Americans pay millions for a view of this

>americans pay millions for a view of this

That's a nice view, but I prefer mine.

Incomes in New York are the highest in the world.

>a few shitty flyover fields and a telegraph line

what a view

I work in Manhattan but would never recommend living there.

it's where i'm retiring young

>telegraph line
Just how outdated is Australian communication technology?

Not the kind of place you'd normally think of when retiring, but that's alright.

Holy shit, I never really grasped how large this city was. How long does it take to walk the length of Central Park?

That is some elite fucking planning

Cost of living is just as high

>overground powerline

third world much

judging by our internet infrastructure I'd say we're a few decades behind

That's how Australians shitpost here, sending telegrams to National Australian Shitposting center.


>New England
It's peaceful, cozy, and crime is pretty much nonexistent. Urbanism is the real global cancer, and I'm too old for that shit.

>no more South-West country landscape comfiness since moved to Perth

new york is the best city in the world you leaf piece of shit. you can only dream

areal pictures often aren't a very good indication of what living in a place is actually like btw

its a shitty view

comfy view thread?