A new and better EU? Discuss

A new and better EU? Discuss.

Spain out, pls

where v4 money goes on balkans
haha nice one

Czech and Poland in

fuck you asshole. Leave Norway out

>adding ex-yu in EU
>kicking poland,slovakia,hungary and czech's out

Sorry, painted it by mistake, it should be out, yes.

but why?

this, we are not european, fuck, sometimes I wish we remained an islamic country so we didn't have to deal with the white people

take a wild guess

This. Berber Pride!



Union of gib moni. Remove Finland.

There is no such thing as a good EU.

Looks nice. Also very solid bait, I'm looking forward for tasty butthurt.


>better eu
>with bulgaria

Why not include turkey while youre at it?

fuck you
>turkey still not in eu

>includes his country

Toppu kekku

why cant we leave out all the poor countries

keep us out this time

why did you join the EU when poor countries were already there?

end yourself

Europe should abandon the euro.
And close borders.

Price of being in NATO, son.

How about you just fuck off with your shitty subjugational plots you greedy fucking jews