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amazon.co.uk/Bialetti-Elektrika-110V-ELETTRIKA/dp/B002EWANQS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1474120164&sr=8-2&keywords=electric moka

I fucking HATE the t*ries

Right lads we've to stop the crying and emotional pandering and get back to our usual selves

not liking the abnormie way this generals swinging

> pre-sliced/grated cheese

Why would anyone EVER buy this

someone needs to put Barratt out of business


Remember Angus Deyton? Top lad

Jamie fucking vardy

a hard cunt

Redrow Homes>>>>Barratt Homes

I like it because I used to be a subnormal and I used to be the one whining on Cred Forums about my life, now I'm almost-normal and I get to play the big shot and give advice haha



Just saw are Nige skinny dipping with a pint desu lads. Madman

Convenience, it saves time for when you're cooking certain things

>he works in retail


>its the autistic aussie weeb spams anti Irish shite

jesus get over yourself, did an irishman fuck your ma you cunt? stop spamming the same shit in every thread you melt

Really like these images desu

I'm not a weeb you dunce, you need some meat in your diet. It'll help with brain development.

>now I'm almost-normal

No you aren't. You will always feel like you aren't at one with the normbots



>ywn never mow this mob down with an MG42

Need a Kelly Le Brock gf

Irish vs. Aussie

Who do you prefer?

Business idea: Give bankers bonuses to footballers instead of soldiers

wtf normies?!

do you really need a car in the UK? I see no point

would literally leave you "stunted brained" if we met in real life you jackeen cunt


>tfw fatty boom batty

Don't care

Absolute choooon


haha yeah true tbf but compared to some of you lot I am


Best hangover food? Gonna go out and get something

They'll be swinging from lampposts in a few years la dw


Limp wristed weak low test beta fairies

would execute every one of these Boy Georges

Anyone watch Geography Now?
Want to give him some information about the UK

>that dramatic faggot in the red trousers

Kill it with fucking fire!!!


Gas the huns lads

I'm going down down baby your street in a Range Rover
Street sweeper baby, cocked ready to let it go
Shimmy shimmy cocoa what
Listen to it pound
Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now
I'm going down down baby your street in a Range Rover
Street sweeper baby, cocked ready to let it go
Shimmy shimmy cocoa what
Listen to it pound
Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now

t. London paki

fuck off yank

actually felt physically sick from that

>Paddy angry, paddy SMASH
Stunted-brained Irish at their finest lads.

>she still hasn't replied
Haha nah it's fine ha

the majority of people spamming anti irish things are nonwhites trying to fit in desu
Bruce Wang here is a perfect example

glad that Barratt is in business

[spoiler]I know that feel[/spoiler]

Bacon sandwich

gas the upper class

Fuck off paki

can't understand the point of this WebM

white middle class liberals baka

this uesz

Yeah too right ill fucking smash you cunt. Whats the matter? you afraid of physical contact and getting confronted for talking shite? bet your a skinny little runt irl. Fuck id take pleasure in boxing your bake you wank.

gas anyone who isn't a Corbyn supporter

>all those FSA flags

ahh yes. the group that beheads children


>Rochdale Muslims fear fervour of youth spilling into hate and violence

>Community leaders paint a bleak picture for young Muslims living in the borough of Rochdale on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. They have grave concerns that Muslim youth are increasingly turning to anti-western sentiment and extreme interpretations of Islam.

hmm not good this

Spot the mistake lads

How's this for a tinder bio lads:

Day of the rope you'll be the first to go.

rip poleaboo

>You could get a discount on your Council Tax bill if you:
>live alone (the Single Person's Discount)

normies utterly BTFO

only 40 people there in total

Is that really all it takes to get you this riled up? All those years of abuse from daddy and the local priest has really left you lot thin-skinned hasn't it? It'd be funny were it not so pathetic. Literal nigger-tier mental capacity.


