Was this the perfect society? The pinnacle of human civilization?

Was this the perfect society? The pinnacle of human civilization?

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propaganda overdose

Well it for sure had its downsides, but the society was pretty fucking good.
Grandmother was like 18 years old back then and sayed even after the eternal anglos bombed her city so they had no more doors or windows she never had to be afraid of anything and slept alone there. No stealing, no raping, nothing. They stood together till the very end.

>No anime. (which for you autists is a dead sentence)
>No vidya. (see above)
>Constant invigilation.
>No chilled atmosphere, everyone tense.
>Everyone speaks kraut.
>Race mixing(because they would need their people to be obedient and without culture of their own, just the reich).
>Atheism, Shinto and Islam left. Rest of religions banned.
>People are born to work for the reich and fuhrer.
>No individualism.
>Central planned economy.
>A lot of jackdaw logos.
>Ruling nazi party elite has it all, others are divided to workers and mid class and cannot go higher than that.

>Worshiping people you were taught to hate

>Being beaten by Anglos, Slavs and Pajeets

>not knowing your place in society
>his society isn't run like an ant colony with heirarchies
Absolutely based, I'm already a tanned Aryan Muslim, I would definitely been one of the party elites

It was shit and degradation.

>Numerically, it has been estimated that a total of 1,145 university teachers, in all fields, were driven from their posts, which represented about 14% of the higher learning institutional staff members in 1932–1933.[38] Out of 26 German nuclear physicists cited in the literature before 1933, 50% emigrated.[39] Qualitatively, 10 physicists and four chemists who had won or would win the Nobel Prize emigrated from Germany shortly after Hitler came to power, most of them in 1933.[40]

>Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, had been right in assessing the consequences of National Socialist policies. In 1933, Planck, as president of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellschaft (Kaiser Wilhelm Society), met with Adolf Hitler. During the meeting, Planck told Hitler that forcing Jewish scientists to emigrate would mutilate Germany and the benefits of their work would go to foreign countries. Hitler responded with a rant against Jews and Planck could only remain silent and then take his leave. The National Socialist regime would only come around to the same conclusion as Planck in the 6 July 1942 meeting regarding the future agenda of the Reichsforschungsrat (RFR, Reich Research Council), but by then it was too late.[25][44]

>The politicization of the education system essentially replaced academic tradition and excellence with ideological adherence and trappings, such as membership in National Socialist organizations

And so on.

islam is based desu

How did the Nazi view americans and people from the new worrl in general?

jews are based

Estonians were considered Arian by Hitler himself

What would you do if he changed his mind?

anyone that wanted to die for turd reich was considered aryan

even arabs and niggers

*The german balts

Delete this picture
Mow down some more Russians in the name of Führer

>this post
>that flag
who'd have guessed

i love that my grandpas churka dick slaughtered "aryan" scum and it drives fat autists mad to this day

Literal semon demons

Are all of girls in Estonia so ugly?

The spirit of a true warrior


Did he enjoy living in communism afterwards? Soviet was no better than Germany.



>we are the victims
filthy germ roach

the awful things that happened in many commie cities didn't affect him too much, because he lived in a village after the war

>>No anime
Japs were in the same team. They would have had their good share of anime.

No one ever said that.
Kill yourself.