I don't see why not

Oh and here is the partner in crime. Did you already forget about the Blair shitstorm

>something something my country hasn't been relevant for 3000 years

Kek your acting like a nigger. Just keep blaming everyone else.

blair was a commie don't care

>hurr durr nigger

It must be so great to think that you can never do any wrong

how many syrian cocks in your wife did it take for you to become like this?

As many as yours will take when we will stop keeping them in Calais

i support eu army
god bless my (truly) european friends
fuck off yanks and brits (you are not european) i htae all of u

You are acting like a turk, Pajeet.
>it was the kurds who did it
Pajeet i see you finally released your inner subhuman.

Based Poland

why do europoors keep pushing this meme we are america's servant? If it was up to them we wouldn't have left the EU, they wanted us in

yorkshire born yorkshire bread

I don't know where you got that I'm indian from

I guess you slavs aren't too smart anyways

They want it so all the small nations can finally get rid of their militaries completely.

based France like seriously what can go wrong when fucking anglos are out?
they're literally the root of all evil, fuck yanks and fuck brits in particular

>I don't know where you got that I'm indian from
it's his default name for brits he's been using for everyone itt
don't expect originality

>what can go wrong when fucking anglos are out?

Nothing, user. Nothing can go wrong

Lel can't wait to see you wallow around in your filth as a pan European army is used to suppress your rights

It's quite likely that the majority of this pan european army will be french but ok

Love how mad most Euros are about brexit desu

That's the silliest picture I've ever seen. As if a limp wrist like Hollande could conquer England.


Are you kidding ? I can't stop laughing when I think about UK now. You've literally become a meme country, and it's not gonna improve anytime soon

Why have we become a meme country?

cuz he has no valid criticism

>amerifatland talking about rights
Remember the patriot act? An american speaking about rights is like a blind man speaking about the pretty clouds.

Napoleon was often considered the Hitler before Hitler, which is partially why the pig in Animal Farm is named Napoleon.

you've always been a meme country, now fuck off you teethy untermensch


provided to every polish girl that comes here

>Napoleon was often considered the Hitler before Hitler

English propaganda, he didn't want to do shady shit like killing jews or enslave slavs

You opinion on matters of EU related problems has no gravitas anymore. You don't matter. I mean soon even Bulgaria will have more votes in the EU parliament than GB, soon to be only England. You are about to become the biggest meme of this century.

>Germany has no army

Don't the British have terrible dental hygiene?

Probably fair enough, given that Orwell was British.

>GB, soon to be only England

I feel like I'm missing something, how is this BTFO?

More importantly, why is an EU army a good idea?

>has no gravitas anymore

Did it ever?

You've always hated us. You can take your EU and shove it up your arse desu.
Love you yank

Because you're butthurt enough to say you're gonna veto it when already nobody listens to you anymore

The french would dominate it. That's what they wanted for 60 years now. I'm not why the others want it

damn, yuros btfo right here, not a single argument put forth against it kek

>Britain will veto EU army
Whatever happened to Brexit? If they left the EU, then how are they still voting on EU matters?

We haven't left yet, it's made to be as hard as possible to leave the thing.

>Because you're butthurt enough to say you're gonna veto it when already nobody listens to you anymore
People not listening to the UK was one of the reasons why the idea of Brexit gained such traction in the first place.

A veto is a veto regardless, anyway.

>Look at this contempt. Anglos are truly the worst
since when is celt a bad word?

Because those pussies have still not activated the article to start the Brexit, so despite the fact that the EU is already making reunions at 27 and that the UK has no europeans responsibles anymore, they still want to scream under the windows like the whore they are


>People not listening to the UK

EU was listening to you. Far too much even. You had one of the biggest share with all of your special privileges but now that's over

its funny because it's true

It is pretty easy actually. You are the ones who are making it slow. You are the ones who are yet to invoke article 50. The EU parliament is ready to kick you yesterday.

delete this

>go into brexit thread
>whole of europe vs a few patriotic and sensible brit posters
Take heart lads, it's stormy seas that make good sailors.

he also thinks he's talked to aliens

just turn into a 3rd world hellhole already, oh wait xD

Please kick out American forces as quickly as possible. I'm tired on our taxes going to defending places like the damn Balkans while I know personally many people who can even get proper healthcare...