>caring about Paki children

I support IS because they kill Muslims desu

Willy smells like a lass was sitting on it but I can't remember a thing so I'm unsure if that actually happened

Why didn't you save her, lads?


all of it was one big mistake

ah yes good job ukip voters


>council tax

runt life

aye yeah im very riled up lad im raging right now. Fuck up you twat. Id knock you out and rape your mum cunt.

They're all men

I'm drinking fanta at the moment

the UN needs to be dismantled

>Light beer

Yanks for fucking pathetic

dumb cunt

there's nothing better than a home alone poo

>Huddersfield """""academics"""""

>tax tax tax tax , tax ,ta,x, tax tax ,tax ,tax, tax ,tax

ah yes 1st world countries

Feels good knowing I'll at least pass better than her

When did Poleaboo renounce Islam?

Can wheelchair-shitters please FUCK OFF with their Paralympics already

No one gives a shit about this, stop trying to convince me otherwise.

I think you should just stop posting, you're only embarrassing yourself here. Fucking Irish scum.



Is that Rihanna's new song?

good taste

in germany you can buy these vintage fanta

Yeah pretty much
Interesting though
Mate text me asking if I pulled too but I woke up alone so who knows

In the last couple of months when he realised he HATED pakis and was transgender

Supporting UKIP gave me the strength to make this decision

>ohh irish scum
>ohh irish so stoopid!
literally no one cares. you need to stop posting you cringeworthy cunt.

wow ableist much????

>Single Person's Discount

can hear normoid runts screaming all around me

Turn the TV off then, you cretin

Nordisches Blut

Anyone seen that French porn milf called Naomi1? That is one filthy woman but she's so hot fucking hell. Just saw a scene where she walks into a supermarket completely naked, buys some carrots, walks down to the beach and starts frigging herself with the carrots and then starts fucking two random guys in front of loads of people.

There's another one where she's at a football stadium, walks into the men's toilets and starts having an orgy with complete strangers. Literally walks up to a guy who is taking a piss, drink his piss then starts fucking him. Fucking mental.

She's probably nicked your wallet and done a big poo in your lip and left it

anyone want to meet up for a fight? in the mood to deck some little runts, anywhere in london i'll be there

well his name now has to be Simon Al-collis or Simon Haji-collis after his hajj. that's what you're supposed to do

>Not 113 people
>Asylum seeker is whiter than the others

>Just saw a scene where she walks into a supermarket completely naked, buys some carrots, walks down to the beach and starts frigging herself with the carrots and then starts fucking two random guys in front of loads of people.
link please

check your mobility privilege shitlord

Spending the day alone in my room playing the guitar and singing Elliott Smith songs desu.

I saw one where she's in a supermarket naked, buys a bottle of wine and then starts masturbating in the middle of the street with it.

Bit upset today are we? Honestly would feel sorry for you were you not some Irish wasteman

link me up to the second one

pls b in Sussex

hate when something is too obscure to find free sources for it online.

xhamster com/movies/4664297/swinger_sex_on_a_beach_by_naomi1.html

runt life

need an english gf


Vice article from a black lad from America visiting Limerick:

>As I was heading back to the hotel, I got lost, and I was forced to ask a teen on his bike where my hotel was. Waving my hotel card at him, I quickly realized that I made myself look like a rich foreigner asking for trouble. The guy looked at his watch and said "you have five minutes to get home" while pulling his shirt up and showing me a hidden knife. I turned the corner and sprinted. This was all too familiar—it felt like a dream. But I made it home safely thanks to an Irish woman who gave me proper directions.

Hao Ling

Post the first album you ever bought lads. Angsty 11 year old reporting in

What is it? Some shitty graphic novel?

Tbf if he lives there being a muslim man is a pretty good deal.



