Asian plastic surgery meme

why do occidentals always claim that "asian are all had plastic surgery" with no proof when they see a asian qt. Do they really fear the superiority of east asian?

post asian schoolgirl

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same girl


Come back home, friend, it's almost time to vote for Hillary.

I have her Instagram and some of her videos. Do you me want to post?


No they don't "always" say that.

But some white supremacies do say that because they can't accept the fact that they could be attracted to Asians. They have to be attracted to white and white only.

It's only true for Koreans.

Most other Asians are natural.

I agree

Really cute.
We don't say that tbqh, but particularly with K-pop artists the surgery can be pretty obvious.

>HAI TESTU~(^________________^)V

Some of my female friends are like plastic surgery Korean, but it's not from surgery it's natural.
But most of them are autistic air head, so it's kind of turn off for me.

>no qt asians in russia

They are aliens, not asian

Pretty sure this famous Chinese actress had a chin reduction at one point in her life


it is pretty sad that she has grown up now and is not pure like the past she was.

you guys have qt Russians tho, they're on par with qt Asians imo
Requires you to know Mandarin or Dutch though


She looks unnatural to me. Mainlanders always have shitty beaty standard so not surprised

Yeah, to me to.
So that's where the stereotype comes from, we don't really believe that every good looking Asian girl has had cosmetic surgery.

>butthurt white pigs

>He does not like Zhejiang women.

Go back to hell


Mainlanders are uneducated and stupid. They don't have sense of judgement.

Cute tiger

>Ywn have a hot canto babe shouting "diu ah fai di fai di~" as you two have rough sex

Why even live tbqh

>Mainlanders are uneducated and stupid

Go back to hell. Zhejiang people are the strongest chinese. Best language, the most harder of the chinese language, best people.

Cute Otaku



Zhejiang girl

>he took the sunflower seed face meme seriously


I'm sure there are better things to learn about life from.

Why do chink girls look soulless?

It hurts to watch


>Ywn have an angry canto qt going ham on you in public
Fucking neck me now senpai


What do you say to me fucking hongkongman racist ?

here's your reply

Yeah well I'm a filthy mongoloid and I'm ready for my face transplant.


>Zhejiang people are the strongest chinese
a meme in France? or maybe you are just a chinese mainlander in France, so a meme in China?

Got tired of being yelled at in the subway?


she/he gotta get a white bf after all. It's a huge thing in Australia.

beats me a few second, damn. nice dub tho.

because at least half the time they are talking about some k-pop whores in these cases and they obviously had plastic surgery most of the time



Gib nudes

I really hated her
Are white people this racist in general?


You're right, we've fully infiltrated this sunburnt country.

And don't worry, we're coming for you next, Dutchie.

What's the music from ?


That would completely destroy her innocent image.
Plus she's a 100% guaranteed feijichang

>not feigeicheong

Small boobs are nice too ok

Your country is cool, but your food can improve


Not gonna lie, I thought it was a 24Herbs song at first

t. Sleeping Dogs player

Airport runways are qt too :3


>this racist in general
>2016 using the word racist
don't your northern compatriots in mainland teach you it's much acceptable to be racist toward non-Han Asians and that's perfectly reasonable because it's a defensive mechanism? Are you a goddamn 聖母/holy mother as the word they like use to mock people who have too much social conscience?





i want to fuck asian girls

Wouldn't mind that tbqh
Flat is cute, but I don't need to see the nudes.

How'd you do the cantonese keyboard, cantobro ?

I mean i get the traditional chinese, but my cantonese is way better than mandarin...



You can make it work with the google IME

Thanks aquabro

This girl is also a cosplayer actually

People say it to make themselves feel better about white women. There's plenty of Asian girls who are pretty plain looking, just when girls see a cute one they get savage.

When's the best time to go to HK?

>When's the best time to go to HK?
Never been there, but knowing East Asian climates, winter is probably the best time.

this. Summer is extremely humid and hot here

HK winter shouldn't be that cold for Europeans, so it's pretty darn comfy. Avoid summer, it's humid af.

Avoid Chinese New Year too, large crowds and closed stores everywhere.


Thought so. Going to have to go next year since this years a bit close. Thanks bros.

closed stores is real but not really crowded desu. Hong Kong is not like Mainland China


tfw no fanbingbing waifu

I want source of them
Also want to put my sauce in them.

She looks so infant.
Neither attractive nor ugly. She's just too young.

>Not wanting qt loli

post more asian girls pls

23 year old Japanese girl


18 year old Japanese girl

you are faggot.


unsauceable sorry

Looking young is good. When I hit 40 I don't want a wife who looks 40 too. It's an investment for the future.

don't all asians look young?
it's really hard to tell asians' ages

To non asians, ya.

To me, whites look really old and way too developed , when they're in their teens.

She's pretty lame imo, she's faking her age with makeup for the childish innocent look.
Also as a Japanese I know her (Nounen Rena) troubled personality so she not even cute

average east asian




You don't choose a car just for its exterior design, when you are to keep it till you die.

What if i bought a Korean car?

Killed In Accident

Is it? I talk with some S. Korean girls around the age of 16-18 and they look really cute and natural. Small boobs, but cute.

Asian girls are cuuuuute, I love your dark eyes, flat faces and small noses. Also dark hair which matches pale skin.

This is the full video, it's from vine

Best of both worlds.



What kind plastic surgery I need to become a german looking person?

>literally zerg race

Says a Slav

First girl that appeared when I put Ulanbataar on Tinder.
How can someone tell me to stop having yellow fever when the girls look so good?

Quite normal thb



Which is why picking someone who looks young at 20 is usually a good bet. English women look like hell when they're 30+.


>That name
t. Mongolian qt

never trust a black and white filtered photo


>tfw can't even get a gook

I don't know why it's seen as an easy thing, or any easier than native women. If anything, in our country you can get laid just by being in a club at the end of the night. She might not be good looking but it's something.

>when you are to keep it till you die
this is where you're assumption go wrong


>all these white supremicists in the comments
Quite pathetic