wait, are you trying to tell me that aliens do not exist, my finnish buddy?

this yank isolationist trend is troubling
hope hilldawg wins so everyone in europe can continue free riding on your military budget


The ease at which European countries are prepared to give up their sovereignty is scary. I half expect it from Poland and Bulgaria because they have nothing going for them anyway but it's sad to see the rest.

ah yes
very good
just bought a new car with some sovereignty

>muh sovereignity

Someone has to do one of these for our british friends

Tell them to get real jobs. I'm 25 and i have insurance

I don't know why it's seen as a joke. We've been in a constant struggle with the EU courts over the prisoners rights to vote (something they're entitled to under EU human rights). We can't change VAT on certain things. Fishermen have been pretty vocal on their views on EU fishing laws.

Why are these things just laughed out and seen as "muh sovereignty"?

> nobody listens to the UK
Not quite yet.
No one will once they gather their balls and actually DO leave the EU.

Will France's nuclear weapons become Europe's nuclear weapons? :^)

So you need you sovereignty in order to act like a subhuman i see.

Fuck human rights?
Fuck wildlife?

With that way of thinking i already expect England to become worse than Bulgaria.

Criminals on long sentences don't deserve the right to vote. I don't want a murderer to have any say at all in the direction of the country. I can understand why you'd be supportive of prisoner rights though, being Bulgarian.

Unless you can expand upon "wildlife" you may as well drop that point too. Many countries have their own sustainable fishing policies however while in the EU we can't decide our own and have restricted fishing areas.

The only way we could become worse than Bulgaria is if we just nuked ourselves one day. Just completely blow ourselves up. Even then it'd be close.

Absolutely perfidious.

We're tired of paying for shit. The UK is fine though. They're at least trying to hit their NATO goals.

Germany has basically just told us "BUT WE CAN'T AFFORD IT >:(" for the last 60 years while having one of the largest and most productive economies in Europe. Why should we be subsidizing their defense?

That wouldn't be half a bad thing, actually. Shit is expensive

you've got loadsa money yankee
you can just pay for europe if you wanna boss russia around like you used to xx

The only one doing the bossing will be the Chinese when the whoop our imperialist fat asses out of asia god willing. Hopefully euro army will come around and Germany can expel the American forces. I love the thought of obongo sitting in a meeting with Merkel and he comes up with an idea and Merkel say to fuck off. If the American government is unhappy I'm happy.

>We are full members of the EU and we will go on resisting any attempt to set up a rival to Nato

First point, not anymore
Second point, pathetic US cucks

>militarily relevant threat to any european power.

You should be smarter than this.

The american spies reveal their true purpose.

Neo liberal cunts like you really need to be lined up and shot I can't wait till one of your family members dies in a terrorist attack (hopefully it will be your mother) as you might wake up.

Please don't ever post that picture again.

Not militarily but politically it's quite better to not let them install their own fucking state so they can build up their own shit before blowing up ours, yes

That's not very nice

Those fuckwits can't build shit, it takes them a ton of effort to even just kill a few people through a terror attack anywhere in Europe. If they ever tried anything remotely close to a military complex to produce tanks or aircraft it would be blown the fuck out in minutes. Actually the guy in charge of thinking about it would be shot dead before he could start the layout in his computer.

Hell, your own army is going on a half assed way about it, if they put boots on the ground, you frenchies would have killed every single ISIS supporter in Syria within a month, there are other reasons not to do that.

Neither is your existence paki.

Said the one whose soldiers get beheaded in the middle of his capital by niggers.

You have no say here, piss off and FINALLY FUCK OFF from the EU the sooner the better. It's not like the cock in your mouth isn't American regardless of in or outside the EU. Little lapdog

Syria is a fucking shitshow with too many actors, and it's far too late to do anything other than putting a puppet state, but nobody is willing to do that, financially and militarily.

Africa still has their political structures "intact", so it's not that idiotic to defend those countries while they're still standing.

>If they ever tried anything remotely close to a military complex to produce tanks or aircraft it would be blown the fuck out in minutes
>what is Iran

Good. EU Army is fucking retarded. Yurop - just stop fucking budget cutting your armed forces and BOOM - you're relevant in NATO again.

Stop lying you islamist supporting Algerian dog 99% of Syrians support Assad.