>A 24-year-old transgender soldier has become the first woman to serve on the front line with the British Army.


humble yourself shitlord

Converted and didn't even get some qt arab wife to rule over
idiot desu

xhamster com/movies/5623503/sexual_orgy_in_the_toilet_football_stadium.html

And here's her profile page, loads of other vids

xhamster com/user/naomi1


never bought an album but actually stole this with a friend lol. I remember going home and feeling so bad for doing it but consoled myself because the album cover told me to

Ah, young lad must be one of Ireland's many great intellectuals.

>The guy looked at his watch and said "you have five minutes to get home" while pulling his shirt up and showing me a hidden knife.

Things that didn't happen, volume 3



all rockstar need to do to satirise america in their next game is make it exactly like real life

>tfw neo-commie
Teens were an embarrasing time for me 2bh

Very Reddity post

>rasheed looking guy eyeing up a 3 year old

*grabs my gun *


bit gay this

i know you would reply like this.

so predtictable.

I'm playing you like a piano

>all rockstar need to do to satirise america in their next game is make it exactly like real life

*sticks it to the man*


>Farage has said it “wasn’t skinny-dipping” because he still had his underpants on.

Disaster averted

Absolutely LOVE IT when my number gets called out at Argos haha xxxx

Donald Trump
Come join me on reddit


been watching these three indian tourists out my window. they are literally walking up peoples driveways and taking pictures of their houses, pointing in all of the windows. they've done it to every house on the road, and the doctors surgery, and the co op, and the funeral service shop, and the leisure center. Eagerly awaiting them approaching my property so I can moon them out the window. it's happening. ETA 3 minutes.


Good video

*lowers you gun*

it's the only way they'll learn


If Labour guaranteed you a state sanctioned GF of your choosing would you vote for them?

Imagine his big fat cock glistening through his wet undies under the moonlight

>divorcee with child

Runt tier. Dropped.

What are you doing here?

Is Argos doing well? Got very nostalgic memories of going there when I was a kid, hope it doesn't go under :c

What's the most austistic thing you do /shit/?

For me - I follow every election.
Every single one.

delete this at once

impossible. do you even have a job

Of course.
It's not like I stay up all night waiting for the result.
I just keep up with the news of every country instead of just the UK, EU, US and ISIS.

just did a read and came up with a startling conclusion.

wait for it....

Think i'll study and read all day today then finish the day of with a spliff and dragon quest VII

What are your plans today Cred Forums?

>that music


space launches & street view updates


KEEP us posted lad

This song would be great if everyone in the comment section wasnt a cancerous little fuckwit

game of thrones is boring

bit gay

berlin is great lads, you should come visit

there she is lad


just realised rangers were the good guys all along

>not child abusers
>not enemies of the state

i want to go to templehof airport


Sorry but rangers where the first two things you filthy hun supporter, couldnt you make it any more obvious?

anyway the child abusers won 5-1, embarrassing

why did they build one right in the middle of the city.

I was in germany for only a single day and I was drugged and arrested for being drugged

I won't return.

dont lie frankenstein

uk=unified korea

So these are the cunts that shut down London City Airport earlier this month heading to court. Just fucking look at them. Most of them are privately educated SJW middle class "save the world" faggots. When they were given a conditional discharge (essentially no punishment) in court, one of the women said "Go, white privilege!".

dumb haha

Play Minecraft for hours in 2016 with mods, in single player, just building things.

>Refugees let into the US: 10,000
>Refugees that are Christian: 0.56%
>Syria's Christian population: 10%

REALLY made me think lads


I swear if these cunts fuck up my holiday next month I will fucking murder some blacks THEN they'll have something to protest about

wish she got locked up and stabbed to death in prison


bet not a single one of them is a productive member of society

what the fuck is that thing at the bottom left

could heem every single one of them

you ever have those moments where you wish muslims would just take over to shut these cunts up



the gf

not going to click on this

kek I remember this

top lad

Hot sauce of choice lads?

