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korean pop

Life is constantly suffering.




*teleports behind you*
*puts you out of business*

it's nothing personal, sunshine

life is pointless and has no meaning



gonna do volunteering lads

i think its a nice way to meet potential friends
nice way to put my own mental turmoil to one side
it will feel good to help people

Korean popular music

>Work until 2:30am
>Wake up
>Need to be at work in 5 hours

Ahh yes, the life of a wageslave.

I like rice
I live life
I'm quite happy

It's creep.

want to take that socially awkward irish lad out for a jar

jc is morning /brit/ usually so fucking bad? It's almost like I'm on /r9k/

have looked into this as well and found it surprisingly hard to get into lol

Done it m8

It's shite. Everyone is well-meaning but they haven't got a fucking clue and it's always a complete shambles.

I'm so glad that nearly all of the runt gimmicks are dead. K-Shit, Maisie, Sersh etc

Interesting article about what the future will be like


I'm off for the weekend

*ignores the first 70 posts of the thread*

> Phil Collins starts playing on the radio


that new zeland isn't city in australia

>go to service station
>small bag of crisps is £1.20
>small bottle of coke is over £2
ahh yes, terrific value for money

Runty gimmicks always die off because the kind of borderline tripfags who propagate them haven't got the stomach to stay here for long. They move on.

can a black hole eat a supernova

Unironically an primitivist after reading this kind of shite

>kpop posting

>Right now, the average life span increases by 3 months per year.

I find that doubtful.

they are a monopoly. they will stop charging so much when people stop paying that much (ie. never)

> tfw work at a service station
> every fucking customer makes the same comment about shit every time

jeremy corbyn is being held hostage by mcdonnell and the hard left of labour

third eye has been blown open


it's true lid




is nofap a meme or genuine



Predictions on when I'll next have sex?

Used to be relatively normie and have one-night stands on a semi-frequent basis. Then had a small relationship, had my heart broken, and have been scared of women ever since. After 3 years of celibacy I'm looking to get back in the game, but I'm also not planning on talking to any girls or putting in any effort whatsoever.

Nah, I went to the University of Life mate

Fucks sakes lads

When have you ever seen a busy service station full of people eager to be ripped off? They always have a massive shop and there's only ever about 3 people in them.

christian propaganda

I volunteer at a national trust place.

Nearly all the volunteers are retired people.

It's still fun though

the future, iw orry for what it holds


don't have enough details to make a confident prediction sorry

Who cares, self indulgent vapid little worm

alright lads? brit on year abroad in paris here


Really makes you think

But that would mean today's average 20 year old will live to be almost 100.
And that's assuming the rate of life span increase per year is only consistent and not improving.

summer m8

stafford always seems busy
they wouldn't be able to keep those massive shops open if people weren't willingly paying stupid prices.

>go to burger king at a service station
>every meal is about £9

>But that would mean today's average 20 year old will live to be almost 100.

I see nothing wrong lad, medical and technological advances along the path will probably increase it further

business idea: meetup in milton keynes

Bring a packed lunch then

Don't see the issue here. If you don't like the price then don't buy it.

Look into ICS. Fully-funded volunteer placement abroad, you just do a bit of fundraising and then don't pay a penny for anything. Probably be lots of insufferable middle-class liberals on their gap yah on your placement, but there's also some good blokes too. Good way to meet new people desu.

15 y old immigrant girl can`t identify with current emojis and started a campaign to implement some muslim ones
She`s supported by Alex Ohanian, Reddit-founder


All4 is a joke, they don't even have HD streaming

btw where's old zealand

business idea: meetup in milton brisbane

I don't think I've ever seen a Burger King outside of a service station or some amusement park sort of place

Right here

UK armed forces could not withstand attack by major power like Russia

What other details do you need?

I care. I get more and more depressed with every passing day that I spend on /brit/ with you abnormie failures.