>A brit calling someone paki

Now that's funny

t. Assad

you're literally the country with the most muslims in western europe and the most terrorist attacks btw

But... Belgium can into relevance?

found the putinbot

Posted from your EU donated PC whilst eating your EU packaged noodles.

Countries like yours simply drag the EU down. You're literally the gibsmedats of Europe. You benefit nobody and never ever will.

>most terrorist attacks

Because we fight ISIS

>with the most muslims in western europe

And yet our girls are not raped in thousands while the police watches


>At least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, a report has found.

Who's the cuck now ?

>what is Iran
Iran has for many years been a sovereign country with at least functional relations with other countries, an educational system and organized companies. They are way different from a ragtag bunch of idiots with stolen kalashnikovs travelling around the desert in trucks who are at war with half of the civilized world while the other half considers them a nuisance.

Is ISIS going to develop fighter jets, mechanized infantry and artillery support any time soon?

For the rest of your message, you are right, but still doesn't make them a conventional threat to mainland Europe.

To be honest the main reason the west fights ISIS is because they act like a crazy death cult.
I don't think tolerating that kind of shit sends the right signals.

ISIS could become similar if they started to control the infrastructure of a country. Hell, they even sell the oil from their factories to Assad. They win millions with the resources and could put it to good use in their country.

I agree that ISIS is not a big threat in itself, but the potential to be harmful is there, and the fact that Europe is already greatly impacted by only the side effect of their war (the refugees), is proof that we should be weary

>Because we fight ISIS

So does the UK.

The real reason is you're too busy banning religious garments whilst your terrorist prevention units are pathetic.

Don't worry I'll put the France flag as my FB pic the next time the muslims slaughter your people.

>Because we fight ISIS
if you kill your enemies, they win

>So does the UK

Not to the same extent

>Don't worry I'll put the France flag as my FB pic the next time the muslims slaughter your people

And what do you do when they rape your girls ?

>In 2010, five men of Pakistani heritage were found guilty of a series of sexual offences against girls as young as twelve
>The report estimated that 1,400 children had been sexually abused in the town between 1997 and 2013, predominantly by gangs of British-Pakistani men.[7] Abuses described included abduction, rape, torture and sex trafficking of children.[6]

Yes, it could become dangerous if it controlled a country, which is pretty hard under constant bombing by russians and americans. Besides, even if, in a fantasy world Assad just went and declared for ISIS, they would still need to rebuild the entire country and it would take decades to have a chance at projecting power accross the Mediterranean. They would most likely collapse because of people not liking being beheaded for retarded reasons. If the didn't, even more problems would arise, I doubt the jews at Israel like the prospect of having a muslim fanatical deathcult so close to them.

I know my country is a shithole with high unemployment and underfunded military forces, but it still is on a realm far removed from the towelheads. More so France, which actually has competent troops and good equipment.

Besides, Syria has like what? 10% of Iran's population? There is no demographical, industrial, economic or educational base for decent armed forces.

Fighting ISIS is important for a number of reasons and we like you frenchies doing it, but they are decades or centuries from being a traditional combat threat to either you or any country in Europe.

Continue to not give a shit. It's natural selection. Those girls were stupid to put themselves in that position.

Were people in Nice stupid to put themselves in the position in front of a lorry? No.

And now they're buried and you've been in a state of emergency for a year whilst nobody in your country does anything against islam except not letting some of them wear a piece of cloth.

You're right, but you forget one thing, and that was the same problem back then with Iran people did not foresee: infection.

Iran started it, but the fact that they're chiits limited it. With another bastion of islamism in middle east, the political influence of radicalism would explode, making other instable countries around likely to join and align themselves to ISIS. Now imagine if all the south bank of the mediterranean sea was islamist, and violently opposed to the western world. The problem of Islam today is that it suffers of an identity complex caused by their loss against western powers in the 19th century, and they now try to reject us in an attempt to find their way again. Which is completely dumb of course but hey

>It's the fault of the girls, not the muslims who raped them

>why do you do nothing against Islam

Wew, lad

Can't see an argument here do you wanna try again?

Alright, you seem a bit retarded so I'll try to make it easier for you.

You're telling me that we have a muslim problem in France, which we do, you're right.