Pic related

Aussies have more land

considering a wank lads



hate this stupid fucking snapchat dog filter

cheated on the gf again with another minger lads

feels ashamed of meself

it is amazing how it's so deeply embedded in my mind that rangers are the enemy.

all their players and fans even the normal looking ones automatically have something thuggish about them
whereas even the thugs at celtic park have a friendly air about them.

not sure where that comes from.

must be my monkey brain

Mussolini was better than Hitler tbqh

Better ideology, better stage presence, the lot

imagine being a fucking normie

that stuff is fucking good uesz


valentina or memeracha

Normies are bullying Android users again



Having an afternoon guitar sesh desu lads. Any requests?

wish some cunt would just put me out of my misery already

you should its funny

Business Idea: Make a shit product but market it well so it becomes popular with normies who will buy it blindly because they see other normies using it

seriously? think this "runt" meme buzzword is being misappropriated by the autists

those were the best emojis though


Bad Horsie — Steve Vai

*puts a vagina over your head and suffocates you*
there you are lad

fuwa fuwa time you useless cunt


got the cat to sniff my knob again

*grinds coffee*

*boils water and waits for it to cool down to 80 °C*

*scoops coffee into aeropress (inverted method ofc*

*attaches filter to base*

*pours water in and stirs*

*waits for 90 seconds, warms milk in the microwave*

*plunges aeropress plunger over the course of 1 minute*

*adds coffee to warm milk*

*takes a sip*

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yes


business idea: create a runt clothing line that is aimed at normies

of course it is
every funny joke on /brit/ is spammed and misused till its no longer funny

it's a meme but you can't beat it

probably the best post that will be made today

Still haven't got my laptop working on this fucking WiFi. Only been able to shit post from my phone for the last couple of days

>he puts milk in his coffee

literally disgusting

liking that hot habenero sauce tesco are selling atm

business idea: become successful

what's wrong

done a shift on a bar for the first time last night lads, being on the other side is fookin mad

business idea: make clothes with holes in them and actually sell them for lots of money

want to strangle pakipoo until he stops moving

business idea: apply for government unemployment payments

grated cheese has cellulose on it and that can mess with some recipes

plus it's usually just a generic cheese and not any specific cheese, so it's better to buy the non-grated stuff and just work with it from there

would like a bar job but I dunno how to get one with no experience

*boils kettle till it clicks*
*opens kenco instant coffee*
*add them both together*

ahh yes

Business Idea™: trademark common gimmicks and charge per use

Rainy days and mondays (Vocal)
We've only just begun (Vocal)

Listening to '02 to '06 era melodic metalcore lads like As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage

isn't it mad how this shit used to be popular

business idea: hire neets to work on a project together with the end goal being a 2d or 3d gf of their choice

*buys a coffee from costa*

>Listening to '02 to '06 era melodic metalcore lads like As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage

>relative/friend I haven't met in a while: 'Hi user! its been so long since I saw you last! how are things?'
>me: 'They're terrible. Thanks for asking haha!'

Why are lefties so against the 11+ and grammar schools?
Surely it's better to enable the smarter kids to reach their full potential?

Just putting my Bialetti Moka Express 6 cup Italian espresso maker on the stove, any of you lads want a brew?

*waits for the telltale purr to tell me to take it off the head*

*pours, takes a sip*

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH yeah that's a good cup of Joe

*FOYs self*

*boils kettle till it clicks*
*pours directly onto crotch area*

ahh yes

Top top tune



>all that effort to preserve the taste of the coffee
>ruins it with milk

amateur radio/swl



Never even heard of it so won't be able to give it a go soz.

I don't know what fuwa fuwa time means.

Can't be arsed with that.

