Why do we not have any culture?

Why do we not have any culture?
Even niggers have culture

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Any examples of that??

Western “civilization", kills cultures.

>Finland, Iceland, Denmark

I just said that we didn't have any culture. How am I supposed to provide examples?

Leave Norway out of your meme map you swedish faq

But this can be possible, you automatically have a culture!!
Things you have/do/eat only in Scandinavia.

You do have culture though

>But this can be possible, you automatically have a culture!!

Fair enough, yes we have a "culture"

It is just so bland and worthless that we might as well not have any.

>Things you have/do/eat only in Scandinavia.

Yes we have rotten fish

Mona Sahlin pls leave

Do not worry friend, you have imported a lot of culture in the recent years, soon you'll have so much culture you'll be sick of it!

>It is just so bland and worthless that we might as well not have any.
Why you say that?? I want an Example that confirm what you said.

We live in garden sheds

Your TV series are getting famous internationally. I like The Bridge and Borgen, Solsidan is ok too.

Why do scumbag swedes always has to drag Norway into their misery dialogs? Fuck you swedish assholes, eat shit and die

of course you have culture

Mona Sahlin did nothing wrong

Yes, mass rapes by Muslims sounds great m8. Just shoot yourself in the head

It's a small price to pay for the blessing of Islam.

Soon perhaps Sweden will be something worthwhile for the first time in it's history.

Makes you think, doesn't it,

triggered me, not gonna lie

Jesus Christ, is she brain damaged? It's the opposite way. Does she not know that Sweden used to cuck the entirety of Europe and did a lot of cool shit before the 70s?

Sweden have always been a poor shithole (even compared to the rest of europe).

Profiteering from the world wars and the Marshall plan changed this recently. It is not going to last however and Sweden is just returning to it's natural state.


We only cucked the >H >R >E (thanks to French money and Finnish soldiers).

The moment we encountered non germanic opponents however we got BTFO.

>Why do we not have any culture?

Because you are blind for it and look down on it. It is a mental disease, an internalized inferiority complex called

and your media and politicians actively propagate it. I wonder why...

>Even niggers have culture

haha yeah right, depends on what your standards are I guess.

Tell me, where are all these African philosophers, scientists, classical composers. Name me a good African opera?

You mean judeo-american commercialism, after all in their eyes were not even people anymore, just consumers.

Name any cultural contributions of Scandinavia

You have culture, you are just blind to it because you are so immersed in it. Everything you do and the way you do it is part of your culture. Of course the consumerism does mold and destroy old cultural aspects and replaces them with new ones constantly.




And I thought people like you only existed in Finland.

Of course your own culture might feel "bland" to you. To you it's everyday life. It's the same in every country.
That's why people like to travel, to see other, more exotic cultures.

And believe it or not, people want to visit the Nordics as well. To see the people, the experience the culture, etc…

Also, I'm pretty sure you're not Swedish. A Swede would never confuse Nordic and Scandinavia.

You're probably an American behind a proxy, or on a trip in Sweden.


"Going to
- Sweden
- Norway
- Finland"

"Do not cross Denmark"

Forgot pic

I agree OP im going to vote V next election

You guys have heavy metal, that is culture

That's just bland imitations of Anglo/African pop culture.

Give me something real

Kek I have never seen an Italian or Spaniard claim they don't have any culture, beacuse it is so obvious they do.

Meanwhile alot of people (even outside of the Nordic countries) think our culture is bland and boring.

Därför att ingen bryr sig jävla mongo

Fuck off

IKEA and nordic design in general is GOAT imo


If she truly believes that, I think she needs to see a professional because she clearly lives on a world not based in reality. If she doesn't believe that then whoever she's pandering too needs to open a fucking book.

Those look comfy tbqh

nordic women > everything

The beautiful thing about Cred Forums is that you can stay offline for a few days and still not miss anything as you will find the exactly same threads all over again

No desu, blonde women are overrated and pushed too hard by the Jewish media


Be sure to dance around the great penis of faggtory while singing about small frogs every midsummer.

We wouldn't want such a noble tradition to disappear now would we?

Why is it that everything we do lacks personality?

Be it vidya, movies, tv series or furniture.



Get your prime staff.

i'm sorry to tell you that you're wrong

she's russian though

t: nigger

What do the Italians and Spanish have that you don't have?

she is finnish athlete

Could you be anymore self-hating


Thank you based kiwibro

Blond hair is a birth defect


Different kind of food that seems exotic to the Swede. The Swede just doesn't realize that Spanish/Italian food aren't exotic to themselves.

>Sweden have always been a poor shithole (even compared to the rest of europe).
Not super poor but yes most of our Swedish-Americans are here because their ancestors were fleeing an impoverished Sweden.