But then you seem to ignore the fact you do to, to I think, a bigger and more worrying extent than us. You see, those guys raped white girls in your country, children even, and your police did nothing for years. They let them do it because they didn't want to pass for racists.

So yeah, we had terrorists attack, but it also happened in london a few years ago too. But what do you do against your muslims user ? Of course there is the" debate" around the burkini here but sooner or later the question will get more serious, but what do YOU do ?

That could potentially get dangerous, but still most North African countries had their infrastructures destroyed or damaged during the arab spring and the Libya war. Sitting ducks for european fleets and aircraft. (I am assuming that NATO would see that happening and flip their shit). Still, Daesh is sunni while Iran is shia, they hate each other as much as they hate us. Daesh spreading to all north Africa is something unlikely, otherwise it would be happening now.

>Daesh spreading to all north Africa is something unlikely, otherwise it would be happening now.

Dude the French army is acting in more than four west and north african countries as we speak, and has been for years now. So of course we also have the "chance" to have solid regimes in Algeria, even though they had a civil war for 10 years 15 years ago, but islamists could have conquered the west of Africa with no fucking problems

There are countless examples of mosques being targeted here, anti-islam protests, muslims just being treated unwelcome in general. France does none of this and you get blown up every week.

>Because we fight ISIS
So do we and America (who's way better than you at it) and yet you still have so much more terrorist attacks than them and I'm not even talking about per capita

>while the police watches
Actually they're in prison.

>muslims don't rape people in France

>Who's the cuck now?
You for supporting the EU.

Woah, a few bunches of hooligans target some muslims in the street and draw some swastikas on the walls of a mosquee, while your pakis live like they're at fucking home in their suburbs, raping your daughters with no consequences but everything is fine.

>France does none of this

I'm not saying it proudly but crimes against muslims did rise up this year so it's maybe proof that you're just full of shit

>You see, those guys raped white girls in your country, children even, and your police did nothing for years. They let them do it because they didn't want to pass for raci

Yeah labour is shit but they're a dead party now so it's irrelevant.

You have a bigger problem than us and I can talk about shariah zones,leftism or the huge amount of terrorist attacks that happen in your country but in reality it all comes down to the same problem

you have more muslims than us

>Actually they're in prison.
Yeah, like 8 of them kek

Wow epic come back bro, I'm blown away

>So do we and America (who's way better than you at it)
Sucking US' balls as usual I see. Well maybe it's because they're not flooded with refugees like us despite being the cause of all this shit, so yeah, they'd better be better than us

No actually we also stab those invaders to death aswell

>while your pakis live like they're at fucking home in their suburbs, raping your daughters with no consequences but everything is fine.
no >I'm not saying it proudly
Fucking kill yourself.

Yes, for the most part they could conquer their way to Morocco (not even Morocco itself) and they would still be pretty far from attacking Europe as an organized military force. Sure, the frequency of terror attacks would increase until we get sick enough to blow them up.

How many troops from the french army are on the ground and how many are sitting at home masturbating?

>EU migrants

Since when Pakis are EU migrants user ? Jesus you're too fucking stupid. Your pakis were imported by YOUR government to work in UK. Who will replace the polaks working in UK after the brexit user ? Who ?

5000 men are deployed in Africa which is quite consequent nowadays.

>Sure, the frequency of terror attacks would increase until we get sick enough to blow them up.
So what you're suggesting is avoiding the fight now and crush them later when they're stronger and present a bigger risk ?

We're aware of your storied history of being subjugated by Germans, but in this case I suspect you are intentionally ignoring the fact that British subsides and support were the reason that Prussia was even still in the war, not to mention Napoleon's """continental system""" being effectively a worthless piece of paper due to the superiority of the Royal Navy.

No actually all of them.

Muslims don't rape a huge amount of French women?

What did I say that was wrong? You said the reason France has a huge amount of terrorist attacks is not because you have the highest amount of muslims in western Europe but because you attack isis and I pointed out the fact that America does (and yes they do it way better than you) yet they nowhere near the amount of terrorist attacks that your country has

America didn't cause it Europe did
You accepted them you have nobody to blame but yourself

-doesn't force your country to accept millions of rapefugees
-doesn't want to get rid of your military
-has your back
-similar economic system and culture
-kills muslims

-forces you to accept rapefugees
-wants to get rid of you military and country
-marxist economic system and multi cult
-sends you to jail for life when defending yourself from muslims trying to kill you

Labour the leftist party that was the cause of the Rotheram crap imported them*

Brits will

Non EU migrants can't immigrate to Britain unless they have a job which pays more than £35,000

and EU migrants can't immigrate unless they have a job

>Only Poles immigrate to Britain from the EU

>actually all of them.

