Why do Euros like Jill Stein so much?

Why do Euros like Jill Stein so much?

But I like Trump.

> But I like Trump

Why do Americans think the entire continent of Europe does everything uniformly or gives a fuck about their politicians?

We do?

Because they have to

No, I don't

i liked bernie but no there is none

You're a peninsula on an actual continent. Your tiny countries prove that much.
>mfw I think Central American countries are tiny and then I remember they're bigger than some euro countries


But I genuinely like Trump, what's the problem?

That he's unelectable.

Jill Stein is a mentally deranged hippie
Hillary Clinton is a soulless cunt who will bankrupt the US through welfare & "foreign interventions"
Gary Johnson is just a liberal

I don't even particularly like Trump (I like his ideas, not the way he presents them nor his personality) but there's not much competition here.

I said I like him, not that I would vote for him.

>unironically liking Trump
He's literally retarded


as is stein and johnson and clinton

what's your point?

>He's literally retarded
For fuck's sake, I have to live and work here. This isn't funny anymore.

stop using "literally" like that
he's not literally retarded, quite the opposite in fact

I hope he wins



I think that 99% of french people don't even know she exist

Not an argument

The average person doesn't know the name of our Green candidate, never mind one of a different country.

Anti-vax, anti-gmo, and anti-nuke. Top it all off with absolutely no experience in govt. Johnson it is.

>he's literally retarded
But he's currently winning a campaign to become the president of the most powerful country in the world

Why do you have to call him a retard just because you don't like him? I doubt he's an unintelligent person, whatever his actual beliefs may be.

no we dont

Stop ruining my imagination.

This is why people like him and shill him every chance they get

Fuck America, can't stump the Trump!

>there are people on this board who would vote Hillary
ooooh mah gad
also (whew laddie)^n

Because they are indoctrinated by the Marxists and Globalists.

Found the CTR shills

Trump is the best candidate by far

Clinton is pretty much the epitome of the lying politician, plus she's dying
Johnson is a statist cuck pretending to be a libertarian
Stein is a watermelon. she calls herself a "green", but on the inside she's as red as Lenin