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kek Dutdutards damage control in session

Rich neighbour here

Malay Chink Indian


Do Filipino's prefer English or Spanish? I believe both are widely spoken, which is more popular?

Delete this thread, make a new one. Only Lee Kwan Jew can do that

Literally no one but some faggots in Davao speak Spanish any more, and even then it's some bastardised Creole, Chavacano it's called.

Did you know all of Lee family goes to Oxbridge?

>Widely spoken

Puta, numbers, days, religion

I think that's the only time we use spanish words.


Hello, sgag

>not stomp

All I learnt from CSGO, from annoying Pinoy kids is, Puta Ina.

nobody speaks Spanish in Philippines nowadays

[Spoiler] Only Spanish elitist families like Ayala and Aboitiz [/Spoiler]

what the universities? future leaders are usually taught there :^)

How do I stop overthinking things?

Stomp is cancer son, literally just a site to shame anyone you hate

Suck my left nut that should help


Its like they mixed the words chicano and chav to make the worst name ever

by doing other things

Dont Think, Start Fapping

Go to steam sale and start using your debit card.

Damn, you're right, Theresa May is also from University of Oxford

I just know the meme sites for singapore, other includes goyimbook pages like smrt.

I also used to frequent sfogs.

Suck my dick.

Which bank do you use?

Tfw Im only stuck with nosteam CSGO playing with russians i think not steam CSGO

Found some shitty Malaysian sex tapes at some point, just so you know.
Mfw it's chink sex

>Forgetting Iban and Kadazan.


What do you guys do for fun anyway over there aside from counting your shekels

>muh rentap

He was implying tun m is indian though

He is to be fair.

I though he was a mix, a la mamak?

Aside from counting shekels?
Umm, we have a casino, we have a theatre, bars, discos, universities(so we study), pokemon go, computer games, CSGO, Dota2, cinema, go watch movies, billiards, swimming, etc.

His student id card listed him as Indian iirc

So now, we are being practical too. Extra expensive charge for any Singapore plate no. from now on.
>since you are our rich neighbour
Raw water supplied to Singapore will be charge expensive for commercialization use, for the first phase. Import of bottled/modified water from Singapore will be discouraged to locals by introducing rumors of having zika virus among Malaysian.
>no complaints from Bruneian so far by charging a little extra for petrol.
>cheapskate chink

too lite brown to be indian tho. if u look at marina i guess he is kinda mixed


All you need to know done in an unbiased manner

Why do Ilocanos buy his lies?

Is it a case of battered wife syndrome?

Create new mathematical formulae.

Right sure, we'll just find some other ways to get water then, we're literally trading partners with almost all countries in Asia.
Worst come to worst, while we find better, cheaper seller of water, we can just spend that thick fat, local reserve fund on desalination plants and water recycling plants.
Checkmate Malaysia, we'll embargo ur shit as well, we'll see who dies faster.
>Mfw USA would rather help us than Muslim country.

Ilocanos like to get fucked over, by the amount of typhoon that fuck them every year it's not a surprise.

>Mfw USA would rather help us the Chink country than Muslim country


I need panadol and a can of coke.

>tfw have family in both Malaysia and Singapore
>tfw never got into us vs them mentality

Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun
>Dato Dr. Harun Din

Mfw Malaysians are actually fighting to get into National University of Singapore.

>Tfw /ASEAN// finally free from filipino posters

It's still cheaper and more cost effective to transport water through pipes though. Although it's true that desalination and NEWater are finally bearing fruits
>Self-sustainability when?

Same ;_; but they are Malaysian [spoiler]Chinks[/spoiler]

Its simply tribal pride

The same with aguinaldo with cavite but then again they are not very vocal and they dont have internet shill tier worship

because Chinks love to mingle together

>buried on american soil
Trump BTFO

More like, from what I heard, for muh recognition, Singapore Degree stronk, B.Sc (Singapore), sounds better than B.Sc (Malaysia)

So do Malays. Your point?

B.Sc is shit anyway except maybe for chemist

>MFW malaysians hate Trump and love Hillary

Kesian orang india dilupakan

Nonetheless, my point still holds.
Would you rather have a doctor operate on you with an MBBS (India) or MBBS (Singapore)


MBSA like to saman me

I gonna say this once, only once. SIngapore is full of immigrant from China. It is a wrong policy as they cannot assimilate well into the society even among the chinks while creating tension based on competition. The elite draconian government should attract ppl from Malaysia.