I'll give it a go but for some reason my recordings are cutting out after 35 seconds, eg vocaroo.com/i/s1lqwCN2Ff2O , so might just have to abandon the whole thing desu.

am 23 years old and scared of telling her im moving out in a few weeks because for some twisted reason she will try and make it sound like its a bad thing because shes mental and doesnt want to be left alone

*boils kettle till it clicks*
*mixes the hot water with some bleach*
*cleans out the runt cage*

whats the red top one

Like the lefties in the Tory party?


yeah didn't see that one coming, bet you listen to k-pop

*pours a glass of water*
*puts it into the microwave and turns it on*
ahh.. nice boiled water..
*takes it out and puts instant coffee powder in*
ahh this is shite..
*pours it out and goes to starbucks anyways and pays 200 dollars for a medium coffee*

>no hijab


I swear there is some kind of subtle Irish invasion going on where I live. Took my dog to the vet and the vet was Irish. Two of the girls who work at the Tesco petrol station near my house are Irish. Had to sign for a parcel the other day and the Royal Mail guy was Irish. What is going on?

am I the only one here who literally cannot use these

Extra hot. There's one with a white top as well that's extra sour which is also pretty nice

>why yes I am a fucking ponce about coffee and bought an aeropress to enjoy the 5 minutes I spend every day drinking coffee slightly better

>I don't know what fuwa fuwa time means

tried using one of them and it either burns the coffee or doesn't make it rise at all

who is she

remember getting those fuckers in knots at the top so the little kiddies couldnt use them anymore

pure bants

cafetiere is better desu

well that's the wrong image..

alri tubbs

So is London going to be abandoned in 30 years once we leave the EU?

*slaps your arse*
*slaps it again*

what shop ? only seen the green

Really? How did you do it? I'm a complete spacker and I can do it OK. You just have to keep it on a really low heat and wait like 10 minutes. Worth it though, it makes a big pot of really strong coffee

>Adding milk to coffee
Never gonna be replying to you again friendo

I started yesterday with zero experience lad, I suppose you just need to get a lil lucky with applying somewhere while they're taking on.
>some brown qt made me kiss her in front of her bf so I could serve her, they both just fucking laughed

i can't believe that im lonely now

oh soz haha meant to say my mum x

cant use the bus because I dont know how to order a ticket


>call Halifax
>always Northern Irish call centre
>'Hoi Coin Oi Hoilp Yoi Soir?'

the one i used might have been defective. it was sitting in the kitchen for a long time and the seal might have been done in . either that or the hob goes from nothing to hellfire with no in between.

either i just got an electric one

i'm not fat

I literally dont understand how they work. I do the physics part all correct, feet forward, backwards, etc

but I barely move

Green tea is great for hangovers and comedowns

TV shows middle class people like:
>Mock the Week
>Russell Howard's Good News
>Live at the Apollo
>American sitcoms
>Last Week with John Oliver
>Breaking Bad
>Game of Thrones
>Graham Norton Show

TV shows working class people like:
>Coronation Street
>The X Factor
>Britain's Got Talent
>The Great British Bake-off
>Mrs Brown's Boys
>Family Guy
>Antique Roadshow
>Homes under the Hammer
>Master Chef
>Come Dine with Me
>Dancing on Ice
>Celebrity Juice
>I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here
>Big Brother


If you disagree you're shit.


*kills most of your family*


The problem with the grammar schools is that despite enabling the intelligent children to reach their full potential, the entry exams tend to consist of shit you could only really answer after a while of private tutoring.

Essentially one of the prerequisites to get into a grammar school, by no surprise, means having rich parents who can afford tutoring, locking out poorer children regardless

"can I get a ticket please mate?"

>your tiny hands
>your crazy kitten smile
>just don't leave
>don't leave

Different shops sell different types I've found. The green top one I can only find in bigger Tescos, the white top one I've only seen in Asda and the red top one I've only seen on Ocado.

I have 5 cups a day. Helps with weight loss, too

Kill the King — Rainbow


feeling melancholy

You've not put thought into this, lad.

