Stay strong Aussies

Stay strong Aussies.


she'll be right

>Stay strong Aussies.

If he's so white, why is he eating a mooncake with a bottle of baijiu?

Its a pie you stupid chink

>canadians only know about chinese pastries

I'm voting no for gay marriage and there is NOTHING you poofs can do about it.


A mooncake is a type of pie.

t. chang chen


I'm white.

filled with dog meat you sad cunt?

It's a fucking stupid topic, marriage in itself isn't even that important. Whether it does or doesn't passes effects fucking no one. It's not the end of the world but poofs act like they're being oppressed and treated as lesser beings for not being included in an originally religious matrimony. In saying that I don't care if it does pass, it just shits me that it's such a big deal for what it is. They can all get fucked lmao

all australian citizens deserve equal rights even if it interferes with religion desu, and we're all atheists anyway except for those muzzie cunts

Its an inequality of human right man. They should be able to marry someone from a different country and have them get citizenship, that sort of thing. Also the fact that we're wasting money on it is just a joke. Pass it in parliament, that's what the useless tits are for

Labo(u)r is milking it to the shithouse as well to weasel there way into power to appeal to ignorant young voters.

Honestly I'm a faggot and will probably vote no for shits and giggles

I have a bisexual mate you doesn't give a shit either, albeit he's single.

It's funny that there is a real fear that equal marriage will get voted against if came down to a referendum kek