Ane, sorry but your MIC is shit and only care for themselves. Sooner or later, yours guys and also chinks will demoted as minority while bangla and nepal will have their own party and right

Indians are master race

>Ane, sorry

Not even indian, just liked to chime in that point. Though indians are a bit touchy feely and strong headed imho.

I live in Cavite and we don't worship Aguinaldo

I totally agree with you

Indians have the most political party even though they're the smallest of the three main races and their rich would look down on the poor and disassociate from them instead of helping each other out


>The elite draconian government should attract people from malaysia
As if they already dont lmao. Ever wonder why you're still able to get tv reception from mediacock all the way into johor?

How come Chinese uber drivers with a western name usually speaks 100% fluent Malay?

Maybe if you fucking improve your education system, maybe we may decide switching to attract you in, for now as it stands, we're trying to attract the best of the best from China through scholarship, immigration, etc.

Yeah, caste system.

Maybe because they're a pisang, yellow on the outside white on the inside.

I never liked mediacorp

Haha, found the real Chink.

Who's orange bitch

Banana chinese are bro tier. The only ones can I can make friend with while the chinese educated like to mingle only among themselves and only pretend to be nice with you when they need something

>Cannot assimilate well into society
Thai-Chinese have, and to a certain extent Filipino-Chinese, and some of them even hold important positions (Shinawatra and Aquino). But not the Chinese in Malaysia. Why?

>even among the chinks while creating tension based on competition
This is very true though.

>the best of the best
>from China
Don't kid yourself lmao. They're all going to go back to China after they're done here.

Ha jokes on you, I don't know Chinese at all, i failed all the chinese classes in school, can't talk to chinks, hate chinks


Just because Dva and Tracer are hot and faptastic doesn't mean I'll be playing Overcuck any time soon

Yea I know son, I know, that's why some of the more substantial and higher cost courses in Singapore like Medicine and Law is under strict majority quota to Singaporeans only, only 4-5 slots for international at best

Tfw left the country before i could take the pmr so my malay is shit

I genuinely laughed

Do you always get called out for it?

You dont learn Malay in SG although the national anthem is in Malay?

Sneaky cheapskate chink
>true colour of chink guys
>"I charge you expensive, you cannot charge me expensive lorr, because you shall be kept poor and I will become more rich"
>"I'm rich because I will use every loopholes out of the diplomatic contract with muh neighbours"
>Malaysia respect that out of pity but taken advantage of.
>call Malaysia poor but depends cheap daily consumer goods bought from Johor.
The day where the crown prince will reclaim his island of Temasik. Soon.
And please tell me, which part of chink diaspora is not the same with mainland chink?
>arr rook the same and same cheating mindset
There's a reason to let Temasik be developed. The land contract will expire and later will be claimed by the rightfull heir with ancient letters. Just be prepared.

Why would anyone learn Malay in this day and age? Everything is in English now and we're cucks by proxy.

Who tick malay under race but actually chinese here?

how is chink treated in Brunei?

My friend, his name is Ridhuan I think


>tfw malay
>go to some chinese uncle hardware shop
>asks me in mandarin what I'm buying because I look chinese

do I count?

Like chinks.

you dont chibai

Your grandparent must be raised by Malays during Japanese occupation


Hang Tuah never existed

Hang Tuah was Chinese

Hang tunggu sat nanti aku bagi penampaq penang baru hang tau

>The day where the crown prince will reclaim his island of Temasek
Yea you're gonna reclaim the ships that the bald eagle parked here too. K, waiting for you

Let us treasure this moment without pinoys and not waste it

Well they still have gangs to help the poor who moved to the city and left with no networking to start up.
And end up shot dead either by other gangs or the police followed by Ambiga going muh human rights.

Hang Tuah and the gangs are chinks and they are brothers or blood related.

>Being this deluded

>National anthem is in Malay
>Literally no one speaks it other than the minority Malays
>Tourists hotspots in Malaysia and Indonesia have staff members capable of speaking Mandarin or English
>Any businessman worth negotiating with can converse in English or Mandarin


Holy shit you're right, did they finally make /flip/?