Sauce ?

>forces you to accept rapefugees
factually wrong

>wants to get rid of you military and country
top kek

>marxist economic system and multi cult
Make yourself a favor and open a dictionary

>ends you to jail for life when defending yourself from muslims trying to kill you
what ?

In conclusion, I will say that we should both be happy that you left, but if you think it solved your muslims problems you're delusional as fuck. Your elites know perfectly UK needs that sweet pakis for your economy but you're too blind to realize that.

Of course not. Belgium is just that place where the Germans and the French agreed to meet.

Wikipedia says the french armed forces is 200000 men strong. Obviously not all of them are soldiers, but it is much bigger than what is engaged.

And no, I'm just saying that even if we did let them run wild in Africa they would still only be a shitty terrorist group with no chance of "blowing up" my country, they could still be crushed or largely ignored. If anything the current course of action is too indirect and lets them get away with too much shit, but I guess the high commands know better than me about that.

Besides, many of your troops are likely instructing locals militias on basic warfare so that french lives are not at stake when fighting actually happens.

Reply to this part mate

>Muslims don't rape a huge amount of French women?

>What did I say that was wrong? You said the reason France has a huge amount of terrorist attacks is not because you have the highest amount of muslims in western Europe but because you attack isis and I pointed out the fact that America does (and yes they do it way better than you) yet they nowhere near the amount of terrorist attacks that your country has

>America didn't cause it Europe did
>You accepted them you have nobody to blame but yourself

I don't even need to respond to these posts because people look at them will just laugh
>the eu doesn't want to get rid of your military
>socialist democracy isn't marxism because it's not muh true marxism
>The eu isn't for multi cult

good f*cking post

to be able to sell our weapons



I hope we will found the European state soon and Britain will be excluded for the next 100 years.

this is irrelevant, the prussians lost heavily, the last coalition was a joke where nappy had not a chance to win, russia beat napoleon and not the other impotent faggots

It wouldn't be a rival to the Nato. The Nato should've been dissolved after the cold war. There is no purpose for it.

Why would anyone trust an EU army over NATO?

what a shit strawman. None of what he says is even insulting, controversial let alone funny

I hope it's longer than 100 years personally.

So you are saying we are still nazis? Thanks Alfred!

The name is Nigel you cheeky cunt

If the anglo panics, it must be a good thing. or maybe it's a false flag reaction and it is a bad thing. I don't know anymore

Also relevant

"""United""" Europe has been a meme since forever.

In theory any european nation threatened, as it would be its 'own' army and not an alliance which depends on whether a president from accross the ocean gives a fuck about the conflict. That president may even be Donald fucking Trump soon.

It's damage control. Most brits are butthurt that they can't have the role of a big colonist in Europe. They don't undestand that they are not worth more than any other countries here and want special treatments. Now they left and lost any accountability and self respect. Europe will shape up nicely while they are excluded. And to be honest, I can't care less.

Probably because NATO is too heavily dominated by the US.

Do you actually trust the other countries in the EU?

Someone's going to call me a cuck but I do have more trust in the country that spends the most on defence in the world than the EU where I think only one country meets the 2%? Even if you were united, what could you actually do against Russia?

I like how being able to decide your own countries laws is considered special treatment.

>we're the ones panicking
whatever you say mate

we'll see in 2017

Poland Greece and Estonia meet the 2% mark.

Real nice army.

Germany is so pathetic they don't train with guns but brooms painted black and Italy is known to bribe terrorist to attack other people like what happened to those French soldiers in Afghanistan

Would you trust the person with or without weapon?

You don't have to put all your money into the military, especially not in times of peace. A European military would actually solve the problem of financing and international cooperation.

With (again) theoretical harmonization of armies, Russia would have less defence funding than the combined EU. Even more so you cucks didn't roll out and leave as you will. Russia will not just go and invade the EU because it has no fucking reason to do it, and even if it did it would lose massive amounts of troops, money and equipment.

