Crazy, the most populated areas are right there as wel!!!

really makes u think

i always knew we are German

No wonder Hitler loved animals so much.

>Furry conventions in Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Romania

>Specific regional website
Nah, the real thing is to use google.



They still have no internet in Mecklenburg? Jeez…

I'd like to point out the distinct lack of furries in Sweden.

delete this

we used to call them zoophiles


It is true

Literally all of them, except Finland speak Germanic languages. And even Finland was Swedified at one point. So same thing

Bestiality is a feature of Germanic "civilisation"

If you're fine with eating meat you should be fine with fucking meat



We lived closely with them and drank their milk.

No wonder we started to see them as sexual partners as well.

You are on to something

Not surprised one little bit

What happens in Melbourne?

The sexy depravity.