The only thing on my mind grapes right now is buying beer, drinking it, and then posting waifupics

The only thing on my mind grapes right now is buying beer, drinking it, and then posting waifupics.

Anyone else???

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Do I want a killer hangover

I did some pull ups to take my mind off alcohol

I dont drink alchohol desu

Russia please invade Finland again, he really needs something constructive to do.

I used to think fosters was a great beer, I was young

I often go to work and then wait to die of old age


Squee squee

Plz no bully

I have been doing that for the last 2 hours

>3d waifu

The temptation to drink, is this addiction or just like waiting for your christmas presents because its fun

I drink beer cause it tastes good and I have nothing better to do

Thats the rarest Kate pic i have ever seen, even suspect a photoshopped head


Hey, wait a second.

I think I have the same rifle. Or the same brand at least.


Evangaline Lilly is a confusing name, i call her Kate from Lost or Evie

3 or 4 liters of beer? 4,7%

Oh like that
I call her Freckles

Also, you have had 3 or 4 liters? What did you mean by that

I havent had alcohol lately, how many liters should I buy. 2.5 got me a hangover, 3-4 would probably take me out.

Oh, I always buy like 4-5 liters for 2 days

I studied this morning, gonna smoke for the rest of the afternoon, then go out and drink tonight

My body better handle it a bit more, it took me 3 fucking years to start enjoying uni like this

10-12 liters is good for two solid days

>go out and drink

I don't have that kind of money and I don't want to reduce myself to drinking cheap shit beer

You have no friends to drink and have a bit of anter with ?


I forgot my pic

I'm studying law so most of my friends from uni are cute girls
They don't handle alcohol so even if i try and get shitfaced i'm still going to be in control of the party

If it makes you feel better what i'm going to drink, aside from what i'll bring, will be cheap wine and bad whisky as usual


>If it makes you feel better what i'm going to drink, aside from what i'll bring, will be cheap wine and bad whisky as usual

No, people who drink literal piss just to get drunk are subhumans
You drink because you like the taste

What did he mean by this ?

I agree but as students most of us don't have enough money for good bottles

Personally i find it easy to find gems in wine shops at a good price

One time i got invited by this jewess in her dad's fuckhuge apartment and one idiot just casually opened the bottle of Chateau Margaux 1973 he brought, poured himself a glass and left it there on the kitchen counter.

Roughly 4h later i stumbled upon it untouched while everyone was on the rooftop terrace, my friend and i just helped ourselves to the bottom of it, haha good times

If i could afford (quit w33d) good alcohol i will prob drink alone sometimes for the taste yes

Your references are not relatable

Still fighting against the urge to drink

Im losing

Could play some Overwatch or watch 30 rock for the thirtieth time while drunk. Then cook bacon

Juuso stop stalking my threads

Top tier axilla game

Only a short walk to the store...




>bring in bridget
>kill off based tex
oh well, could've been worse

I've been drinking beer and shitposting here every day for 5 consecutive weeks now hahahaha

I bought 3 grape lonkeros because there was no cold beer

4 sandels beer warm


2 down, 5 to go

Go for a run user.

- not to the bottle store -

Fugg didn't see these

Easy to say for an african or whatwver that flag is

I have an ellipcitical machine in my home gym

Damn. That show isn't one Amazon Prime or Netflix.
Was looking to catching back up on it after this thread

You fat americans with your amazon primes and hulu

Do you have any idea how bad finnish netflix is

My HBO is called HBO Nordic, its horrible on every platform, does not have s2 of mr robot, the only reason to subscribe besides ray donovan and vice principals

Your hbo go is better reeee

Could I become an american


I would never even occur to me that a new show was available to stream, except for netflix originals

Seaon 3 was pretty good tbqh

The last ship has been renewed for seasons 4 and 5

eric dane squinting.jpg

Are jews ok

Drank 4 1/2 liters of 8% beer last night. What a brutal morning.

That sounds like a nice quick drunk high

With a brutal hangover since you have replaced your blood with alcohol

Ihana tyttö

Yeah, I haven't drank like that in a few months. Had pizza with it, so I wouldn't die of alcohol poisoning. Woke up to find parmesan cheese on my desk, piss in the bathtub, and temperature set to 56 degrees F.

Lol, today I chopped some trees on my land, took logs over a lake with my boat, took them home with a car. Now just getting high and drunk at the same time, while listening to symphonic black metal. I often get paranoid when drinking and getting high, but music seems to counter that.

>last ship

can't wait for season 4 desu

How are you getting high?

With a wooden pipe, I mix tobacco and weed together. Hadn't smoked in like a year and it hit me like a truck.

Who is giving you weed in this shit country

Good song.

sup, finnfriend

you got anymore pics of Bridget where she looks like Evangeline Lilly?




I have a friend who sells me some of his yield for a cheap price.

oispa kaljaa