>remember 10 years ago
>mum and sister were freaked out by my large hands
>said I said was going to be a lanky cunt
>21 and still only 5'8

might just end it

Thought about getting an electric one as well desu but they were like twice the price for the same size. Plus I can take mine with me when I go camping which is nice

your middle class is w/c and quite low as well.

real middle class listens to this

A proper nawty geeeezaa has invented a way of wiping out an entire race of people from the planet. He asks you to pick the race that will be decimated. Which race do you pick and why?

What language are you learning?

If you aren't learning a language you must be one utterly foul runt.

want a lower upper class gf

not the super poshy girls but at the lower end of the "rich" category lads

will not be opening this triggering content

Sounds more like a chink desu

want to know how much tea I drink? me?

well let me tell you; the mug holds 600ml. in a day? 5 of those. easy. 6? you bet

do the math kid. the answer may surprise you........

>put music on iphone™
>deletes it if it hasn't been purchaced from the itunes™ store

oy vey!


it makes 12 cup like the drip machines
compared to moka which only does like 2 espressos

Lots of errors there. Mock the Week and Russell Howard's show are both for working class plens, Bake Off, Come Dine with Me, Pointless, Masterchef and Antiques Roadshow are Middle Class.

>needing to learn another language

fuck off runt

I'm an utterly foul runt then.

I used to be a Germanboo and wanted to learn German but fuck Germany now.


listening to japanese rock again lads

Can't get the recording to work properly, gonna have some lunch and might give it another go later.

Russell Howard is quintessentially middle class lefty drivel

Mine makes 6 cups (but really only two big mugs) and it was less than 20 quid but a two cup electric one costs 50 quid

amazon.co.uk/Bialetti-Elektrika-110V-ELETTRIKA/dp/B002EWANQS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1474120164&sr=8-2&keywords=electric moka

Is The One Who Cleans about today?

me and my boss banter at work

is this good?

>russell howard
>middle class

it's left leaning working class humour

On a bombing run

Went out with one of those briefly

She was pretty amazing, personality-wise. Hyper-confident and capable. Met someone else though and ended up dropping her.

Maybe I should've gone with her for longer. Hmm.

Should add only connect to middle class

ah yes

>Only the middle classes are left wing
nice meme lad

>>The Great British Bake-off

Imagine being proud of the number of passengers who travelled via your local airport in a given year


Are working classes above or below the middle classes?

Schwarze oversize hoodie sowie Gargamel

Just allow schools to give you practice tests, Jesus Christ it's not that hard

It's typically middle-class twaddle, you silly cunt. Like Michael McIntyre.

Peter Kay is working class comedy

>there are airports people use outside of London and Edinburgh

mind blown

Londoners are like this. Because relevant people live and work in their city they think that they, by extension, are relevant even though they live in a broom cupboard in a mosque and pay 700 quid a week for the privilege.

They are also, statistically, non-white

ah yes let's pave over the countryside so cagers can get to their call centre jobs marginally faster

TV shows a spiritually enlightened fellow such a myself likes:

the gf



any other categorisation by yanks and aussies is delusion

who cares

I don't think you know what working class means

What is Manchester

Gareth Keenan's let himself go

seems a bit retarded 2bh

How do you think northerners get to malaga and benidorm?


pretty good site 2bh


Shan't be opening this link

A shitty provincial backwater

You're mistaken. The type of comedy in these shows always demonises the actual working class- they'll put on northern, southwestern and cockney accents to make fun of them and portray them as thick, always trying to make a big show of how thick and poor they are because they're deemed as "racist"

But they'll also make fun of posh politicians and the monarchy frequently

Making their target audience- the middle classes

Ah, you're a paki. Should have just said from the off so we could have simply ignored you and gone about talking to others.