Futurists should be fucking gassed


ahh yes, I'll make a burger and wrap it in foil and keep it in the car and heat it up with the cigarette lighter

my purpose in life is to test my parent's patience

burger king is about £50 a meal, but it does taste better than most fast food places

surprisingly makes mcdonalds taste like plastic

In the Netherlands

the gf

like to imagine the lives of people I only know now growing up simultaneously but unbeknownst to me.

how old are you? what's your circumstances? what is your normie status? how attractive are you? do you meet a lot of girls?

You've never been down a high st?

she's 2d

So you'd rather have the Burger King meal than a packed lunch then? So have the Burger King. There is no problem here.

>there are busy airports that aren't in London

I genuinely thought the entire country traveled to London if they wanted to fly somewhere

Doing a UKCAT in 5 days haha

I don't think a BK meal is worth the £150 though
The burgers themselves are TINY compared to burgers from anywhere else



shut up dickhead

Caught the little brother watching that weird tumblr cartoon with the fat kid
No wonder he's billy no mates


your pic shows a huge gulf between heathrow and the rest exactly as the said

Sometimes you want something warm and junk foody. Enjoy your cold pesto and pine nut pasta.

'Billy no mates' must be the most hurtful thing people say, even when they don't mean it.

My dad used to call me 'Billy no mates' EVERY DAY because I would always go to play football by myself.

I snapped one day
I then started running around the house screaching loudly and kicking the ball as hard at his plate collections as I could while yelling 'DADDY SMASHED PLATES'

He grabbed me and smacked the shit out of me
I was 23 at the time

I deserved it but it was his fault.



It might be because I live in a town of 37,000, and my nearest fast food place is a subway that's a 10 minute drive away

The nearest Burger King is in an amusement park, and you can only eat by paying admission into the park

looks pretty 3rd to me lad

shan't be clicking this

do one shill

grad medicine, i'm 21

There's an independent burger place near me and it's a million times better than Burger King. They make a ton of money in there at weekends, and they even do organic burgers.

I'm a virgin...


think you mean neddy no mates, franky no friends, davey no date, charlie no chums, larry left out

Alri Tim

genuinely prefer burger king to those more expensive independent/chains

Fuck me dead...

just been down to Burger King, had a whopper meal, the cunts charged me £1,499

*sings to you*
You're just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry

ah, good luck

your student debt though lol

Oh wow organic burgers

not a Tim



>organic burgers

Just got called a racist in Burger King lads.

Withholding from posting untill /brit/ becomes a little less shite

*heads off without paying*

>daddy smashed plates
Legitimately fucking crying with laughter

we're all going to make it to the future where we can all live forever in luxury, right lads?
transhumanism is going to fix everything

Do they do them in Burger King or McShityourpants? No they don't.

I wish Europe would stop bickering over stupid shit and team up to protect our shared culture, history and civilizations against this.


Just had to remortgage my parents house, sell my car and take out a Wonga loan to get a small chips from Burger King lads

Just got called a niggerlover in KFC chaps

23, working as a barman while living with parents, maintain a vestige of normality but have no social life at all, 6/10 (ugly face, but tall and /fit/), and only meet girls at work who I'm on good terms with but not exactly friends.



i don't think so at all
i think it's mostly going to be greater wealth inequality in exchange for a dipping in quality of life in some aspects until there is some great levelling event

t. buys 10 packs of burgers from some shithole like Iceland or Farmfoods

by 2050 there'll be a mass famine that kills off 90% of the population

Just got called a supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu in The Works fellas.

you couldn't make it up

>become less shite

>volunteering opportunity to mentor a disadvantaged kid

sounds like a laugh, but needs a car which i don't have

I'm black and I feel sick seeing this

business idea: direct flight from bristol to NYC

christ you are literally me



wow imagine actually working for free
that's literally pathetic

Just got called a paki-enabler in WH Smiths lads

What were Bradford, Luton, Rochdale and Rotherham like before the pakis arrived?

The rest

who got them sweeeet digits

got called a pound shop enoch powell in C&A

Exactly. Just like that

Just got called a neo nazi in Costa Coffee lads

full of fucking irish scum

gas the taigs

got called a timetraveller in woolies lads

what should I play?