He wasn't

But he is a myth

I await his keris

But we are all flips hiding behind proxies

>only quoting for the best of interest
>never quoting the rest
And again, please. Make the chink out of me again when?
>still believing angmoh to save your ass without retribution
Omaigad please arr.


It's in Perak Palace

B-but muh tanks in the mall

Where is his Magic keris?


delete this right now!

Why do all singaporeans I have ever met go to one of 2 schools (raffles and hwa chong). Are they the only good schools in your country?

Also can one of you explain how big of a deal a presidents scholar is, cos it sounds impressive but I know like 5 of them so it can't be that good.

Keris is nothing but glorified dagger. Parang is more practical and spear or spike is more economical and effective.

>their names are obviously translated from chink tongue
They are just useless myth icons from translated chink fairytale of Far East.
Much like Joan of Arc. Should be removed from textbooks.

Wow...that's quite interesting

what other mythical artifacts from Malay folklore and legends do we have?

Hang Tuah was real and she was a Chinese woman, everyone knows this.

Their gangs are just the muscle for the Chinese overlords.

Parang is not iconic, keris hilt can be decorated and dipped in shit laced with arsenic to ensure a kill when stabbed in the guts.
Xe was a trans you bigot.

>implying that the rmaf is capable of even crossing the tebrau without getting struck down
Lmao gonna be another highway to baghdad when that happens

A gun will be the most effective

Joan of Arc is an actual historical figure


Hang Tuah is actually a gender fluid person from Africa

Would Hang Tuah survive in the UFC?

Do you go to Imperial College?

Raffles and Hwa Chong are top-tier here, followed by National and Victoria JC.

>President's Scholar
Only 5 students were awarded that in the year of 2014 (all Chinese, btw).

This is new.

>A gun will be the most effective

Said the Portugals.

UFC is full of big guys wrestling

I know that, estate indians from Kulim always end up foot soldiers for chinese overlords in Penang.

Laksa Johor the best

And they took over Melaka

>Not Mee Rebus Stulang Laut


There is an alternate universe where Melaka invaded Portugal.

It's actually Han Chuan.

You mean Chun Li

>historical figure
>a maid woman spark evolution of entire cunt
Doubt it
>useless barbie maid doll
>t. confirmed by Frenchies

that's not how you use t.

t. user of "t."

It's Finn the autist of /int
Why should I bow down before autist mongoloid angmoh?

>autist mongoloid angmoh

why cant you reply to posts normally?
Join in the conversation brah


Thread theme


Btw, i miss the Jap.

There's one where you are a head which functions as the penis of some organism

Don't forget, burned at steak

She's a witch. A literal meme icon.

So the last hostage of the ASG is free.

Wonder what Norway thinks

No way

Burned by the butthurt English

how did they do it


No, Cambridge.

Is it a big deal in sg? Like, do ordinary people know what it is?

pressure from all sides AFP+MNLF.

ASG ditched him when they were running away (according to sources)

>Police body checks hostage
>ASG put a pack of shabu in his pocket
>Tok tok bang bang
>Drug lord ako

Wow Poor Norway getting stuck her for a year with mudslimes.

Hope these sex tourists learned their lessons

Huh, no wonder. It all makes sense now.

>do ordinary people know what it is?
It gets reported in the news now and then, like who are the recipients, how many recipients are there this year etc. etc. It's not talked about in public though, at least it isn't among me and my friends. We're too pleb to even consider that ;_;

My parent just came back from the Philippines. I'm feeling very powerful t.bh

>World's End Harem
>one of the only few men left to re-populate the world
>denies reproducing because he likes a girl

mediacorp still report the news of top scorer in national test? They were like all chinks or China chinks and they all wore specs

Ransom money

>what is iPS

>plebs in sg
The impression I get is you are all pretty smart.

Can you explain to me one more thing: what is a Sarong Party Girl?

just drop the manga

it's just a disappointment



Somehow I wonder, since it was the reign of sultans, did melaka actually learnt how to make bombards from the Ottoman empire? Where's the evidences gone?


Barbarella is pure sex

My mother said 10km of travel on taxi can take almost 2 hours. It was in Makati.


Joking aside, I leave novaliches at 6am and I reach SM north by 8:30 and it's not that far.

That's how bad the traffic is.

Dang. Oo dang. Antap jua eh

No more looking

Have to pay monie

Nah, not any more. Spot on description though, kek.

