>Who do you support for the 2016 election and why?

>Trump, because I hate America

>trump because memes

1. Crown colony
2. I like Ike

Why do you want to make America great again then?
Or do you hate it because it isn't great?


Liberals deserve some Karma for the past 8 years of scapegoating white men and tearing down civil liberties

Also the guys pretty funny. Lets just roll the dice and see what happens


Trump, because it'll be funny to watch.

To see pol on fire

Gary Johnson, because I hate americans

1. flag
2. ron paul

>Russian Federation
>Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Trump because I want to see how low american politics can sink.

i really dont know anything about the candidates but i know trump because of all the memes so ill put my faith in the memes and would vote trump

She's the least bad option.

Tbh I don't really care who wins

someone said, vote hillary and you'll watch the world end crying
vote tump and you'll watch the world end laughing

>Trump because Shilary will certainly ruin our cunt Murica is going to burn either ways

Trumps gonna be our Justinian! Youll see! Revitalize the empire, maybe slaughter a stadium full of protesters... itll be great!


FUCK America


Because he's a top lad

>Originally a BernieCuck but now support Trump, I just don't want Shillary to win either way

Trump, because he's the only candidate who can make our colony great again.

Trump, he seems like nice guy, america will lose its status of a worldpower with whites as a minority

Trump he's funny

And a woman being President can only end horribly for everyone

> Kingdom of Sweden
> Trump, Sanders before he dropped out. Never Hillary.

>I follow US politics and not EU politics
>the US presidential election is relevant to non-Americans
>Trump is the savior of the white race

should be bucket hat insted of trilby desu

Vähennä yleisradion ja iltalehden lukemista

Trump ofc

Never Hillary.