You wake up in the country of the poster above you

You wake up in the country of the poster above you.
You are in an apartment in their capital city.

What do you do?

What is American capital city? Florida?

Washington D.C.
Hope you enjoy niggers and tourists.

its los angeles you dumbo

Seattle, Washington

I buy Serbia nationalist flag from black market and start killing Croatians, SERBIA FOR THE SERBS

Washington is a state not a city thx for the troll

What is the capital of Estonia anyway?


New York, New York

Fucc you its Petersburg

you would get 5seconds before getting shot and beaten to death kek

come on guys let's play the game

id go the the mosque and pray and then go educate some right-wingers on peace and allah

>Wake up in London
>Get killed by dindu sand niggers and chavs


Suck big blak kok

I would kill myself

>Wake up in New Damascus (Stockholm)
>Get murdered by dindu sand niggers faster than in London


I can ensure my apartment is higher than where all the anons here live.

wow hong kong that looks so futuristic - living in horizontal floating skyscrapers, or is it a spaceship?

Nice! 可是,我不会说广东话。

Live the life

close the windows, lock the door and hide there until I find a way away from the country without getting kidnapped and stolen my organs