>pretty smart
I heard that the SATs are supposedly easy for us to take.
Also, Cambridge examinations board supposedly jack up the difficulty of the 'O' and 'A' levels for us, not sure how true is that though.

Gold-digging, tanned Asian girl dressed in a sarong that frequents clubs and bars. Mainly attracted to white people from way back when Singapore just gained Independence. Doubt there's many around now tho

Probably got paid now in full unlike last time

>no indons
>more sg
What happened?

>Michelle Cheong
M-muh dick!

Within makati no

But it you go intercity 1hour max depends also where you will go

Memius nya mo.

it is so traffic there
we call it province of makati

How's the toll of zika'd, rich neighbour? Increase or decrease?

Dangan ku k'miek eh.

If you*

14 more kena, now total patients at 369 as of yesterday. No news about it today though,

>tfw no Kanojo

She said Makati is nice, like a new city with lot of new building but if you go on the outskirt you can see the shabby buildings

Agatah ko sorang eh.

>10 km
it takes me an hour to jog that far. Yeah, Manila has the worst traffic that I have experienced. it sucks. The government didn't do anything when they can forsee this coming. damn fucking idiots.

So da na. Be safe, my goldmine.

Y... You too!

Always wear protection

sg flags here are indons in disguise. they just added some mudslime meme moon and sprinkled autism stars into the upper left side of your flag, user.

Aieee.. aieee.. :"(

>Tfw never fucked a girl without condoms before
Life is suffering

After much research (about ten minutes), I think this is the spiciest meme that we have produced.


What kind of spices can be found in your cunt's memes?

Hey, I never fucked a girl before

And now I am so horny and desparate for sex

Foreplay is better, can't get into the actual thing desu. Even my hand is better

t. Death grip masturbator


I love incest.

I wanna please a cute girl with my tongue ;_;

And fondle her all over


No lewds allowed.


Nice dubs
FUCK I actually bother to shower and clean my shaft (tak ada sunat la) thoroughly but my ex didn't. Tasted like sweat and something else tbqh


Well, only me and my hand to give my cum to these pix

Eew....looks like I have to get girlfriend to shower first before sex

Are all Singapussie hairy?

You don't spend a gorillion of money on building the foundry needed to forge these huge cannons and maybe even blow yourself up and end up with terrible cannons. All the siege guns can only be imported from world powers.
Besides Malays are amphibious and hence use lighter and smaller cannons, you don't drag the heavy cannons across swamps and monsoon muds.
Besides A famosa was almost impregnable at that time,if I'm not mistaken Johor-Dutch forces siege Malacca for 3 months and wiped out the city by starvation before cleaning out Portugese and Japanese.


>Besides Malays are amphibious


Damn failed,


>looks like I have to get girlfriend to shower first before sex

YES and while she's at it why not shower with her.

I had Chinese and Malay sex partners, I found that Chinese prefer to let it grow while Malays shave more often, prefer hairy tho

t. Dirty Chink

were all in the age of consent its okay

can your manlet chingchong arts master beat my guy in either armed or unarmed fight? webm related


Its ok because we are going D-Day jihad with the Dutch to retake the cinnamon,star anise, black pepper and other spices that is rightfully ours.
The flying dutchman said catholics are infidels so its ok to kill them for Jesus.

Definitely :^)

and shave her if there's a thick bush

I will be very pissed off if all my school classmates fucked each other and left me out of it


WTF can delete this or not

>I will be very pissed off if all my school classmates fucked each other and left me out of it
They probably did already tbqh :/

Thanks, now I'm horny as well

why delet? shes hot tho dem racks and tighs yummy.. disregard her slight butterface


name on the left? i know shes from JAV


Its okay looking I wish we had those fututuristic buildins you see in dubai

She is a paper bag case tbqfh

Bagus, post more malaybro

Damn it

I need to find a girl at uni fast ;-;

>was talking about knowledge exchange between Melaka & Ottomans
>Melaka as entreport is no joke
This was way before pooturgal even come.
Perhaps a famosa was actually a renovated version of Kota Melaka's inner wall?
>sorry I insist on using Melaka, not Malacca since that's foreign origin.
>foreigners shall not dictate my life.
How about there were many version of cannons? The portable mortar, the fixed watchtower cannon and the bombards? I wonder where are those cannons have been gone to.

The one of the left looks a bit like me.