Beautiful high culture and a strong colorful local culture.

Sweden have bland imitations of already shitty american pop culture

are you pedo? she looks like a kid

i'm glad your shithole is going to be 3rd world country in the next ~20 years Mohammed

she is 18/19

And all the stuff that is authentically Swedish or nordic you find boring or just shit, like the buildings, food, celebrations and stuff. There isn't anything wrong with the traditional Swedish culture, have somehow just convinced yourself otherwise.

Meh, nothing really impressive. I see blonde white girls everyday here they all start to look alike to me and just the same cookie cutter copy pasta girls.

Bleached blondes aren't the same as the real thing.

because you live in america


Name anything worthwhile from Swedish culture that can compete with other European countries.

Or any other countries.

They're legit blonde, I can tell from the color of their eyebrows and the color of their facial hair that they think nobody will notice

The best hair colors are, Jet Black, and Ginger Red. Anything else is normie tier.

Dancing around a phallic pole like a frog.

your women have beards?

>implying they don't dye their eyebrows too

Usually jet black is from dye too.


we truly are the master race

For most women, however a there are a rare minority that have it, I have jet black hair myself and would like my kids to either have red hair or jet black hair

All women have facial hair and body hair

you should check how many muricans use antidepressants.
but at least they seem to work


Antidepressants increase the risk of suicide

Happiness surveys are not reliable and very subjective.

and i hope your brother Abdul kills you while you're sleeping. gtfo from Sweden

This, anti-depressants increase your dependency on them and your brain stops producing it's own dopamine, and once you stop taking them your brain will still not produce any dopamine since it relied on the antidepressants to do that and you'll feel like killing yourself.

What is finnish culture except for sucking Swedish dicks and being sexually molested on the internet?

being objectively better than you or other countries

Finland didn't even have a written language 500 years ago.

You have no history, no culture and no family ties.

No wonder you drink yourselves to death

who cares about past?
look what happened Portugal and Greece

this provides an incorrect picture. the woman should be an old dirty hag with strange dirty clothes

Finland is a depressive shithole in the present as well. No amount of material wellbeing will change that.

yeah of course we are depressed, because all NEETs on Cred Forums and other boards complain about their shitty introverted life.
most normies are not depressed here and i'm one of those

>shitty introverted life

Describes your average finn

but u gaiz wuz vykangz n sheeit

yeah and all finns have high cheekbones and slanty eyes...
praise tengri

Funny how Nordics are the biggest we wuzzers beside african americans.


Nordic nationalism is all about coping with our burning inferiority complex towards southern europeans.

You wish you where mongols, that's why you adopted that meme so eagerly.

Mongols have actual achievments

Finno ugrics do not

Only Catholics have culture m8. Repent immediately!

Related: has anybody made a Martin Luther Pepe yet?

i'm going to say this yet again; who the fuck cares about some cultural achievements 1000 years ago, when your country is doing currently 10x better than any of those "muh culture and past" countries?
and stop with the depression meme

Your country is a dark, cold glorified logging camp where everyone hates themselves.

The only reason Finland have some money right now is beacuse you live near Europe and avoided communism.

As the west falls you will soon be a poor again, just like the rest of the Nordic countries.

we have a culture of getting baited by niggertards like you

>where everyone hates themselves.
source: 9gag and Cred Forums memes


It is always Finns and Norwegian who chimp out the most in these threads.

I guess that most Swedish posters still have internet ptsd from Sweden Yes memes.

>High suiciderate
>High rate of antidepressant usage
>Cold and dark
>Little social contact
>Weak family ties
>Commiblocks everywhere

Gee, sure sounds like paradise.

I think BTFO Soviet union twice is a pretty big deal.

and Bolan tbqh

Fair enough, finnish stubborness knows no bounds. Be it war och autistic internet arguments

>black and death metal

Yeah no.

It's funny because it's true.

>Finland didn't even have a written language 500 years ago.
That's not entirely true.


I'm 100% sure that (at least) Finland's actual consumption would be far higher if you could get all those people who are afraid to get help to therapy.

uhm we kind of fucked up poland for well over 2 centuries

Deep down we're just sad to see you turn into a shithole, Sweden.

We dont have Ikea in Argentina, when I think of modern Sweden I think of Abba, and tennis players like Bjorn Borg or Mats Wilander or some newer ones but not that successful like Soderling or Magnus Norman. But that because I am a tennis fan.

I also know Ibsen and Bjork, dont know any modern Dane.

We have plenty of culture muhammed Steinberg

>Finnish flag defending Sweden
Cai-Göran? Is that you?

Speak for yourself, Per-Göran.