>Edinburgh """airport"""

Bigger than Edinburgh

Not sure what you're even going on about desu, never reply to me again.

alri lads off for some hangover food, most likely poutine at this point, then to run some errands

before i have to take out cash because the germans are stuck in the previous century and are unable to take card payments

m8 you're a povvo cunt if michael mcintyre is middle class to you

Upper class (i.e. rich twats)
Middle class (i.e. working people, the everyman)
Lower class (i.e. the runts in council housing)
Makes much more sense 2bh

Triggered Northern peasant getting defensive over his """airport"""

It only has three terminals lmfao

Upper - people who have majority holdings
Middle - people who have investments
Working - people who work
Under - people who don't work

tfw 5'4

am i basically a midget?

my father talked to me about how I need to improve my social skills again this morning

>tfw literally a foot taller than you

ah yes, barratt new builds

Keep squeaking, runtboy.

cute x

>Michael McIntyre
>not middle class

Is this fucking deluded tit for real???

Like Scotland.

anyone seen the mandem?

Antiques Roadshow is GOAT nigga.

p-please don't hurt me Sir ;_;

no u

HATE it when they do that

Middle class people own businesses or get nice salaries and can afford to go on multiple holidays every year, their kids are extremely entitled, very into social media and drugs and being left wing

Working class people work in manufacturing industries or primary industries. As well as local stuff like butchers, plumbers and engineers

don't believe you :x

we;re not talking about the man. but people who laugh at his comedy

people who find him funny are fucking plebs.

>all these cunts itt OBSESSED with the classes
Howling, this is truly runt behaviour

white people

could rest my chin on top of your head when we cuddle lol x

*squeals loudly as the runtmaster rattles my cage*


Hmm I see
Middle classes probably come under upper-middle class here 2bh. Fairly rich but still working a rather ordinary job and all that. Still think the UK system is a bit retarded

t. ashamed working class runt

His comedy is middle-class comedy, you silly fucking paki.

>Working - people who work
stupid desu

you're putting people who earn £13,000 a year in the same category as those who own £130,000 a year

working class never meant just those who work
it meant those who work in manual labour and low paid jobs

create a new thread u fucking runts

you have trust issues~ ('^' )

Fewming lads.

Crooked Hillary attacks the second amendment. Says Americans should give up their guns. The Donald says her secret service agents should give up their guns, she'd see how long she lasts.

All our media attack The Donald, saying he's making threats against her.

it's more nuanced 2bh

under the yank system povvos get to pretend they're special

It's daft pakis. Wish they'd fuck off back to Karachi tbqh.

He's exaggerating it tbqh, he has just described the upper middle class.

If you work in an office as anything less than a manager, you're working class.

I like how the right to buy and massive expansion of universities and education in the country means that any working class runt can claim to be middle class

You're correct. No idea why these backward fucking Americanised kids on here insist on peddling their ignorant shit

it's plebs laughing at themselves without realising. typical run behaviour

the higher end of people who work are those with savings and investments. so the categories still fit.

>the reference guy
haha ah yes I too have seen that particular film/television programme!
*walks off and talks to someone else*

lower class = tescos, asda, IKEA, ibiza
middle class = M&S, waitrose, swiss hiking holidays, habitat furniture

will not be posting in this new thread if it's another edition by matt the kpop nonce or if it's an amir the crossdressing paki edition


you're the yank

>george osborne has a job

lololol he must be the every man

gas yourself runt

+ if it's made by a yank

No, it's a middle-class turd, performing middle-class """""""jokes""""""" for middle-class chinless wonders.

You pakis can't changa that I'm afraid.

Are you confused or have you quoted the wrong post, lad?

so wrong

lower class = aldi, lidl, poundland, food banks, butlins, skegness
middle class = sainsbury's, cosco, tesco, co-op, camping, the medditerranean
upper class = waitrose, morrisons, m&s, cayman islands, dubai

>the higher end of people who work are those with savings and investments
not true at all desu

my dad earns £100,000 a year tax free and i don't think he invests
savings sure, who doesn't but

working class clearly means working lower paid jobs, specifically a trade

>upper class

Kek. KEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

arabs because they are disgusting human beings.