according to that list, we are better than germany and about the same with france, why are we behind them

Mfw my country is on the list

Opinion discarded

i thought north korea had millions of active personnel

>Poland only outpaces Spain in tanks and submarines with a rail-thin budget
>Somehow 10 positions ahead

Explain this sorcery.

>quality of equipment not taken into account

Where would ISIS be though?

lmao this is just ridiculous

In Berlin.

leopard 2a4>sabra

6th on the list

>Vietnam is stronger than North Korea

Delet this, we don't have nukes.

>Vietnam is stronger than North Korea

Delet this, we don't have nukes. Nukes are stronger than anything.

fug :DDDD

tfw a Mig-27 counts the same as an EF-2000 or a F-22 Raptor. Or a galleon the same than a destroyer ship.


Also, tfw people armed with sticks and almost no militar formation counts the same than well equiped soldiers with modern weapons, technology, helicopters, etc.


>15k tanks
>half of those are rusted out T54 hulls with no turrets buried under snow in siberia
>8k nukes
>literally haven't been taken out of their silos for 50 years

>polish budget

why thefuck do you need 8 000 warheads??

Taiwan has quite a lot for its size

Ukraine > Poland

tfw nuclear cruiser akula count as shitty sub

You idiot

Just 50% wouldn't launch 10% would be destroyed near europe 10% would be destroyed near usa

Defence budget is though

also 20% were sold to the blackmarket due to corruption

That would leave about 2500. Do you really need that many to hit US soil?