South Korean immigrant kills man in São Paulo using a crossbow...

>South Korean immigrant kills man in São Paulo using a crossbow. Denis Young Kim was arrested in 2013 for attempted murder after stabbing a local shopkeeper.

How come people are so blind to see how Koreans are merely well-polished savages? It seems the Japanese community in Brazil was right AGAIN about the Chinese, Vietnamese and Koreans. I hope Brazil is enjoying being culturally enriched by that filth. Good job not listening to the voice of wisdom.

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Oh, boy...




All of that because the guy scratched the gook's car


This article reported that he's actually a son of Korean migrants but he was born in Brazil, although he's clearly not fluent in Portuguese.

He looks more Taiwanese than Korean, I would know i'm a gook myself.
t. joão matsui

who cares you 3rd world shithole jungle monkey

Literalmente subhumanos. Espero que sejam todos deportados de volta para o buraco de merda de onde saíram.

>a Coreano killed a Brazilian nigger
Wtf? Just a zika nigger died

He looks japs than Korean.

t.Rafael Yamada Matsunaga

How do you feel knowing you're nothing but garbage in Brazil? You're garbage in Japan, you're garbage in Brazil... what other parts of the world are Koreans going to infest? Why are you Koreans such uncivilized subhumans?

Koreans are subhuman and you're proof of that. I hope Brazilians wake up soon and learn how Koreans will never integrate in Brazil like the Japanese community did. He was born in Brazil and can't even speak Portuguese because he's a subhuman and will only cause trouble.

> japs
Hello, I see you're enjoying life in Japan. Good.

>Implying Orientals from China/Japan/South Korea/Taiwan are distinguishable to Westerners.

Poor old guy. Trust a gook, taste the hook.

It's actually Nakahara.

t. Pedro Yamamoto

t. Gabriel Takahashi

t. Marcelo Nishimura

t. Paulo Takeda

t. Kevin Matsumoto


>Tfw japanese descendant

t. José Fujihara


Let's post Nikkei Brazilians

Fujihara is a really uncommon surname lad. You'd have more luck with Yamamoto, Matsumoto and Nakahara.

And now they're saying this happened because crossbows aren't regulated by government. They are fucking going to ban crossbows because of this. Thank you very fucking much.

It was a reference to 頭文字D

You Rafael Yamada Matsunaga.
Korean is well known as a most smart and beautiful popular people. Not a killer or rapist as like Brazilian or japs.

literally thousands of brazilian savages kill each other every day, who cares about one korean murderer

Good job gook, you are cleansing the world one favela monkey at a time

He also stabbed another Korean.



B-But he is Korean!!!


They must be deported back to Asia, along with the Chinese and Vietnamese, before it's too late. They shoot schools in America, and I don't want that to happen in Brazil. São Paulo is infested with that pest. Japanese people are respected in Brazil and I don't want that reputation to be destroyed because of subhuman monkeys committing crimes and people thinking all orientals are like that.

probably the man is netouyo.

The origin of Japan, according to Korea.

This. Netuyo jap monkey is pretending Brazilian and saying bad about korea.
Dirty jap monkey..netuyo must face the reality and history of its own war criminal first before insult about crime of others

Don't harass they are good people

>country that got cucked hundreds of times by every neighbor
>country that was never conquered until 1945

if you hunt us down we will huns you down too Brazilian Korean

i thought koreans hate japan

>Asians are well polished savages

Weeaboos' selective sight mental gymnastic abilities are really funny

> inb4 You are not better
That's right

the video man is netouyo pretending korean.

mark my word

t. descendant of actual savages

Japs were slave and younger bro of korea. Japs learn and copy the culture of Korea. So the pic is correct

Every fucking time. And I feel you man, but unfortunately we're not the ones to decide who enters the country. Gooks/chinks are pretty much like niggers though, just stay alert and don't approach them and you'll be fine. From which part of SP are you?

Ok zainichi san

Thankfully we don't have those rats in Rio Grande do Sul. Nips will always be welcome though. :)

>mfw 25 posters fell for this shitty bait thread

>Japs were slave of Korea
Wtf, Seriously? kkk

>Japs learn and copy the culture of Korea
oh well... some koreans are really ridiculous

What's the big deal? we stomped insect so what?

The gook can't even speak proper Portuguese. Just deport it back to Korea, problem solved.

Why would a South Korean move to Brazil? and why isn't he fluent in Portuguese if he was born there and live there? Are there many South Koreans in Brazil?

>replying to the gook proxy
>some koreans are really ridiculous
They're all subhumans and shouldn't be allowed to enter Brazil in the first place. Next thing they're gonna do is try to kill Japanese people in Brazil, like they tried in the past. I hope they rot in jail and become good boipucci to their friends in prison.

To commit more crimes, of course. They come to São Paulo thinking it's Rio de Janeiro, and this is what happens. They're not welcome in Brazil and never will be, specially in São Paulo.

>shouldn't be allowed to enter Brazil

they is a carfty netouyo having intelligence.idiot bro

wtf brazillian people are talking! Is this Rise of the Planet of the Apes?

>ooga booga netouyo me no speaq angresh coz me beez gook chimp
At least pretend you're a human being, dirty animal. You're worthless compared to those puppies you eat for breakfast.



Thankfully is not the Rise of the Planet of the Cockroaches, so shut up.

Koreans are the most rude posters on Cred Forums. Actually, I haven't seen 1 nice Korean poster, no lie.


Nihao Kanau mi naaa waaa ni cuu laaa :')


Imposter spotted

I'm generally against all immigration tbqh.

I think we had enough already. And with this wave of Portuguese immigrants arriving things are getting more complicated than ever, and we barely impeached a broken government. It's becoming a burden. Brazil is a third world shithole and I don't see the reason why people would migrate to this hellhole.

Literally full.

They're just falling for all the propaganda that Brazil is a paradise and "country of the future" when it's actually far worse than most sub-Saharan African countries. They just need a grip of reality.


>YFW the japaneses warned us
>no trust gooks and chinks, dogs they are

Dogs they eat*

Calm down, guarana drinker.

Ok, shut the fuck up, churrasco.


he looks like Jack Ma

>guaraná drinker
Thanks :3

>you will never bang a qt korean-brazilian girl

literally thousands of turdskins murder each other everyday in your shithole 3rd world country, who fucking cares

Alguém precisa fazer uma montagem desse gook com o japonês da federal.





Why so much hate? Are you Nipo? I'm from SP and I have nothing against Koreans really. I actually hate blacks more than anything.

Why do you hate blacks, racist?

Typican Korean