French "men"

>French "men"

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lad in the background can't even control his laughter

what the fuck

How tall is this man?


Pulls more ass than all redcoats combined. Fran├žois can't help himself.

phew thank god I'm 183

He get lot of pussy

Is Hollande a good politician? Do Frenchies like him?


bet he could run head first up her

>second guy on the right

what the hell. That guy has 60+ cm on Hollande



He's such a meme.

I'm 1,7m and go to England and see many men my height

>I'm 1,7m

Only because of his money

Are you a girl
1.7 is woman height

>show euro
>girls come to you
>show ruble
>girls run away

it's that simple

What did the French mean by this?

one of the least funny episodes desu