Do swedish girls really love black men? if so, why?

do swedish girls really love black men? if so, why?

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Swedish "men" are too feminine, I guess.

All white woman do like nonwhites, it s only because of exotic

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Kek Sweden is the home of cuckoldry

Amazing what nature can do, huh?

No, most women do not actually like fucking ugly shitskins, sorry to disrupt anybody's fantasies.

>Croatian flag

Link to video

Why is Cred Forums so obsessed with cuckolding?

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No, no they don't

It's a minority of women who love niggers.
Why ?
For 2 main reasons :
- Because they are seen as somewhat cool, you know they look like rappers they listen to.
- They have more self confidence than us.

Niggers though fucking love white women, but white women hate them.

>- They have more self confidence than us.
they generally refuse to metrosexualise as most under 25s are in modern countries, unless gay. If you lot started acting more like men you might eventually become them by accident if not for trying.

you forgot the bigger penises and more vigor and stamina

You can't make that shit up.

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kinda looks like everybody here is a cuckold

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I've been there and no, absolutely not. Feel free to post your Cred Forums bullshit but if you actually visit they barely have interest in non Swedish men let alone African apes.

They're Pro Refugee as a means of virtue signalling but they have no interest in them beyond that.

Made me think. Thank you for posting this.


Women are whores, and some cases they are whores for foreign exotic men.


Swedish penises are too soft for Swedish girls.