Just got called a chav-magnet in Laser Quest lads

Just got called the young Nigel Farage in Wetherspoons lads.

business idea: uninstall, grow up, find a real hobby

these are some very autistic games

>Justin Trudeau touts "father's vision" of "first postnational state"; "no core identity"

>‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,’’ he claimed. ‘‘There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice. Those qualities are what make us the first postnational state.’’

>‘‘Countries with a strong national identity — linguistic, religious or cultural — are finding it a challenge to effectively integrate people from different backgrounds. In France, there is still a typical citizen and an atypical citizen. Canada doesn’t have that dynamic.’’



utterly atrocious idea
just use London you runt

can hear my pastry chef housrmate with his girlfriend over vigourously pumping her in the next room

ahhhh croissants


welcome, brother

that's not what I asked

do your best pal :]

scored 710 when I was 17

>country with a leaf for a flag defined by literally 'not being the US' characterised as a clusterfuck of a few stolen french colonies, some native riddled wilderness and some half-arsed britbogn colnoies
he's right 2bh.

I can't believe I actually sent a girl a picture of my dick

Had to ask Bill Gates to lend me £3,000,000,000 so I could get a napkin in Burger King lads


which they've done for a long time now you fuckwit

Just got called a holocaust denier in Cash Converters lads

You should scream FIRE and see if they run out naked

taking the special lady out for a deluxe whopper meal so I can propose to her tonight

got a random craving for ovaltine

*passes you a pint of London Pride*
we've all been there matey

Not much of a life is it la


Competitive for undergrad tb h, where did it go?

Getting 900 in VR but QR and AR are killing me, averaging 650 in each

Fucking autistic garbage shite

>pint of London Pride

ill stick to a coke, thanks.

cant believe he actually sent me a picture of his dick

its soo tiny too lol x

Just got called a jew-faced twat in Gourmet Burker Kitchen lads

Ah yes, another glorious day out and I'm sitting inside playing WoW.

can't believe a girl sent me a pic of her dick

>post-grad medicine
fuck off billionaires

>he still shops at Tescshit and Goybury's

Lads go to your local butchers/greengrocer, it's actually cheaper and not laced with fucking oestrogen.


can't believe he used me to take a pic of his dick and send it to a girl

I told you not to text that twat even if you are just taking the piss out of him babe seriously x

t. Peter Al Najafi

*pulls up to M&S in my Audi A5*

ahhh yes.

Lads why does it seem that rundown little independent pubs serve this and no chain pubs do?

me 2

>not laced with fucking oestrogen.

this isn't some backwater third world country like america you fuckwit.
we have EU regulations and stuff that makes sure our meat isn't 100% cow hormone and that our steaks aren't just odd bits of chuck glued together

might invent a machine that harvests the squandered potential of 18-25 year old /brit/ posters and turns it into a source of energy for future generations

its a rundown little beer 2bh

Cos it's a runt-tier beer

who reads this tripe honestly

Feeling recquited love for the first time in my life lads

its a nice feeling tbqh

All Wetherspoons pubs sell John Smiths, which is nearly 1,000 across the country.

t. Wetherspoons employee


possibly the runtiest beverage on the market at this moment

Lads I'm a bit worried about work. My boss has put the other guy on my level on loads of different projects, he's got experience of shitloads of stuff.

I used to do that but for the past two years I've basically been working on one thing. It's important but I've become a one trick pony, don't know why he won't let me do other stuff. I've become the go to guy who does *thing*.

Fuck off Junker you stupid cunt.

*pulls up to the bus stop down the road from Netto on the number 10 bus*

ahhh yes.

Don't feel, don't think, don't care.

because most pubs want to sell twat beers like coors and stella ARR-TWAA and carling that everyone pretends to like

got the shits lads

i've been so many times already, it's reached the stage where my arse hole is a constantly painful ring of fire

there is absolutely nothing wrong with stella and carling

rethink your life

>public transport outside of London

jesus christ how horrifying

>believing her

lmao look at this tasteless loser

they're literally bottom of the barrel cheap beers for lower class runts like yourself

actually kill yourself

listening to male rape group

I was too autistic for the interviews and failed :( I also didn't have much work experience and wasn't very committed ngl

did biochem at uni and am now doing a PhD. Sort of regret giving up on medicine 2bh

Actually a wee choon


Cannot be fucked to go back to uni lads

>Northern '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Powerhouse'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

just filter them, some guy has gone all out and built some auto filter or some shit

lads, if you're doing a flight with stopovers in 1/2 countries, what do you do with the luggage?

is it automatically transferred from plane to plane?