And there are reasons why the US is still sucking it up and protecting Europe while Germany says that it will not ramp up its military expenditure. It is a massive market for its companies, it lets them project power across the mediterranean and into the Middle East, it has industrial and cultural ties with the US and can act as a bulwark for any global threat to the US themselves, namely Russia. The high command of the US army is not retarded, they know they can't just leave Europe to fend for itself as they would like to.

Forgot about Poland and Greece, sorry you two.

It just seems like a mistake to create an EU army, something that could only aggravate Russia, without being able to stand up to Russia. Even if we were part of this army it still wouldn't be a good deterrent to Russian aggression.

I really don't want France sending people to the sandlands again either. I don't know why everyone slams the blame for the current crisis on America when the French were probably the most enthusiastic about acting in Libya.

Your welfare is already on the verge of collapse. Your countries having to put money into your own defense will be hilarious

But it's a defence alliance why wouldn't we want the US in it?

>not mentioning Turkey
You are going to send people to sandland when you are in the Nato not in the EU. The Nato is a much bigger thorn in the flesh of Russia than the EU.

>Your welfare is already on the verge of collapse
Where did you get this information from?

>Would you trust the person with or without weapon?
Not sure what you're asking. But I wouldn't trust the decisions of many of the EU member states.

I think Britain spends almost as much as Russia on defence, and even just France and Britain spend more unless someone can correct me. It's not just about money though.

I get that. But if you're going to make an EU army and still rely on America why bother? People fear Russian aggression because it is an actual risk. You say they won't invade for no reason and that's right. But all it takes is EU interference in Ukraine and suddenly Russia has Crimea and part of the east taken.

Watching you guys falter with the whole refugee thing. Sweden is the worse off.

You guys have a abyssal birthrate so no one can take care of the elderly. By the time you are a old man you'll be dying in a gutter because no one replaced you

Let me check if I understand this. The antidemocratic demons in the EU want a standing army and people think the problem would be that it could be a rival of Nato or aggravate Russia?

Turkey hasn't asked for Nato support in their Kurdish expedition or in their city.

You're right it is a bigger thorn. That's the point. It's bigger so they're less likely to play with it.

Yeah they are deluded

What's the point in forming a weaker NATO?


Maybe that's part of why the EU army doesn't exist in the first place, there is no need for it. And I'm not really sure of how the army would actually function with more than 20 different languages (at the very least the french retards would insist on the working language being French), I'm just saying that Europe as a whole is not entirely defenceless against Russia, even more so with the US having large interests in the region.

The EU doesn't actually have any stakes in Crimea either, just some countries get nervous when Russia stirs, so the EU has to make the point that it is also dangerous. Ukraine is not part of the EU anyway, we are not close to intervening in Crimea, and the russians know it. The day they invade Finland however, then we would have a problem.

Seems factual correct according to Cred Forums

We have troops in Turkey btw, just because they requested air defence in case Syrian troops would come close to their border. Russia will never agree to the Nato, especially because of the interventions of the US. They don't even belong here. The only solution to achieve some sort of status quo is to get out of the Nato.

According to facts from your own country.

Why do you think your government let in millions from the middle east?

They are supposed to be your replacement

>Your welfare is already on the verge of collapse

>Why do you think your government let in millions from the middle east?
To help them, because they have no place to live anymore, maybe?

We're not defenceless so long as America is around. Even without America I think it would be ok, but it's tough to say.

The EU/Ukraine/Russia thing is a bit of a while ago so I'd have to go fact check properly if anyone wanted to talk about it. But if I remember right it's because the EU eventually wants Ukraine to join it and did something. I'll have to go read up about it again. The EU were definitely part of what caused the fighting, though.

Alright fair enough. We have troops in lots of countries. I meant actual combat though, rather than placed on borders to scare people away.

Russia don't need to agree to Nato, they just need to not invade any Nato members. Working as intended. You could leave Nato, but then what do you have? Why would Russia suddenly become nice to you?

Lel keep thinking that

Yes, the EU wanted Ukraine to join, although I don't really know why. I know Ukraine is a massive producer of wheat, and it has some aeronautical companies, but I don't really see the value. Maybe they wanted to bring the EU to Russia's doorstep in order to increase some trade flow or just fuck with its position in the Black Sea, I don't know, but whatever it is it's not worth a war with Russia.