As long as you're not underage, it's too late desu
>Pic related

Dayang aa. Batis mu :3

Aww man...how am I gonna find some fuck now?

No hookers, especially if you're into oral stuff, just imagine all that dick that's been pumping in and out of her

Also they're not here for pleasure but money, they'll give you a half-assed job and try to finis you ASAP rather than giving you time to enjoy. But if you can afford high end escorts, go for it

Read page 17 for A famosa origins. What is left by now is ruins after Bongs dismantled them to avoid capture by any Yurop powers.
>wonder where are those cannons have been gone to.
Dutch war loot for funding ammo and gunpowder to Johor.
If you want an Portugese cannon go to Kuala Kedah fort, there are some around that the sultan bought from Portugal.

That's what my friend told me too

I just want a cute gf and loads of hot kinky sex with her before marraige ;~;


>That's what my friend told me too
Your friends having the succ before you CONFIRMED

>I just want a cute gf and loads of hot kinky sex
The dream



He isn't my schoolmate so it's fine by me

All this desparation for sex is even turning me a little gay sometimes

I can't take it anymore

Is that your dream too?


You was mocking me

How could you

Sex is not everything in life my friend.

Sometimes you just need a cute qt to cuddle with :)


Sex is Love
Sex is Life
Sex is Everything
All hail God of Lust
>no rape pls. legit love only

Yeah, I guess so ;~;

And then fondle her breasts too


sauce pls


A-user don't be so lewd!
By fondle you mean hold right? And by breasts you mean hands yes?


I mean to run my fingers over her slowly :3

What were you thinking user

My school

She's got a dick, doesn't she?

Hands are meant to be held~

Me on the right

Handholding is kinda hot too I guess

I just hope it won't be us both looking at the phone like a lot of couples I see though

I am to be teacher


user are you saying you've a kv???!!!!

I am to be teacher's pet

The 3rd link in references



where did all the other flipfags go? did their Cred Forums posting finally bit them in the ass and got shot by the 4chds?

and stop posting gooks and nips my friends, post your own local qts instead.

Don't really like threesome porn desu, 1 dick is gay enough.

I for one am glad we don't have to see the flip Cred Forums spam.

>post your own local qts instead.

What is a kv?

you mean that samefag? He ded.

so what

She is from SG i think

In Cred Forums dutdut circle jerking again

Kissless virgin. Are you user are you? :o

Hey that's pretty good

no 5head dot qts or even chinks?

good riddance

delet this. this is a christian image board ffs.

Sigh....yes >~<

Happy now


user I

i did grope breast once or twice accidentally, am i a virgin?


At least I am not ugly ;-;

So did I user ;__;

t. dudutard

nandito pa ako mga tanga

Anons I...

Qt gfs are the first step to happiness!

Reminder to go to church later k?

There's always you :3


Holding hands and kissinf pucci~

Go find a gf malaybro, get these gay thoughts out of your head ;_;

>tfw you saw a girl you know while scrolling through tumblr blogs

Kissing puxxi isn't gay

hold it together sakurahime


I cannot

Yandere left me

I am all alone and lonely

why does Indonesia never post here?

because you touch yourself


poor sakurahime

Flipbong is sissy flip boy

accept ladyboys into your heart.
Don't let Thailand have monopoly control over such a lucrative market.

I've always wanted to fuck a qt katoey :3

Help me by posting some tits Flipchan

Flipbong....I know you are sort of into boipucci but I didn't expect you to love ladyboy

Singapore has loads of them desu

I said keep it together.how about hug

Ayy shoutout to my boys at sammyboy

I got a bj from one, but to fuck one would be quite the experience eh

boipucci is gay
ladyboys are straight.

I am a straight man so I obviously like to have sex with ladyboys.


I prefer English but I prefer Bisaya more since I'm a Cebuano.

This is why we need to separate

Bump pls post moar katoey qts

could I ever get a gf like pic related if i am a bule?

never go full malay


dear diary

he ignored my post today

what am i doing wrong

Britbongs, how hard is it to get into UK medical school as an International? Haven't taken my UKCAT yet, but got my attachments down.


good post


Might as well make it reach 300

It shouldn't be that hard, as long as you have the grades to back it up. It's only terrifyingly hard to get work in the medical industry as a foreigner here, there's a lot of test and training.

Can you post the fat Malaysia USA meme

new bread
sure I got two