Stumbled upon another wee choon



Youre autistic

Literally me haha

I'm going to fail the interviews I know it already. Kind of hoping I flop the UKCAT so I can just put an end to this charade.

My top choice doesn't even have interviews, it has selection centres where you have to work with others in a team and have discussions and shit.

Fuck me

I want to do a PhD but I got a decent job that pays well so now I've adjusted my lifestyle to having money and I can never leave.

Still want to be called doctor though.


how so mate?
I'm simply talking about the Northern '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Powerhouse'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''


very good post




Business idea: House spiders with wings that fly about a bit

is that a real train?

>outside of


it depends how you've bought the tickets
usually they're transferred from plane to plane and you don't do anything, but if you're flying Ryanair or flying with two different airlines who have no partnerships, you will need to go through baggage collection, and then check in for the next flight

where are you flying from and to and who with?

who /crossrail/ here


throwing a strop lads

she's my gf now

t. ex-class 142 rider

bit racist m8
tone it down a bit yeah?

>Cred Forums
never talked to someone from britpol who wasnt underage/autistic/both

had a really degenerate night last night lads

>dad can grow a beard
>granddad can grow a beard
>great granddad could grow a beard
>I can only get little bits of pube hair on my cheeks and chin

Starting to believe the government have tampered with our generation's food and shit

Any Scots in? Is Dundee rough? I have to stay there on my own for work for a few weeks, was thinking of going out at night for drinks and that, but I have a southern england accent. what are the chances of getting my head kicked in by spastic jocks who hate the English?

Yes, they're a staple of the so-called "northern powerhouse" [sic]

>that zen like feeling you get travelling in a new, clean train in the 1st class carriage at midnight, completely silent apart from that one woman behind you tapping away at her Macbook

northerners will NEVER experience this

your mum slept around and cucked your "father"

get this weird feeling around young couples

I fucking NEED to be inside Holly Willoughby

Reminder that London is less than 50% White British

>southern sissys and their fucking fantasies

who fucking worries about something like this before going somewhere? you're going to dundee not fucking fallujah cool your jets pilot

>they're building a massive bridge from hong kong, to macau, to china


most pubs have absolutely no say in what they can and cannot serve since they're stuck in bed with anheuser busch in order to stay afloat

t. son of a landlord of a sleepy country pub that spend his adolescence swapping out full barrels of peroni because not a soul would touch it

Daily reminder that, when talking to a Londoner on /brit/, statistically they are non-white.

I cringe when I think of the concept of love or being with someone

dunno why

well I've never talked to someone about Cred Forums irl
brit/pol/ is comfy anyway. Its got the same ideas as /brit/ but no leftwing jfs shitting up the place

Absolute shit-tier taste, can tell that you are 100% working class.


oh I'm a northerner

I'm just aware at how shit it is up here

This post made me feel warm inside, can see it in a Fincher film desu, all nice and ambient lit.

Does anyone else not get any pleasure out of life? Does it just feel that it offers you nothing?

Sorry if this is a little heavy for a Saturday aft.


I didn't really do any prep work so I was caught off guard in the interviews. But if you go in, try act confident and outspoken, mention in your answers some personal characteristic or work experience you've done, and try relate everything to a clinical setting or patient care, they'll be sucking on your nobend by the end of it.

I know somebody who did a PhD after 10 years of work



ah yes

start hiking




I know a few britpol posters outside of Cred Forums. and a couple more IRL

all of them are completely insufferable to even attempt to talk about politics with t. radical centrist

>Two men were battered by a group of youngsters in an alleged racist attack, The two Polish men were eating kebabs by the fountain in Ashford High Street

hmm not good this

Yeah, really shit

yeah I dunno

I couldnt imagine actually telling someone I loved them

>senile old woman doesn't understand tribalism

ah yes

they let women and men ride in the same carriages in the South?

>mfw watching Hoarders

would actually kind of like to join one of the cleaning crews for a day just out of sheer fascination

fence sitters are dickheads desu

my next door neighbor growing up was from dundee, he was very rough, and would always go on about the fights and stabbings he's been around up there, and how much they dislike the english

i work in ashford kek

Don't want to be an eager cunt, but what do you mean by prep work?

Cos I've done tons of work experience but have barely researched medical schools and courses, so I'm kinda fucked on that. Haven't written a personal statement either.

Britain needs Islam.

>I know somebody who did a PhD after 10 years of work

That's an option, hopefully I won't have forgotten everything. I'll still have a mortgage then though.

>1st class carriage
literally fuck off billionare

>it's possible some CNN peon is reading this thread RIGHT NOW searching for rare pepes to use during a broadcast
What a time to be alive lads

Anybody /York/ here?

I have experienced that senpai

the state of american politics
fucking pathetic

17 year old girl that lives a couple of doors down keeps smiling at me and saying hello

might give her one

Why do I keep getting fucking spam calls from London? Fuck right off

I block them every time too but they come back a couple of weeks later with a new number every time REEEEEE FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF LONDONERS

southerners have an entire carriage dedicated to first class?

up north we just have a small section of one carriage for that

to go away haha

>Sissy Polish ""men""

I'm just so angry right now.

Moving there on Monday xx

the self-proclaimed, self-styled, so-called "Islamic State"

can someone tell me the point of a landline phone

like, is it optional. are some numbers cheaper to call on it or what

they can monitor you

I never imagined all those stupid pictures would end up being on national American news, talked about by presidential candidates.

I wonder where the guys who drew them for a laugh all those years ago are now.


rate my room

good morning lads

Bit racist hun :) x

right here

Don't have to worry about signals.

Also can get various packages and stuff. They're better for heavier use I think.

is saving £500 a month good


Students OUT

the so called Islamic State or Daesh some might say as it were

Lookin' at the ladies
All of them fly
I don't know which one I want dog
I can't make up my mind girl
So won't you make it easy on me
Take this drink and hit this weed
Two step wit me
Let's slip to the dance floor
On an on, on, an on we go
I'll dip you if you want me to
You see I want to get a little funk? wit you
Biggity bunk wit you
A nigga want to hump you
And just comfort you
And then I'll pop the top
And lay you on a cot
And get you nice and hot
Yeah yeah it's all to the real
We can do it like I
Come on girl let's chill

No that's terrible, give it all to me instead

Is virgin school any good?

no spend it all


but you could direct that towards a healthy mortgage on a new Barratts Home

Refuse to read any of this

Don't ever born in russia.

stupid kid

*vomits in your begonias*
Nothing personnel

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Didn't watch it, probably depressing as fuck though

Gonna head into town, wonder if it's my last chance to walk around before all the students show up. God I can't stand students.

most businesses keep landlines as people are less likely to ignore one than a mobile number

Redrow Homes

Different Unis have their own format and questions. Research what type of questions they might ask and how you would answer. Read up about the course they offer also. If you know any medics ask them as well.

I found the questions I was asked were quite vague or generic and it was up to me to mention my work experience, knowledge of patient care and sell myself (but I didn't realise until after haha)


just received a text from a girl that said the following: "I miss you when you're not around"

what is she getting at here?

I've been looking at you, from the corner of my eyes
Checking out your hips, lips, tits and your thighs
I've been wanting to do you, for a mighty long time
You make a pimp wanna sing I - I - I
We'll head to the hills, your dreams I'll fulfil
We could do it how you want, cause I'm oh so real
Tell me you, naw I won't squeal
You wit Da Big Bo$$ Dogg so seal the deal
Pharrell got the Babyface and Snoop got the Whip Appeal, so name the place
This love I bring to you, on the real baby girl
Won't you do me a favor and sing for Snoop

Gl lad. Hope you've done loads of prep. Work fast or not at all